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City of Dania Beach Doing More with Less FY 2010 Proposed Budget.

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2 City of Dania Beach Doing More with Less FY 2010 Proposed Budget

3 General Fund Budget FY 09FY 10 Personnel43%43% Police25%27% Fire25%25% Debt Payments3%2% Capital Projects4%1%

4 Changes made at the July 29, workshop Revised Liability insurance premium: ( $19,850) Reduced further OPEB funding: ($100,000) Increase BSO vacancy credit:( $50,000) Reduced reserve for 3 cents gas tax:( $16,078) Cut training 10% across the board:( $ 9,238) Eliminate proposed engineer position:( $17,986) Eliminate FY 09 & FY 10 COLA:($377,136) Transfer to CRA (share clerical staff):($ 38,272)

5 Changes made at the July 29, workshop School Resource Officers 50% funding: $144,688 Contributions to Non-Profit Org.$ 9,022 Tourism Council:$ 3,000 Chamber of Commerce:$ 30,000 Fire Assessments at 96% collection:$ 30,450 Re-appropriate Fire Reserve for equip: $218,759 Civil Code Citation:$ 10,000 Code Inspector Parking citations:$ 10,000

6 Changes made at the July 29, workshop Abandon/vacant/foreclosure registry: $10,000 Not impose 60-40 sidewalk Program:($8,450) Amnesty Code Enforcement fines:$100,000 Add to contingency based on above actions at 6.0043 mill:$812,609

7 Budget Highlights (General Fund) Personal Service (Personnel) 1 FY 09 vacant position not funded  Landscape Grounds Technician II 5 full-time positions being eliminated: -$273k  2 positions in Code Compliance Division  3 positions in Beach Division Reduce part-time salaries due to all Recreation Centers close on Monday: -$36.5K Increase in part-time salaries for part-time beach lifeguards: $45,889 Controller position increase salary due to IS functions: $3,706

8 Budget Highlights (General Fund) Personal Service (Personnel) Total Pension Contributions: FRS, pick-up and actuary calculations: $2.82 million Total Health Insurance Contributions: $3.09 million GASB 45 funding: $1.3 million

9 Budget Highlights (General Fund) Operating Expenses BSO contract: + $627,000 (6.3%). Base budget incorporated a $200K vacancy credit. Property/Liability/Flood Insurance: + 60,123 (+9.2%) Electricity: - $44,172 (-7%) Gasoline: -$64,249 (-30%)

10 Budget Highlights (General Fund) Boat Parade: $7,686 Positive image for Code Compliance: $8,675 Add’l landscape for medians: $20,850 Planning and Engineer fees to implement Community Redevelopment area projects: $500K Hydrant testing & data base: $21,000

11 Budget Highlights (General Fund) Other Uses/Transfers Fire Reserve $0 Reserve for Comprehensive Plan (3 cents gas tax): $0 Aid to Non-profit Organizations: $25,000 Contribution to CRA Fund: $693,283 (+$173,170) General Fund Contingency: $1.2 M (to fund for unforeseen circumstances, shortfall of revenue, etc.)

12 Budget Highlights (General Fund) Capital Outlay: $34,100 Fire : $8,000  Simulate Mannequin: $6,000  Intubations heads: $2,000 Recreation: $26,100  Beach Patrol Vehicle: $15,000  Light Poles at Tennis Court: $3,100  ADA Lift Chair at P.J. Meli pool: $6,000  Replace West Parking Lights: $2,000

13 Budget Highlights (General Fund) Comparisons to FY 2009: Personnel Expenses funding: +$335,530 Mostly attributed Health Insurance increase Operating Expenses: +1,463,273 Mostly attributed to BSO, funding of 50% of resource officers, engineering fees for CRA projects and solid waste increase

14 Program Modifications not incorporated in base budget Job descriptions & Compensation Consulting Svc. $15,000 9 New Fire/Rescue Personnel Relocation of Station 1 design fees $288,000 July 4 th additional funding for laser light show: $15,000

15 Capital Projects Fund Fire Station washer and dryer: $11,051 New Equipment for Ladder Truck: $218,759 New Equipment for Rescue Truck: $121,680 Phase I replacement of Self Contained Apparatus: $93,633 Replacement of Fire Staff Vehicle $17,312 Replacement of one vehicles: Public Services $28,742

16 Capital Projects Fund Tiger Tail Dog Diving Floating Dock: $15,500 I.T. Parker Dock Replacement: $48,800 Concession Stand Buildings: $74,000 Skate Park: $48,000 Dugout Replacement: $60,400 Scoreboard, walkpath etc. for P.J. Meli Park: $34,200 Planning & design fees for Marina improvements $192,500 Tractor and Sandpro: $66,000 $934,327

17 Capital Improvement Plan Fire Apparatus: $781,883 Medical Transport Rescue Unit: $283,250 The above requests is recommended to be funded through financing. Timing of the purchase is critical so that debt service payment will not incur until FY 2011 as funding is not available in FY 2010 for the debt service nor the equipments related to the units.

