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109 STREET STUDY Phase One Summary – November 2005.

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1 109 STREET STUDY Phase One Summary – November 2005

2 Background Council approved 109 Street Land Use Study in two phases over 2005 and 2006. Phase One was to conduct an issue scan. Phase Two was to recommend solutions to identified planning and development related issues/problems in study area. Prior to hiring a consulting team, P&D conducted a preliminary issue scan to better define a project charter. The results of the issue scan are presented here. The data collected is intended to provide some indication about redevelopment potential and pressures.

3 Preliminary Study Area The preliminary Study Area is approximately defined as: 110 Street on the west 108 Street on the east Saskatchewan Drive on the north 61 Avenue on the south

4 Affected Neighbourhoods and Plans in Effect The preliminary Study Area covers portions of five mature neighbourhoods: Garneau McKernan Parkallen Queen Alexandra Allendale Two Area Redevelopment Plans (Garneau and Strathcona) and one non-statutory Community Plan (McKernan) overlap portions of the preliminary study area.

5 Garneau Area Redevelopment Plan Contains specific and detailed direction on 109 Street development. Accommodate residential redevelopment and intensification - focus on choice in housing and family oriented residential. Establish residential density gradient increasing from south to north and from east to west. Enhance existing commercial strip development, but contain it to prevent residential displacement. Limit through traffic to major roadways, control overflow street parking, enhance pedestrian movement. Address existing parkland deficiency and meet future demand – protect and enhance landscaping.

6 Strathcona Area Redevelopment Plan Small portion of ARP within study boundary is identified as “non-core” Whyte Avenue commercial area. Commercial intensification encouraged providing height compatible with surrounding residential and no expansion into adjacent residential areas. Accommodate a broad range of commercial uses including non-family residential, cultural and community to serve the local and regional market. New development to be compatible with existing development. Eating and Drinking Establishments limited by number, occupant load and public space area. Retail encouraged at street level. Offices and residential encouraged above street level. Parking requirements relaxed due to transit service, significant available public parking and to discourage displacement of pedestrian oriented development by parking facilities.

7 Belgravia, McKernan, Parkallen Community Development Plan Housing Provide range of choice in housing Consult with most affected on proposed development Generally maintain low density residential character complete with compatible scale at streetscape Circulation Discourage non-local traffic on local and collector roads Minimize impact of arterial traffic on neighbourhoods Promote balanced transportation system which encourages walking, cycling and public transit Urban Landscape Maintain/upgrade parks for use by community residents Maintain/enhance landscaping on public and private spaces Improve appearance of local commercial centre development and interface between commercial and adjacent residential Support/enhance of well being and independence of Seniors Extend/enhance involvement of community in policing

8 Land Related Data Existing Land Use Existing Land Use Zoning Structure Age – Effective Year Built Property Sales 2000 – 2005 Development Permits Issued 2000 - 2005

9 Existing Land Use

10 Existing Land Use Zoning

11 Effective Year Built Effective year built refers to the age of the principal structure which is adjusted for any upgrades or renovations that may have occurred since it was first constructed.

12 Properties Sold

13 Development Permits Issued Development permits issued for amounts between $1 and $100,000 are generally reflective of minor upgrading or work associated with a change in use. Development permits issued for amounts greater than $100,000 also include new construction.

14 Planning Applications Since 2000 ZB/02-0129 - Queen Alexandra 10848 – 72 Avenue Single family home to commercial use Approved by council ZB/03-0036 – Parkallen 10917 – 71 Avenue Expansion of existing gas station Application abandoned, file closed ARP/03-0012 and ZB/03-0103 – Garneau 7907 – 109 Street Four single family lots to low rise 30 unit apartment Approved by council ARP/03-0021 and ZB/03-0159 - Strathcona Old Varscona Theatre to 13 storey apartment hotel On hold ARP/03-0002 and ZB/03-0005 - Queen Alexandra Whyte Avenue Adoption of Whyte Avenue Overlay: limit number and size of bars and nightclubs Approved by Council

15 Other Data Transportation Parking Enforcement Drainage Water & Power (EPCOR) Community Services / Parklands Services Demographics Planning Applications

16 Transportation 109 Street is not intended as a future HST Line. As of April 2005 there are no plans or budget in place for substantial improvements to 109 Street. Traffic Flows since 1999 have remained relatively constant on 109 Street, Whyte Avenue, 61 Avenue, 72 Avenue, and 87 Avenue.

