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Integrating Adaptation into Municipal Plans and Programs Beth Gibbons, GLAA-C Project Manager.

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1 Integrating Adaptation into Municipal Plans and Programs Beth Gibbons, GLAA-C Project Manager

2 Background on GLAA-C City practitioners want to know what other cities are doing!  Political cover  Creates a road map for action  Builds a network of local colleagues Cities need local services and local data  Climate data  Exposure data  Management approaches Internal education  What is already taking place  Where can interdepartmental collaboration happen

3 GLAA-C Network

4 Embedding Adaptation Aviation Buildings Code and Permitting Economic Development Engineering Department Finance Department Forestry and Parks Health Department Procurement Services Transportation Department Utilities Department Zoning Board of Appeal

5 Examples of Adaptation Landscaping in medians and along street edge to filter runoff and reduce the 'heat island effect‘ (Ann Arbor, MI) Basement flooding protection subsidy program- for installing back- water valves & sump pumps on household sewer connections (Windsor, ON) Establish requirements for minimum percent tree cover in locations with high pavement density such as parking lots (Louisville, KY) Encourage municipal facilities as cool down centers, encourage use of wading pools and outdoor splash pools (Kingston, ON)

6 Focus on Toledo Key Areas of Impact - Variable lake levels in Lake Erie - Severe precipitation events leading to combined sewer overflow - Upstream flooding Challenges to Adaptation - Costly port maintenance leaves limited resources - Climate change skepticism amongst community members Resources for Adaptation - Strong Intergovernmental cooperation between the City and surrounding County - High engagement from local, state and federal agencies GLAA-C Focus Area - Engage key local business to explore climate change preparedness and how business may incorporate adaptation strategies into their business models - Stormwater Management Plan update and process development Image Place Holder

7 Historical Climate Changes - Recap Temperature Increase 1.6 Precipitation Increase 7.7 Taken from GLISA: Historical Climatology: Toledo, OH

8 Strategies for Toledo Map indicating what summers in Ohio might "feel" like under a low and high greenhouse gas emissions scenario Stormwater management strategies − Nuisance flooding (roads and basements) − Combined Sewer Overflow Events Heat Preparedness − Warning and Response strategies − Heat Island Reduction − Urban Forest Management Outreach and Engagement − Vulnerable populations − Business − Port Authority

9 Mapping Climate Across the Region

10 Integrating Adaptation in Toledo Based on the results of the morning’s presentations, what systems within Toledo do you think are currently or could be impacted by weather and long- term climate change? What strategies already exist across the City departments to address these climate change impacts? What actions are your department, other departments, or the city as a whole taking to prepare for existing and projected future climate related impacts to these systems? What strategies could the city or your department implement to build a more resilient system?

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