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Mecklenburg County Public Swimming Pools 2015

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1 Mecklenburg County Public Swimming Pools 2015
Katie Wilson, R.E.H.S Senior Environmental Health Specialist Public Swimming Pools Tim Dutcher, R.E.H.S Environmental Health Supervisor

2 Topics Website Enforcement and ADA Compliance Construction
VGB and PDSC Forms Permitting and Applications Stormwater Discharge Regulations and Best Practices

3 Website

4 Enforcement? Time extensions within Mecklenburg County are no longer being granted Contrasting color bands Fencing issues Construction issues If an extension is required, a formal appeal must be made to the state Process can be found on the Intent to Suspend form which is issued during the inspection

5 Pool Maintenance Reminder…
Do not put chlorine in your pool to rapidly increase your chlorine unless you are shocking your pool This includes chlorine pucks, granular, sticks, etc An Immediate Suspension will be issued if staff see this

6 ADA Compliance Meck Co. pool inspectors are NOT enforcing ADA compliance with lifts What does this mean for your permit? ADA regulation does not affect your operating permit or your inspection. It is enforced by Code Enforcement. New construction and construction on existing pools will be required to be ADA compliant in accordance with going through plan review See ADA website for details at or call 311 to speak with a Building Inspector

7 What is considered construction?
Changing anything pertaining to the pool, pool equipment or pool buildings from what was originally approved during the initial plan review

8 Is Plan Review Required?
A pool facility wants to add a step to a shallow end of a pool. Yes A pool is renovating a pump room and changing filters/pumps/etc. A pool facility is replacing deck markers and No Diving markers on the deck. No

9 Is Plan Review Required?
A pool facility is renovating it’s restrooms and adding/deleting toilets and sinks or changing floors. Yes A pool facility is changing out like for like in the pump room. No A pool facility is doing a deck renovation including concrete or paver replacement or expansion.

10 Plan Review and Construction
If there is a question as to whether plan submittal and review is required, please contact myself or Troy Purvis Contacts Regarding plan submittal or plan review questions call Troy Purvis Regarding plan review or construction questions call Katie Wilson

11 Virginia Graeme Baker Act

12 Virginia Graeme Baker Act
The law became effective on December 19, What does this mean? All drain covers had to be in compliance by the season. All equalizer line covers had to be in compliance by the season. Under the law, all public pools and spas must have compliant drain covers installed and a second anti-entrapment system installed, when there is a single main drain other than an unblockable drain.

13 Pool Safety Data Compliance Form
Install Dates are new to form!! Must be completed!

14 VGB and Current Standards
All expired drain covers or equalizer line covers must be replaced before the season All pools are required to submit an updated PDSC form this upcoming season A permit will not be issued until an up to date form is on file and approved

15 PDSC Forms – Online All previously submitted PDSC forms are online on our webpage Go to Click on icon, “Print Applications and Permits” Look up facility by Pool ID, Name, or Address File is listed as “Master File”

16 PDSC Forms – Online Some pool operators began changing out drain/equalizer covers in 2014 A current list on our website “Master for List for Pool Data Safety Compliance Forms” The list shows whether or not we have a PDSC on file and the dates the main drain covers and equalizer line covers were installed

17 VGB Reminders It is the responsibility of the operator or facility to maintain covers and assure they are in compliance Form must be re-submitted if changes are made to your pool pump(s), drain covers or skimmer equalizer covers Note: Changes are considered items different than what was originally installed. Example: A Hayward drain cover is installed instead of an Aquastar drain cover Example: A Pentair pump is installed instead of Hayward pump

18 How Do I Fill the PDSC Form Out?
A “How To” PowerPoint presentation has been placed on our website at A How To Guide

19 Tips for Completing Your PDSC Form
If new form is filled out, all portions must be completed Even if you did not replace the equalizer line covers, installation date must be put on form Keep a copy of the completed form for your personal records All completed PDSC forms will be available online once submitted and approved

20 2015 Permitting

21 Renewal Notice Sent out 2nd week of January
2015 Permitting Renewal Notice Sent out 2nd week of January

22 2015 Permitting - Website

23 2015 Permitting – Application Process
Fields populated with most current info from our database Make any changes to owner, operator, phone number, address, etc. by striking through and writing in new information Return to health department with the permit fee

24 2015 Permitting – Application Process
New for Permit Application Equalizer and drain covers in compliance with VGB? If no, a completed PDSC form must be submitted and approved before the permit will be issued

25 2015 Permitting - Fees Permit fees will stay the same
Seasonal Fee - $130 Annual Fee - $250 Late fees have not changed = $120

26 2015 Permitting – Application Process
Payment Invoices will be available again this year

27 How to Pay Payments can be submitted by check or through credit card
If submitting a payment separate from the application, write the permit ID on bottom of check

28 2015 Permitting Reminder letter mailed to owners, facilities, and operators. Permit application and fee returned to health department. Pools opening before May 18th – schedule a pre-permit inspection Pools opening on May 18th or later – no changes to inspection process 2013 information packages will be mailed to owners and facilities as they are listed. in Alpha. For pools with the Operator listed as the contact, the information will be mailed to the Owner. A list of operators will be compiled and the duplicates removed. The same information will then be mailed to the operators.

