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TU Delft welcomes SPN 8!.

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1 TU Delft welcomes SPN 8!

2 SPN8 Single track conference Basics: + relevant related topics:
In sewer processes + relevant related topics: Asset management Monitoring Sewer system impacts Emerging issues and technologies 2

3 Conference venue: SS Rotterdam

4 Conference venue: SS Rotterdam

5 Things to see and do in Rotterdam

6 Getting there and away: Easy access by boat, train and airplane

7 SPN8: summary Date: 31/08 – 02/ Location: city of Rotterdam, on the SS Rotterdam Costs conference: EUR 550,- Hotel rooms on board: single 115, double 140 Many other hotel options around 7

8 Local organising committee
Prof. Francois Clemens Jeroen Langeveld Mathieu Lepot Marie-Claire ten Veldhuis 8

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