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This PowerPoint Stinks!

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1 This PowerPoint Stinks!
ROMAN SEWERS/TOILETS This PowerPoint Stinks!

2 Sewers Rome had a complex system of sewers
Waste flowed through a central channel into the main sewage system, then into a river The first sewers built between 800 and 735 BC Cloaca Maxima, (Greatest Sewer) is one of the world’s first sewage systems Took sewage from city of Rome to Tiber River. Built by Rome’s Etruscan kings Began as an open drain, eventually built over and enclosed in 33 BC by Augustus, creating a tunnel.

3 Sewers Cloaca Maxima: Many branches off the main sewer
Served public toilets, baths, public buildings Constantly serviced. Today, Cloaca Maxima drains rainwater and debris from center of Rome!!!

4 Sewers Strabo: (60 BC-AD 24) Greek Geographer/historian said:
The sewers, covered with a vault of tightly fitted stones, have room in some places for hay wagons to drive through them. And the quantity of water brought into the city by aqueducts is so great that rivers, as it were, flow through the city and the sewers; almost every house has water tanks, and service pipes, and plentiful streams of water...In short, the ancient Romans gave little thought to the beauty of Rome because they were occupied with other, greater and more necessary matters

5 Sewers Not all homes were hooked up to sewers, most were not, so many still threw their waste into the streets. But Rome had pervasive street cleaning. Dejecti Effusive Act: Protect citizens from being hit with waste thrown into street.

6 Toilets Romans could get rid of waste by throwing it into the street or by using a public latrine. The earliest public toilets date back to the 2nd century BC. And became very popular. Places of socialization Offered little privacy, long benches, mostly stone, with keyhole slots. No doors Waste would go directly into the sewer system Waste from baths and fountains helped clean out sewers Aediles supervised the sanitary system in cities.

7 Toilets How to use: Sit on bench
Water flows in an open trough by one’s feet There is a bucket filled with water and a sponge attached to a stick in the bucket. Use sponge and then rinse in trough of water place back into bucket. Speak to person sitting next to you. No privacy

8 Toilets Public Toilets

9 Public Toilets

10 Pubic Toilets

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