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3 Technopark RzhevAgroSnab The mission The development of LLC “RzhevAgroSnab” and LLC “Option” holding in favor of the city, the region and shareholders of the project. The goal The creation of multifunctional industrial & warehouse center in the Rzhev city in order to develop small and medium business.


5 Technopark RzhevAgroSnab Business factors Considerable increase of:  Land leasing and commercial real estate  Utilities prices  Administrative costs small and medium business in Moscow and Moscow region * According to real-estate agency “Miel” statistics

6 Technopark RzhevAgroSnab Political factors The governmental decision about the displacement of industrial enterprises from Moscow and surroundings beyond the first RING “BETON” ROAD. The governmental decision about broadening Moscow in the South-West direction to the border of Moscow and Kaluga regions.

7 Technopark RzhevAgroSnab Transport conditions High traffic congestion in the Moscow region (traffic jams)


9 Technopark RzhevAgroSnab Logistical situation of the Rzhev city: 112км 214км 23км 116км  to the federal highway M-10 "Russia" (Moscow - St. Petersburg) – 112 km  to MRHW (Moscow Ring Highway) – 214 km  to the federal highway M-1 "Belarus" (Moscow-Minsk) – 139 km

10 Technopark RzhevAgroSnab  to the regional highway A-112 - 7.2km 3km 500m 6,7km 7,2km Rzhev-Baltiyskiy Technopark RzhevAgroSnab M-9 Moscow Riga Rzhev-Belorusskiy A-112 Tver’  to the railway station “Rzhev-Belarusskiy” - 6.7km  to the railway station “Rzhev-Baltiyskiy” – 500m  to the federal highway M-9 - 3km

11 Technopark RzhevAgroSnab The railway infrastructure  The distance to the cargo railway station “Rzhev-Baltiyskiy” - 500 meters  Container area for the reception of 200 high- cube railway containers located on the premises LLC "Option"  Lay-by for the reception of 4 rail-cars located on the premises LLC "Option"  LLC “Option” has a part of the freight yard of the railway station “Rzhev-Baltiyskiy” customs zone with 30 rail-cars  Reachstacker “Calmar" with carrying capacity up to 45 tonn

12 Technopark RzhevAgroSnab Job market  The presence of several vocational institutions  The cost of labor in Rzhev is lower than in Moscow and Moscow region * According to the Ministry of Labor statistics

13 Technopark RzhevAgroSnab Technopark utilities  Power substation 2MW  Conduit 40м 3 per hour  Medium pressure gas station  Fiber optic cable 100Mb/sec  Sewer network is under construction

14 Technopark RzhevAgroSnab Customs office  Customs office “Rzhevskiy” (department of the Tver Customs house) functions on the territory of LLC “Option”  Number of customs officers is 11  Customs office releases 1000 vehicles per month

15 Technopark RzhevAgroSnab Option’s TSW (temporary storage warehouse)  The total area 27906m 2  Customs zone 24281m 2 is for 205 vehicles  Customs warehouse volume is 3200m 3

16 Technopark RzhevAgroSnab Potential clients  LLC “StockAuto” is going to rent the warehouses  LLC “Dixy logistic” is going to rent cold storages  LLC “TD Russkaya Conservnaya Compniya” is going to start the industrial canning  LLC “RosLeasing” is going to rent the warehouse  LLC “Zelmer Russia” is going to start an assembling


18 Technopark RzhevAgroSnab  “RzhevAgroSnab” - 3.1Ha  TSW “Option” - 3.4Ha  Customs office “Rzhevskiy”  Warehouses  Warehouse complex LLC "Option" 3100m 2  The current first phase of the production of Sika

19 Technopark RzhevAgroSnab Sika’s concrete additives production unit  Started at 2010. Investment amount is 1’340’000 Swiss francs  The unit operates in two gangs, releasing 40 tones of high-class additives  Their clients are “OlimpStroy” (Sochi), nuclear power plants (“Kalininskaya”, “Voronezhskaya”), etc.

20 Technopark RzhevAgroSnab  Sika’s parking  Sika’s AUTORIZED ECONOMICAL OPERATOR area  Sika’s warehouses

21 Technopark RzhevAgroSnab Sika’s warehouse distribution complex  Started at 2009  The investment amount is 250’000 Swiss francs

22 Technopark RzhevAgroSnab  Sika’s second production unit of dry mixes (under construction)

23 Technopark RzhevAgroSnab Sika’s dry mixes production unit  Estimated amount of the releasing product – 10’000 tones per year  The investment amount is estimated as 1’200’000 Swiss francs  The start is expected at the end of 2012

24 Technopark RzhevAgroSnab  LLC “StockAuto” AUTORIZED ECONOMICAL OPERATOR area

25 Technopark RzhevAgroSnab LLC “StockAuto” warehouse distribution complex (Under construction)  Warehouse – 2000m 2  Offices – 600m 2  The start is expected at the end of 2013

26 Technopark RzhevAgroSnab  Other companies  Buildings for demolition  Sika’s offices 1800m 2 Investments – 18’000’000 roubles


28 Technopark RzhevAgroSnab  The acquisition of “VolgoDorStroy”. Investments - 13 million roubles  LLC “Russkaya Conservnaya Companiya” office and industrial complex construction 1300m 2. Investments - 13 million roubles  Rebuilding of constructions for Sika’s production of epoxy resins by. Investments - 10 million roubles  The acquisition of the fund of failed "StroyTechProgress“. Investments - 18 million roubles

29 Technopark RzhevAgroSnab  Step-by-step construction of units according to clients’ applications 6300m 2. Investments – 70’000’00 roubles  Construction of four “Zelmer” and “Rosleazing” warehouse units 2300m 2. Investments – 23’000’000 roubles  Office and support building reconstruction - 1500m 2. Investments – 10’000’000 roubles

30 Technopark RzhevAgroSnab Technopark RzhevAgroSnab services  Complete creation of infrastructure, including communications, roads and railways, electrical and water supply, sewer network  Accounting assistance and audit  Transport and logistic  Warehouse and brokerage  Security and escort of cargo

31 Technopark RzhevAgroSnab Summary of economic assessment Total amount of investment– 175’000’000 roubles Investment period – 8 years Interest – 12.5% The total amount of space created – 11’000m 2 The number of jobs created – 300

32 Technopark RzhevAgroSnab

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