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Our county, our future Carroll 2030Carroll 2030 “The best way to predict your future is to create it.” – Abraham Lincoln.

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1 Our county, our future Carroll 2030Carroll 2030 “The best way to predict your future is to create it.” – Abraham Lincoln

2 Mission statement It is the mission of Carroll County Government to protect the Constitutional Rights of our citizens, maintain excellent public safety, infrastructure and education in a conservative and fiscally responsible manner, keeping Carroll County strong today and in the future. Carroll County Government leads by example, respects the proper role of government, openly engages its citizens, and strives to preserve and protect the true American Spirit. CARROLL 2030 OUR COUNTY, OUR FUTURE

3 Members Melvin BaileElizabeth MacDougallJack Tevis Mona BeckerJames McCarron, Jr. Louise Tinkler Lynn DavisMike McMullin Lou Toth Tom FergusonKaren Merkle Frank Valenti Stephen GuthrieJoyce Muller Steve Wantz Col. Phillip KastenDr. Faye PappalardoLynn Wheeler Joe KuhnSteve Powell Roberta Windham Bob KuntzLorna Rice Marge Wolf Dr. David LouderJane Sewell CARROLL 2030 OUR COUNTY, OUR FUTURE

4 Process – How we got here ▪Participants representing a broad range of activity in Carroll County were named to the Carroll 2030 Committee ▪Nine clusters of activity were identified: –Technology –Business –Education –Health & Well Being –Infrastructure: Roads, Housing, Transportation –Public Safety –Arts, Culture and Recreation –Agriculture and Environment –Municipalities CARROLL 2030 OUR COUNTY, OUR FUTURE

5 Process – How we got here ▪Committee participated in a SWOT analysis to identify Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats facing Carroll County in the future ▪Each Cluster presented its vision for the future and identified top needs to be addressed to meet the vision. ▪Committee ranked the top needs and developed a list of priorities. CARROLL 2030 OUR COUNTY, OUR FUTURE

6 Common themes ▪Provide citizens and businesses with both free and paid access to high speed technology ▪Ensure proper staffing and funding to all public entities needed to both maintain and increase quality services ▪Properly maintain and modernize current infrastructure, including public buildings, roads, and city and town Main Streets. ▪Recognize the changing and increasing population and adapt public services accordingly ▪Sustain the rural ambiance of the county while preserving an ecological balance. ▪Provide citizens with diverse cultural and recreational activities within the County. ▪Recognize that federal and state mandates impact decisions. CARROLL 2030 OUR COUNTY, OUR FUTURE

7 Top 3 priorities ▪Technology ▪Infrastructure ▪Education CARROLL 2030 OUR COUNTY, OUR FUTURE

8 Assumptions ▪Rapidly changing technology will continue to have a tremendous impact on our daily lives and will create new opportunities for business. ▪Workforce demands over the next 16 years will require more education, especially in the area of science, technology, engineering and math. ▪Carroll County’s proximity to expanding technology centers will have an impact on population growth. ▪There will be significant global competition for jobs. ▪Carroll County Government is responsive to Community needs and has a strong history of planning and cooperation among agencies. CARROLL 2030 OUR COUNTY, OUR FUTURE

9 Business cluster Chamber of Commerce membership survey results 1Provide high speed internet connectivity everywhere in Carroll County without limitations. 2Maintain strong traditional K-12 Public Education System. 3Perform road improvements through key business corridors. 4Provide a broader array of options for vocational and technical training. 5Encourage and support vibrant main streets throughout Carroll. CARROLL 2030 OUR COUNTY, OUR FUTURE

10 Technology cluster Broadband access is as necessary and assumed as other utilities such as water and sewer service for most businesses and some residences. ▪Provide County-wide access to low-cost or free broadband services for all residents and businesses. ▪Continue to support the existing fiber network infrastructure and fund future enhancements and developments. ▪Partner with municipalities and businesses to bring last mile network infrastructure to areas of the County not currently served by broadband providers. ▪Continue to leverage the existing and proposed fiber network to increase revenues by leasing the fiber to businesses. CARROLL 2030 OUR COUNTY, OUR FUTURE

11 Public safety cluster A self-reliant, family centered and determined people, Carroll County’s strong values have secured a proud tradition of being among Maryland’s safest and healthiest communities. Our future priorities include: ▪Development of Wireless, Mobile and Integrated Technologies ▪Educational Partnerships –Public Safety Training Center ▪Continued transition into the role of public safety leader, fostering innovation, information sharing and public-private partnerships. CARROLL 2030 OUR COUNTY, OUR FUTURE

12 Education cluster ▪Continual technology upgrades to support the educational infrastructure, teaching and learning, and preparation for credentials and degrees in new and changing careers. ▪Shared facilities and resources to maximize new and renovated spaces that provide high technology training opportunities and community learning centers. ▪Funding to support curricular enhancements, retain and attract quality staff, develop new programs, and maintain and increase learning opportunities needed to prepare people to be successful contributors to our community. CARROLL 2030 OUR COUNTY, OUR FUTURE

13 Health and well-being cluster Health is SO much more than medical ▪The community’s health depends upon educated consumers and caregivers who have access to technological services that encourage safety and wellness. ▪Demographic reports suggest an increasingly aging county. ▪Key themes are aging in place, smart technology, tele-health. ▪Goal is right care by the right person in the right place. ▪Integration and communication are essential among providers. ▪Carroll Hospital Center shares a coordinated vision with other local health care providers who are focused on maintaining residents in their community by using appropriate services and tools to promote optimal health and well being. CARROLL 2030 OUR COUNTY, OUR FUTURE

14 Art, culture, and recreation cluster ▪Diversity of programs builds economy on Main Streets and attracts tourism dollars and corporate industries for employment and growth ▪Lifelong learning and personal renewal through in-person and online activities ▪Emerging partnerships to maximize audiences: public-private collaborations ▪Carroll’s heritage as thematic anchors for programming CARROLL 2030 OUR COUNTY, OUR FUTURE

15 Agriculture and environment cluster ▪Water Resources ▪Broadband Access ▪New Regulations: Flush tax, land devaluation, encroachment ▪Ag Preservation ▪Larger emphasis on renewable energy technologies ▪Increased emphasis on local farming and farmers markets ▪Increased education in environmental awareness CARROLL 2030 OUR COUNTY, OUR FUTURE

16 Infrastructure and transportation cluster ▪Maintain and modernize County and Municipal roads infrastructure. ▪Ensure adequate water and sewer capacity for planned growth. ▪Provide “shovel ready” business and industrial park lots with access to highways, water and sewer systems, and broadband. ▪Offer a robust intra-county transportation system connecting places of employment and commerce primarily through an expanded deviated fixed route system. CARROLL 2030 OUR COUNTY, OUR FUTURE

17 Municipalities cluster ▪Challenges exist to retaining and preserving the County’s vibrant municipal communities ▪Providing human infrastructure systems of service providers that assure the health, safety and well being of our residents while supporting commercial development and economic investment ▪Serving as the arts and cultural centers of the county while providing entertainment, recreation, historic preservation activities ▪Burden of unfunded mandates and our inability to fund them with property taxes CARROLL 2030 OUR COUNTY, OUR FUTURE

18 Where do we go from here ▪Over the next four months, members of the Carroll 2030 will meet with community organizations to share the priorities identified to date and gather further input using the SWOT analysis. ▪Additional input will be incorporated into a Carroll 2030 report which will be presented to the Board of Commissioners with a recommendation to involve county staff in developing a plan of action including cost estimates, revenue development and timeline for implementation. CARROLL 2030 OUR COUNTY, OUR FUTURE

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