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SWPCA Review 2014 - 2015. Storm Drains and Catch basins.

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1 SWPCA Review 2014 - 2015

2 Storm Drains and Catch basins


4 Storm Drains and Catch Basins Collect many things including: – precipitation, litter, oil and vehicle fluids, sticks, leaves, cigarette buds, sand and silt It is a good thing that debris stays at the bottom of the catch basin! – Why? Towns clean (pump) catch basins – Stamford has > 10,00 to maintain

5 Urban vs. Rural Storm Drains Rural have more animals (like raccoons!)

6 Man holes Circle shape to avoid top from falling in

7 Sewers Cannot just say “sewers” – You must specify if you are talking about a storm sewer or a sanitary sewer

8 Storm Sewer Outfall Pipes Positioned to prevent backflow Use gravity No swimming at these locations after a big storm because of polluted runoff

9 Outfall Pipes

10 Sanitary Pumping Stations 1 in Dairen on Nearwater Lane Needed because of position to sea level, gravity cannot help get the sewage to SWPCA

11 Modern/Separate System

12 Repairing Pipes 1.Use camera to look for repairs 2.Insert plastic tubing 3.Pump steam into the tubing to expand it 4.Pipe is sealed with plastic from the inside



15 Other Topics Mentioned Sewer system vs. septic system Paper that is flushed / put into the sanitary sewers via plumbing – Activity: Investigated which paper materials will break apart

16 Frog Video Key Points Frogs (and fish) are decreasing in numbers or being born with birth defects because of polluted runoff Review of pollutants in runoff Compositing Natural pesticides: ladybugs, frogs, worms, spiders, birds, bats – all eat bugs

17 Things we can do… Public service announcements Rain gardens Pervious vs. impervious ground surface materials – make changes in our landscaping Educate others!

18 Great Pacific Garbage Patch

19 s/3583576.htm

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