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1 Welcome to the State of the City Address. 2 The City of Bettendorf is the PREMIER CITY in which to live! The City of Bettendorf is the most livable.

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Presentation on theme: "1 Welcome to the State of the City Address. 2 The City of Bettendorf is the PREMIER CITY in which to live! The City of Bettendorf is the most livable."— Presentation transcript:

1 1 Welcome to the State of the City Address

2 2 The City of Bettendorf is the PREMIER CITY in which to live! The City of Bettendorf is the most livable community, with rich educational, cultural, and recreational opportunities where we enjoy a vibrant riverfront and a growing, competitive business environment. Vision

3 3 Community listening sessions Bettendorf Development Corporation/UNI Citizen Survey with national benchmarks Bettendorf 101: City Citizen Academy Open communication between city government and community Annual goal setting with city council, department heads, and staff How We Get There

4 4 Financially sound city providing quality city services Orderly growth and quality development Growing current businesses and attracting new businesses Riverfront/Downtown Development- destination for entertainment and living Premier Place to live in the Quad Cities Goals

5 5 Goal 1 Financially Sound City Providing Quality City Services

6 6 “The assignment of the City’s Aa1 rating reflects the city’s sound financial operations supported by healthy reserves and significant revenue flexibility”. “The city’s financial operations are expected to remain sound given prudent fiscal management practices, the presence of healthy reserves, significant flexibility to adjust tax levies and raise additional revenue and continued stability within the city’s tax base and regional economy”. Quotes from Moody’s Investors Service April 2013 –

7 FY 2014/15 Budget “Stays the course” and “follows the financial plan” we established several years ago and continues our history of: Conservative spending Maintaining healthy cash reserves Strong fiscal planning and adherence to fiscal policies We continue to realize: Stable revenue streams Significant levy growth available under $8.10 and ability to implement benefit levies. 7

8 Budget Highlights - FY 2014/15 Budget: Bettendorf is one of a few Iowa cities with a General Fund levy below $8.10. This allows for future growth capacity of 48%, equating to nearly $5 million of potential property taxes. In addition, the City has the ability to levy taxes for: – IPERS & FICA ($1.54 million) – Emergency levy of $0.27 if needed. ($504,000) 8 Maintain the City’s Levy Rate at $12.55

9 Taxes Current Year 9 Our sample of 30 Iowa Cities with populations > 10,000 in order by Total Levy Rate How We Compare to Other Cities?

10 Annual Impact of Taxes & Fee Changes 10 FY 14/15 Budget

11 11 City, School District, Tax Rate Bettendorf Median Residential Assessed Value of $165,260 Commercial Assessed Value of $500,000 City of Bettendorf, Bettendorf School District, $34.60092 per $1,000 value $2,852$17,300 City of Davenport, Davenport School District, $41.04252 per $1,000 value $3,383$20,521 City of Moline, School District #40, Moline Township code #8, $9.0085 per $100 value $4,512$15,014 City of Rock Island, School District #41, South Rock Island township code #9, $9.7861 per $100 value $4,902$16,310 Quad Cities Property Tax ComparisonCURRENT YEAR For January 1, 2012 Assessed Valuations (taxable in FY 13/14) Iowa: Rollback on residential property: 52.8166% Rollback on commercial property: 100% Homestead exemption on residential property: $4,850 subtracted from taxable value Illinois: Residential property assessed at 1/3 total value. Commercial property assessed at 1/3 total value. Homestead exemption on residential property, up to $5,000 subtracted from 1/3 assessed value. Township codes include taxes for the county, township, city, airport authority, Blackhawk College and Metro transit.

12 12 FY 13/14 Cost of City Services & Utilities for Typical $165.260 Residence

13 13 Goal 2 Orderly Growth and Quality Development

14 Community Improvement Program 2014/15 Construction Season: $15.4 million 14

15 Community Improvement Program 15 2014/15 Construction Season: $15.4 million

16 5-year Storm Water Plan: $3.96 million 16 (assumes hiring 2 FTEs):

17 17 5-year Sewer Utility Plan: $7.5 million

18 18 Goal 3 Growing Current Businesses and Attracting New Businesses

19 Building Permit History 19

20 20 Shoppes at Duck Creek Recently valued at $4 million prior to redevelopment. Now complete with city assistance, value should reach $12 million. HomeRidge Inn and Suites has been demolished. Former hotel valued at $2.3 million. The new Hilton Garden Inn is being constructed in its place at cost of $9.25 million.

21 21 Learning Campus/Cumberland Square Family Museum just completed its first major renovation since the original construction in 1998. Attendance prior to renovation was approximately 105,000 per year. After phase 1 attendance was 124,000, and after phase 2, attendance was approximately 166,000 per year. Library is beginning to wrap up this year’s interior upgrade. Phase 2 will begin soon. Cumberland Square recently completed its exterior upgrade.

22 22 Utica Ridge Corridor New Rock Island Arsenal Credit Union LEDs America Utica Ridge Road paved this year, five lane facility Phase II of Tanglefoot Lane conversion of a two lane with center turn lane and separate trail is now complete The Lodge expected to be converted into a Hilton Double Tree Hotel

23 23 Other Development Conversion of former Eagles Country Market at Devils Glen Road and Middle Road into ColoHub, a $20 million state of the art data center by Geneseo Communications. Developing a long range economic development plan utilizing the University of Northern Iowa – Institute of Decision Making as our facilitator.

24 24 Other Development Downtown and I-80/Middle Road are two top priorities for growth. Working with a private developer on the construction of a industrial spec building measuring 60,000 square feet. First subdivision supplied with FTTH (fiber to the home) in Beaver Meadows Development on 53 rd Avenue.

25 25

26 Forest Grove Park Information 26

27 27

28 28

29 29 Educated Workforce College Graduate Percentage

30 30 Money to Spend

31 31 Goal 4 Riverfront and Downtown Development Destination for Entertainment and Living

32 32 I-74 Bridge and Corridor Project 2013 Iowa Department of Transportation purchases all 38 full/partial properties 2014 Utilities will be relocated including sewer, storm water, sanitary, fiber optic, and phone 2015 State Street & Grant Street will be reconfigured 2017/18 Physical construction of the middle section of the span

33 33

34 Downtown Streetscape Master Plan 34

35 35 Goal 5 Premier Place to Live in the Quad Cities

36 Premier Place to Live 36

37 Premier Place to Live 37

38 Premier Place to Live 38

39 Awards and Achievements 39 ICMA Center for Performance Measurement's Certificate of Distinction 2013 NerdWallet Ranks Bettendorf Among Best Towns in Iowa for Young Families 2013 2013 GFOA’s Distinguished Budget Presentation Award Public Works Receives APWA 2014 Excellence in Snow & Ice Control Award ICMA Center for Performance Measurement™ (CPM). Bettendorf is among eight jurisdictions receiving the honor this year.

40 Questions and Answers 40

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