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Deshawn Sewer Michael Jackson By: Mary K. Pratt ABDO publishing company 2010.

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1 Deshawn Sewer Michael Jackson By: Mary K. Pratt ABDO publishing company 2010

2 The dazzling performer When Michael was little he lived in a house of eight other kids and two adults. His mom and dad had an history of singing. They have been recorded by Motown and other major record companies. The Jackson 5 was most famous kids group around.

3 Michael Jackson Was the third to the youngest child in his family. He became the lead singer after proving to his father that he could finally do it. He replaced his older brother as lead. Joe Jackson The father of nine children and the husband Of Katherine Jackson. Joe was very strict even to the point where he would beat his kids. He lost his kids trust and loyalty over the group over years.

4 Michael and his brothers had a choice to leave Motown and go to epic studious or stay with Berry Gordy. They also wanted to please their father and do what he wanted them to do. The fans also caused them lots of pain because they wasn’t very use to the crowds and the girls.

5 Latoya Yvonne – 5 TH child in the Jackson family older sister of Michael. American singer-songwriter, musician, author, television personality, actress, businesswoman, philanthropist, activist and former model. She is the fifth child of the Jackson family. She maintained a career as a singer throughout the 1980s and 1990s. singer-songwritermusicianauthortelevision personalityactressbusinesswoman philanthropistactivistmodelJackson family

6 Janet Jackson – The ninth and youngest child of the nine kids. She also is an American recording artist and actress.

7 Maureen Jackson first child of the Jacksons – she stared of the show The Jacksons with her other sister Latoya in her younger years. She preformed at the MGM Grand hotel in 1974 with the rest of her brothers.

8 I think this was a wonderful book, it explains all the hardships he and his family has been threw. The crazy fans chasing them down sending letter and calling had the brothers worried out of their minds. They had little friends because they were practicing most of the time inside with their father. That eventually made Michael a very shy person towards everybody even his music producers. He made the to ten list numerous times and made millions. Later in his life after being tucked, away he gets married and has three beautiful kids.( Prince Michael Joseph Jackson, Paris Michael Katherine Jackson, and finally Prince Michael Joseph Jackson II)

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