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Deputy Minister of MOLIT Doh, Tae-Ho Asia Geospatial Forum (2013. 09. 24.)

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1 Deputy Minister of MOLIT Doh, Tae-Ho Asia Geospatial Forum (2013. 09. 24.)

2 I. About NSDI in Korea Contents Ⅱ. Composition of Framework Data Ⅲ. Utilizing Geospatial Information Ⅳ. Global Partnership Ⅴ. New Growth Engine

3 Organization & System of Korea's NSDI National Spatial Data Infrastrure Act Survey and Cadastral Records Act NGII National Geographic Information Institute Basic Plan & Implementation Plan National Spatial Data Industry Promotion Act Central Government Municipalities Private Enterprise I-1. About NSDI in Korea KCSC Korea Cadastral Survey Corporation Public Institute MOLIT 1

4 1st NGIS Project (1995~2000) 2nd NGIS Project (2001~2005) 3rd NGIS Project (2006~2010) 4th NSDI Project (2011~2015) 279 Million $455 Million $444 Million $284 Million $ Building foundation for NGIS Digitalization of topographic and cadastral maps Developing GIS application system Spread of GIS applications Construction of framework data such as road, river, building, etc Developing local government oriented GIS application Connection and integration of GIS applications Construction of one- stop integrated portal for geographic information Public disclosure & the use of information convergence Construction of open platform Collection and provision of national information National GIS Project by the Government From 1995, ground for NGIS and network was established I-2 About NSDI in Korea Korea has established a reliable NSDI by systematically driven policies 2

5 The central government has built infrastructure to efficiently serve land management through digitalization in geographic information. 21 Framework Data 1,169,251 Types of Thematic Maps Mapping Ⅱ -1. Composition of Framework Data 3 Digital topographic map Land cover map Orthorectified image DEM Cadastral map Land usage Underground Environment Agriculture Forestry etc.

6 3D Geospatial Information Korea is producing real world into a 3-dimensional map Urban planning, Developments, Risks & Disaster management Environment monitoring & Management of various facilities Use 10 ~50cm resolution Ⅱ -2. Composition of Framework Data 4

7 Renovation of Cadastre Korea is renovating cadastral maps that have been made since the 1910s, 100years ago. Standardize the land shape to increase its utility value Before After Settle social conflicts and boundary disputes Effect 38 million parcels For 20 years Ⅱ -3. Composition of Framework Data 5

8 Total Intergrated System of NGIS It is an integrated system for sharing geospatial information and creating new concept service Ⅲ -1. Utilizing Geospatial Information 76 systems of 25 organization are intergrated Municipalities MOLIT National Spatial Data Integration Center Central Government Research Institutions Private Enterprises 6

9 KOREA Land Information System (KLIS) This system helps understand comprehensive information of real estate, cadastre and urban planning at a glance Land Policy & Management Land Administration Show Land & Housing Price Ⅲ -2. Utilizing Geospatial Information Supports 14 works... Issue real estate documents Serves 48 Public services 7...

10 Underground Facilities Management System No Safety Accidents! (water supply, sewer, electricity, gas, telecommunication, oil pipeline, heat) Complex Underground Facilities Comprehensive Underground Facility Management System Management system of for major 7 underground facilities Peaceful Green Nation! Intergrated 7 kinds of facilities of 124 orgarnization, 300,000km, 8 times around earth Ⅲ -3. Utilizing Geospatial Information 8

11 “Open API Provided!!” It provides various national geospatial information to the public in a web-based open platform Open Platform Service (V-World) 49 National Information served 8 layer 3D maps (building, road, facilities, etc.) 19 kind of 2D maps (cadastrial map, nature reserve, etc.) 22 kind of attribute information (facilities's adress, name, area, etc.) Anyone! Easy! Fast! Creat new Business! Ⅲ -4. Utilizing Geospatial Information 9

12 Ⅲ -5. Utilizing Geospatial Information 10 Big Data – converted to customized information 1. Converge Administrative Data on Geospatial information 2. Analyze data composed of stored information 3. Expectation of seasonal house demand and regional concentration

13 Ⅲ -6. Utilizing Geospatial Information 11 3D and Indoor Spatial Information Service Indoor audio guidance for invisible person Finding Emergency reporter system Evacuation route guidance system Multi-complex indoor guidance system Indoor audio guidance for invisible person Finding Emergency reporter system Evacuation route guidance system Multi-complex indoor guidance system Support various services using convergence of indoor positioning technology

14 Korea is actively engaged in international cooperation and technical support to promote global spatial information International Cooperation 63 Nations Oversea Project 20 Nations MOU UN-GGIM-AP Vice Secretariat Ⅳ -1. Global Partnership 12

15 Support in Geospatial Information Projects Korea's Geospatial Information Business is now in 63 countries worldwide Survey, Geospatial Information Establishment, GIS Utilization System, Consulting, Education, GIS Software and Hardware development and sales. Provide Ⅳ -2. Global Partnership 13

16 Geospatial information is blue ocean World's Geospatial platform Geospatial information, Essential resource, for humanity!! Global Market is expected to grow 11% annually, It will reach $125billion by 2015 (74billion$ in 2010) Ⅴ. New Growth Engine 14

17 The 6th Smart Geospatial Expo consisting of industrial exhibitions, international conference, and High-Level Forum was founded for the purpose of spatial information technology development and advancement of world’s spatial information industry. Date. Nov. 13(WED) ~ Nov. 15(Fri), 2013 / 3 days Venue. COEX / Seoul Program. Opening Ceremony Geospatial High-Level Form - Establishment of cooperative regime by inviting high-level officials in overseas nations Exhibition - All-around exhibition with new geospatial technology and experience Conference - Diverse International conference to share and discuss directions in spatial information 15


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