18 Revenue Sources Ad Valorem tax revenue: 6.0043: $16,659,408 rolled back rate plus 2.5% personal income growth rate 5.8579: $16,253,078 rolled back rate Difference between 5.8579 mill and 6.0043 mill is approximately $406K Rolled back rate is not a tax increase All State revenue projections are at 100% Fire Assessments at 96% collection rate

19 Revenue Fee Increase Cemetery Fee = $10K Recreation Fee = $8K Parking Citations = $12K

20 Revenue New Fees Administrative/Court Cost = $36K Zoning Review = $35K Certificate of Use = $8.7K 24 hour Lien Search = $5K Sales of Mausoleum = $39.9K Total Increase in Revenue: $163K

21 Revenue New Fees Civil Code Citation System: $10K Code Inspector Parking Citation: $10K Abandon/Vacant/Foreclosure Property Registry System: $10K Amnesty Code Enforcement fines: $100K

22 Marina Fund Total Budget: $286,717 Preliminary projection prior to contract service may experience a deficit of $125K Contract operation for dockmaster and security service: $110K, savings of $45K Should deficit still exist, recommend $34K transfer not General Fund not be performed

23 Building Operations Total budget: $1,605,000 Reduction in salary due to elimination of Permitting Office Manager Position Reserves: $295,789

24 Community Redevelopment Agency Total Budget: $693,283 Operating budget as submitted by CRA Director Personnel Expenses for 2.5 positions, include merit, and fringe benefits

25 Tree Preservation Fund Total Budget $57,000 Routine Maintenance $32,000 Landscape and trees installed at Linear Park: $25,000

26 Budget Highlights (Enterprise Fund) Inter-Fund Transfers from Water, Sewer and Stormwater Fund to General Fund is $582,976 a 7.5% increase Sewer Treatment Cost for City of Hollywood reflects a decrease of $63K, due to reduction of True Up charged in FY 2009.

27 Budget Highlights (Enterprise Fund) SRF Debt Service: -Water Tank High Service Pump -Water Main Looping Phase I & II -Water Main US1, Melaleuca Gardens -Liftstations Rehabilitation -Inflow/Infiltration -Stormwater Improvements Total Debt Service for FY 2010: $654,722

28 FY 2010 Capital Projects in Enterprise Funds Water Fund:  Well G & H  AMR Meter  Membrane Plant  Refurbish Existing Plant  1 vehicle replacement Sewer Fund:  Lift Station Rehabilitation  Sanitary Sewer Inflow Infill Stage II  Sewer portion of the Dania Cut-off Canal

29 FY 2010 Capital Projects in Enterprise Funds Stormwater Fund:  Canal Dredging  Stormwater Improvements

30 Budget Balance at ………….

31 FY 2010 Proposed Annual Rates Millage Rate: 6.0043 Voted Debt Svc:.1514 Garbage Rate:$269.40 (+$24.60) Fire Assessment (Res):$100.00 (+8.7%)

32 What saving does it means to our residential owners? Upon approval the average homesteaded property with a taxable value of $84,935: 6.0043$51.00 5.8579$39.00 Difference: $12.00 per year; $1.00 per month

33 What saving does it means to our residential owners? Upon approval the average residential property with a taxable value of $132,227: 6.0043$80.00 5.8579$61.00 Difference: $19.00 per year; $1.58 per month

34 FY 2010 Proposed Annual Rates Water:14% Sewer12% Storm Water Rate:$25 per ERU

35 What does it mean to our residential utility customers? Based on an average use of 6,000 gallons per month per household: FY 09FY 10Impact Water:$28.39$32.38+$3.99 Sewer:$42.45$47.50+$5.05 Net Impact:+$9.04 @ month

36 Other sources for balancing the budget: General Fund: Unreserved Fund Balance:$266,892 Police Impact Fees:$ 42,000 Fire Impact Fees:$150,000 Fire Reserve:$218,759 Administrative Impact Fees:$ 90,000 Insurance Fund: Unreserved Fund Balance:$500,000 Capital Projects Fund: Reserve for Capital Projects: $439,116 Total: $1,706,767

37 How are our reserves? Unreserved GF fund bal: $16,690,840 Fire Impact Fees:$ 150,085 Fire Reserve:$ 770,597 Admin. Impact Fees:$90,090 Rec. Impact Fees:$ 303,416 Police Impact Fees:$ 189,940 3 cents Gas Tax:$214,694

38 How are our reserves? Water Unreserved Ret Earnings:$3,227,696 Water Impact Fees:$1,023,912 Sewer Unreserved Ret Earnings:$ 958,533 Sewer Impact Fees:$1,049,414 Stormwater Unreserved:$1,584,263 **(unreserved retained earnings is prior to depreciation expenses)

39 FY 2011 Impact  Double digit decline of property tax value Further increase in employer’s pension contributions Resurrect House Bill 385 - 1.35% taxable value??? Legislature impact on City’s ability to increase revenue or derive new revenue sources ????

40 Budget Hearing Dates Final Public Hearing: September 23, 2009

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