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Professional Sewer Line Cleaning Services Tel:(914) 930-4968

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1 Professional Sewer Line Cleaning Services Tel:(914) 930-4968 E-mail:

2 Dom Santucci and Santucci Construction Corp. have served the communities in Westchester and Putnam for 35-years. Santucci Construction Corp. is a premier excavation and septic contractor.excavation septic

3 Sewer Line Problems Obstructions in the sewer affect plumbing in the house. You may find sewage seeping out of your drains. For clearing a blocked sewer, get help from a professional sewer line cleaning service in NY.

4 Symptoms of Clogging If the toilet overflows when you are taking a shower, then there is a clog between the toilet and the sewer. When the shower is in use, it backs up into the waste water line in your house, causing the toilet to overflow.

5 Causes of Sewer Line Clogs A build up of flushed toilet paper or debris will clog a sewer line. Grease poured into the drain can harden within the pipes, which causes debris to collect and clog the plumbing.

6 Causes of Sewer Line Clogs Tree roots can block sewer lines and cause clogs. A broken or collapsed sewer line can get clogged.

7 Avoid Clogs Avoid flushing tissue paper, diapers or any other waste that creates clogs. Avoid dumping large quantities of food or trash down your garbage disposal. The septic system and sewer line must be inspected. Contact septic and sewer repair service professionals.Contact

8 Diagnosing the Problem A visual inspection of the inside of the sewer pipe is required to diagnose the problem. A miniature camera can accomplish this goal. Inspections are offered by sewer cleaning professionals. They will inspect the pipes, find the problem and offer a solution.

9 Repair or Replace If the problem is broken pipes, leaky joints or failure in any minor parts of the septic system, then you need repair. In case of drain field failure, it is better to get a new system.

10 Septic and Excavation Contractor, NY Santucci Construction Corporation is a septic and excavation contractor in Westchester, NY. They are experts, licensed to repair and install septic systems and sewer lines.

11 Contact Us: Santucci Construction Corp. Septic and Excavation Contractor, Westchester, NY Tel:(914) 930-4968 Fax: (914) 737-1334 Add: 15 Travis Lane Montrose, NY 10548 E-Mail:

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