29 2015 Permitting – Application Process
Note: Opening and closing date will be used for issuing of permit. ** Any pools indicating opening prior to May 18th will require a pre-permit inspection to receive their permit **

30 2015 Pre-Permit Process If pool wants to open before May 18th, a pre- permit inspection must be scheduled A list of every pool and their assigned inspector will be posted on our website: under Inspector Assignment List Go to the website, look up your pool, and contact the inspector to schedule an inspection

31 Pre-Permit Checklist

32 Why Can’t I Get My Permit After My Inspection?
Any item on the pre-permit checklist is not correct Permit fees are not paid Incomplete or incorrect application information PDSC not approved or on file

33 I Passed My Pre-Permit Inspection – Where is my permit?
Once a pre-permit inspection is successfully completed, the permit will be posted on our website at within 3 days Look for the icon located in the right corner of the page

34 Permitting After May 18th or Annual Pools
Will return to previous years inspection process All permits will be batch issued May 18th for any remaining pools that have not received their permit Permits will be available online An inspection can be conducted at any time

35 Permits – Changes A hard copy will not be mailed to operators
Print off the permit from our website and post in a visible location Note: Permit stickers will no longer be issued

36 Summer Environmental Assistants
Visits made again at pools throughout the Season starting after Memorial Day These are visits, NOT inspections Looking at critical violations Checking chlorine and pH; clarity of water Ring buoys/body hooks Emergency telephones Gates Equalizer line covers and drain covers

37 Dates to Remember February 27, 2015 – Last day to submit permit fee without paying a late penalty March 18, 2015 – Pre-Permit inspections may begin April 1, 2015 – Start of the 2015 Seasonal Pool Season May 15, 2015 – Last day for pre-permit inspections

38 Contact Information Katie Wilson (704) Tim Dutcher (704) General Questions

39 Water Quality Craig Miller Charlotte Mecklenburg Stormwater Services

40 Questions?

41 Stormwater Rule Compliance & Best Practices
Pool Construction, Maintenance and Operation January 21, 2015

42 Stormwater Pollution Control Ordinance
No person shall cause or allow the discharge or disposal of non-stormwater, either directly or indirectly, to the storm water system, waters of the state, or upon the land in a manner or amount that is likely to reach the stormwater system or waters of the state except as described below in Section Sec Permitted Incidental Non-Stormwater Flows Examples: Landscape irrigation; Uncontaminated, pumped groundwater; Collected infiltrated stormwater from foundation drains or footing drains; Air conditioning condensate; Dechlorinated swimming pool discharge

43 Pools & Spas as a Pollution Source
Draining (chlorine, chloride & other chemicals) Filter backwash Construction Maintenance (acid washing, grouting, plastering, etc.)

44 3 Options Pool & Spa Draining Yard or landscaped area
Storm drain system Sanitary sewer system

45 Yard or Landscaped Area
Pump at slower rate to allow percolation. Move hose occasionally. Avoid flooding and nuisance conditions on neighboring properties. Stop if discharge is entering storm drain system and chemical concentrations haven’t been lowered.

46 Storm Drain System Dechlorinate to <0.1 mg/L by allowing to sit for 1 week or lowering with dechlorination additive. Do not add other chemicals for 1 week before draining. Ensure pH is 6-9. Remove/strain out algae and debris. Saltwater pools and spas are not allowed to be discharged to storm drain (high chloride levels).

47 Follow requirements provided by them. Subject to issues such as
Sanitary Sewer System Contact Charlotte Water (formerly Charlotte-Mecklenburg Utility Dept) at Follow requirements provided by them. Subject to issues such as chemical concentrations (limits/treatment) location (is local system running at capacity; overflows) timing (avoid peak times, after rain, etc.) Discharge into sewer cleanout pipe, not through a public manhole (not allowed). Watch for backups into home.

48 Filter Backwash Discharge
Discharge filter backwash to sanitary sewer or landscaped area, not storm drain system (many are directly connected to sanitary sewer). Dispose of filter material and debris in trash. Rinse filters over lawn or landscaped area.

49 Pool Construction & Maintenance
Use erosion control to prevent sediment from discharging offsite. Keep wastewater from plastering, grouting, guniting, acid washing and other operations from entering storm drains. Contact Charlotte Water regarding discharge pf wastewater to sanitary sewer, OR Pump wastewater into containers/totes and dispose of it through an environmental disposal facility. Rinse tools and equipment off where discharge won’t enter storm drain system.

50 Illicit Discharge Example – Acid Washing

51 Craig Miller Questions??

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