17 Parking Enforcement Parking controls within the preliminary study boundary area include: Parking meters; and Resident vehicle permits for specific residential areas Parking enforcement coverage includes two walking beats staffed randomly from Monday to Saturday. Other parking enforcement in the area occurs on a complaint basis only.

18 Drainage The study area was originally developed with a combined sewer system which has gradually, but not fully, been upgraded to separate sewers. Locations remain where storm flows continue to contribute to the sanitary system. The storm events of July 2004 caused some flooding in portions of the study area and the abutting neighbourhoods. A preliminary report proposes alternatives to enhance sewer capacities in the most affected areas. Funding for these relief measures still has to be obtained and it is expected to take approximately five years to implement the relief plan. Development and redevelopment in the study area is assessed on an case by case basis. Pipe capacities are checked in relation to the development proposal to determine the adequacy of the system and whether upgrades are required. If required, on-site stormwater management is incorporated into the development. Separate storm sewers generally have sufficient capacity to accommodate the five year events.

19 Water & Power (EPCOR) Approximately 2 kilometres of cast iron water mains exist within the 109 Street right- of-way. Prior to any major roadway reconstruction project, EPCOR would consider replacement of a significant portion of this pipe. The water system in this area is generally satisfactory for the current land uses. Upgrading of the system may be required to support an increase in development/density, but can only be confirmed in association with a specific proposal.

20 Community Services & Parkland Services No community improvements have occurred in the past 6 years and none are planned for the 109 St. corridor. Community Services is reviewing ways to enhance the viability of the City Arts Centre relocated to the Garneau Park Site one year ago.

21 Demographics: Population by Age Population by AgeAllendaleGarneauMcKernanParkallen Queen AlexandraCity Wide Total Population27607110239522054345657355 0-41555513010513538825 5-9110 60909541535 10-149095801456542990 15-191703351709517045800 20-24320191548526577556660 25-29345166039522080052725 30-3424575020022548550050 35-3928036513021036554895 40-4425523013517522556720 45-4918032516515528050315 50-5411527010515523541045 55-5995230906015528935 60-647016050 12024430 65-74155265907021542415 75+19037513013523030010

22 Demographics: Tenancy/Student Population Tenancy AllendaleGarneauMcKernanParkallenQueen Alexandra City Wide Owners585840570635570157695 Renters74534204653452085107645 Total Dwellings1330426010359802655265340 StudentsAllendaleGarneauMcKernanParkallen Queen AlexandraCity Wide Total Population 27607110239522054345657355 Attending school full time200174046518537552325 Attending school part time459040251208070 Residential Tenancy Student Population 15 to 24 Years

23 Demographics: Household Income Household IncomeAllendaleGarneauMcKernanParkallen Queen AlexandraCity Wide Under $10,00065825606527016795 $10,000 - $19,9992757601209556032795 $20,000 - $29,9991455859512542031525 $30,000 - $39,9991654651359545531325 $40,000 - $49,99913036010510028528850 $50,000 - $59,9991253351208521025160 $60,000 - $69,999125285808518022055 $70,000 - $79,99910521065806517980 $80,000 - $89,9994514070405514325 $90,000 - $99,999758545404511130 Over $100,0006530514517512033390

24 Demographics: Mobility MobilityAllendaleGarneauMcKernanParkallen Queen AlexandraCity Wide Not moved within past year20954255169515503945523960 Moved within past year62528256656201365125965 Not moved within past five years120513109209151255306720 Moved within past five years14005755134511852955311730

