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2 OUR MISSION Our mission is to provide excellent, efficient and effective delivery of public services for the economic, environmental, social and cultural well-being of our community. OUR VISION Our vision is that the Town of Peace River be the community of choice in the Peace Region Defines the business we are in and intend to excel at. Defines our future and provides a target to focus on. 2

3 GOAL: DOWNTOWN REVITALIZATION Strategic InitiativesChampion Target Date  Enactment of Property StandardsTarpey2015  Development of Incentives to Attract Businesses and Residents Downtown Behnke2015  Development of Disincentives to Discourage Shuttered, Vacant, Abandoned and Derelict Buildings Downtown Sawchuk2015  Development of 12-Foot Davis Park and North-End Pocket Park to Book End an Inviting Downtown Manzer2017  Establish a Public Transportation System Centered on DowntownBurr2015  Establish High-Speed, Ultra-Fast Internet Backbone in DntwnTarpey2015  Hiring an Economic Development Officer to Promote Dntwn PRSawchuk2014  Narrow the Mil Rate Gap Between Commercial and ResidentialBehnke2017 3 Vision: We believe to be a strong and flexible community, we need a strong core. We envision a revitalized downtown Peace River serving as the financial, administrative and cultural centre of the Peace Region.

4 Strategic InitiativesChampion Target Date  Establish a “Report a Drug House” Hotline and Community Action Teams Tarpey2015  Increase Police Staffing through Industry SponsorshipFord2015  Renewed Enforcement of Litter, Garbage, Weed By-LawsManzer2015  Complete the Trails System to Inter-Connect TownManzer2017  Implement Photo-EnforcementNeedham2014  Re-asses Emergency Response PlansTarpey2015  Develop an Emergency Social Services PlanManzer2015  Develop Outreach Strategies with Our Aboriginal, Immigrant and Elderly Communities Behnke2015  Establish a Public Transportation SystemBurr2015  Develop an Environmental Master PlanBurr2015  Develop an Affordable Housing StrategyNeedham2017 4 GOAL: SAFE, CARING AND CLEAN NEIGHBOURHOODS Vision: We believe that neighbourhoods that are not only safe, but also caring and clean are important in building community

5 Strategic InitiativesChampionTarget Date  Establish a Neighbourhood Infrastructure Renewal FundTarpey2014  Construct EMS Dispatch and Ambulance CentreNeedham2015  Construct a Medical Clinic with Surrounding MunicipalitiesManzer2016  Construct a New ArenaBehnke2017  Re-Line Pat’s CreekSawchuk2017  Second Bridge Across the PeaceBurr2018  Construct a new Public Works Dept / ShopNeedham2016  Construct/Refurbish an Arts & Cultural CentreManzer2018  Develop TPR as a Post-Secondary Education HubManzer2017  Develop an Arterial Road StrategyBurr2017  Second Firehall to Serve West SideSawchuk2020 5 GOAL: ENHANCE AND IMPROVE PEACE RIVER’S INFRASTRUCTURE Vision: We believe we will see significant growth over the next 4 to 7 years in the Town of Peace River and the surrounding regions. We need to put in place the infrastructure that can accommodate this growth – make us the community of choice.

6 Strategic InitiativesChampion Target Date  Develop Key Performance Indicators for Each Town DeptTarpey2015  Regular Reports on Key Performance IndicatorsManzer2015  Complete Spring Sweeping of Roads/Alleys Annually by Jun 1Needham2014  Address 90% of Potholes Reported within 30 DaysNeedham2014  Residential Snow Blading Completed Within 7 days, Commencing 48 Hours After End of a Snowfall. Sawchuk2015  Clean 12% of Sewer Mains AnnuallyBurr2015  Renew 1% of Water and Sewer Piping AnnuallyBurr2015  Develop a 4-Year Operating & Capital BudgetManzer2015  Fire Services Strategic PlanFord2015  Snow & Ice Control ReviewSawchuk2014  Front Counter Service: Advisor Seen Within 15 min of ArrivalTarpey2015 6 GOAL: IMPROVE AND ENHANCE PEACE RIVER’S TOWN SERVICES Vision: Roads, water, sewer, police, fire are a municipality’s core services. We are commitment to enhancing and improving Peace River’s core services and delivering those services in a cost effective and efficient manner.

7 Strategic InitiativesChampion Target Date  Podcast / Webcast Council MeetingsTarpey2013  Public Participation Opp. at Council Mtgs, e.g. Open MikeBurr2015  Establish a Tracking Mechanism for Complaints to ClosureFord2015  Make Town Reports and Studies Web-AccessibleBurr2015  Archive Council Agenda PackagesTarpey2014  Provide Public Web Access to FOIP’d InformationBurr2015  Open the Budgeting Process to the PublicManzer2016  Councillor Participation Monthly on Local Radio “Call-In”Sawchuk2015  Active Reporting to the Public of Town Growth/ActivitiesNeedham2015  Ministerial Review of Town Practices and ProceduresBurr2014 7 GOAL: RESPONSIBLE, OPEN, ACCOUNTABLE GOVERNMENT Vision: We believe that key to strong, vibrant, healthy communities is open, democratic governance

8 Strategic InitiativesChampion Target Date  Develop a Master Cost Sharing Agreement with Surrounding Municipalities (Northern Sunrise, Northern Lights, MD of Peace) Needham / Manzer 2015  Pursue Service Opportunities with Northern Lights and MD of Peace on Potable Water Tarpey2016  Pursue Enhanced Joint Fire Services Agreement with Northern Lights and MD of Peace Ford2017  Pursue Joint Economic Development Areas with Surrounding Municipalities Behnke2018  Use Joint Capital Fund with NSC to Pursue Mutually Beneficial Projects Manzer2018  Collaborate with Local Business and Surrounding Municipalities to Enhance and Promote Our Airport Needham2017  Regional Firehall to Serve West SideSawchuk2020 8 GOAL: STRENGTHEN INTER-MUNICIPAL RELATIONS Vision: We believe that as a region we are stronger than acting as individual municipalities. Acting together as a region will allow us to claim our fair share of provincial and federal grants and supports.



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