25 What We Have Heard: Parkallen General Observations Keep area residential as much as possible and control density. Keep commercial in area small/neighbourhood in scale. Area/Street would benefit from Beautification Project Some rental properties not being properly maintained. Specific Observations Mohawk Gas Station at 71 Ave 109 St is looking to expand into adjacent residential lot. The community league is opposed and wants to contain commercial. Efficacy of Local Plan Community supports local Plan but believes it is being ignored. Community Action Planning and development representative monitors and reports monthly at CL meetings

26 What We Have Heard: McKernan General Observations Urban design – new development is unattractive and should be made to conform to a higher appearance standard established with input of community and enforced by City. Community Improvements – City could improve streetscapes with better sidewalks and tree planting program. Traffic – access from side streets to 109 Street can be difficult. Trolley buses can cause a delay in traffic when the wires disengage from the lines. Residential densities should be controlled and design improved. Efficacy of Local Plan Community supports local Plan, but believes it’s not being used to full potential. Community Action Planning and development representative monitors and reports monthly at CL meetings.

27 What We Have Heard: Queen Alexandra General Observations Community not being properly involved in consultation process prior to planning and development approvals. Residential densities must be controlled – future developments should be limited to three to four storeys. Neighbourhood’s “inner city” label is insufficient justification for its intensification. Urban design needs improvement and must respect uniqueness of area to maintain balance of style. Street parking often taken by visitors to Whyte Avenue creating noise problems and parking shortage for residents. Parking regulations should be tightened and better enforced. A noise attenuation wall is required along 109 Street. Promote the bus line on 109 Street Specific Observations Community League opposed to 30 unit building at 79 Avenue & 109 Street. Community League considers development at 71 Avenue – 72 Avenue & 109 Street to be unattractive and not in keeping with uniqueness of the area. Community League considers development at 81 Avenue – 80 Avenue & 109 Street to be unattractive and lacking in proper community consultation. Plan Efficacy No Plan in effect in the entire neighbourhood. Community Action Planning and development representative monitors and reports monthly at CL meetings The community conducts surveys to determine community residents needs. Most recently 3000 surveys issued with less that 100 responding.

28 What We Have Heard: Garneau General Observations Traffic shorting-cutting - too much on local streets and laneways Street Parking – parking ban required for entire neighbourhood with better enforcement. Specific Observations 109 Street – 82 Avenue – opposition to apartment hotel proposal; some opposition to Salvation Army use of former Canada Trust building. Plan Efficacy ARP generally works, but Developers and the City of Edmonton need to follow Plan more closely without reminders from community. Community Action Community League will initiate Identity Campaign to promote the distinctiveness of Garneau – being separate from Strathcona and the University. Web-Site.

29 General Observations Existing Plans (none for Allendale or Queen Alexandra) in place provide adequate direction re: redevelopment and improvements in the Study Area. Not all policies of Plans have been implemented due to budget and opportunity constraints. Land related data indicate area has potential for redevelopment. Healthy amount of development permit activity and land transactions since 2000. Handful of Plan amendments and rezoning. Municipal services adequate to accommodate infill development.

30 General Observations Traffic flows on major streets in area have remained fairly constant over past five years. Transportation and Streets and Community Services Departments have no plans for upgrading 109 Street for function or aesthetics. Census statistics indicative of a concentration of students, renters, lower family incomes and persons of above average mobility; particularly in Garneau and Queen Alexandra – implies housing affordability. Community interviews generally echo issues identified in existing Plans. Maintain residential and contain and maintain small scale commercial Control density Manage traffic and parking Maintain and improve green areas and aesthetics (streetscapes and built form) Follow the plans in place Consult often and listen

31 Conclusions Area in redevelopment equilibrium Has potential for redevelopment, but no strong development activity Traffic volumes stable Area development pattern well matched to area demographics. Provides affordable housing for 20 – 40 year olds and some seniors Ongoing concern about density and maintaining quality of life. Like many areas of City, could benefit from capital improvement projects.

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