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City of Oshkosh Water System. Public Works Utility Division Water Filtration Plant Water Distribution System Wastewater Collection System Pumping Stations.

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1 City of Oshkosh Water System

2 Public Works Utility Division Water Filtration Plant Water Distribution System Wastewater Collection System Pumping Stations Wastewater Treatment Plant

3 Water Utility Mission Protect public safety by providing water for fire protection. To protect public health from waterborne disease

4 Waterborne Disease Typhoid, Chlorea Common in the late 1800 and up to 1920’s The dramatic decrease was due to the filtration and chlorination of water systems Newly recognized waterborne pathogens include Cryptosporidium and Giardia. Many new regulations developed around the potential risks from these organisms

5 Production Facilities The water systems operate 24/7/365 We treat and distribute water for consumption and fire protection. Take “used” water, treat it and return it to the water environment.

6 Water treatment systems are regulated by the Department of Natural Resources through an agreement with the Environmental Protection Agency. Water rates are regulated by the Wisconsin Public Service Commission Regulations

7 Source Water Aerial photograph from above Lake Winnebago facing west across the City of Oshkosh and a portion of the source water area. (Courtesy of the Carl Guell Slide Collection)

8 Water System Components Water Filtration Plant, DNR rated for 16 million gallons per day, Sedimentation, Filtration, Ozone, GAC Contactors, Disinfection, Pump to Water Distribution System Water Towers –Storage for Fire Protection

9 City of Oshkosh Water Filtration Plant Located at 425 Lakeshore Drive Near Menominee Park Provides treatment for the drinking water for the City of Oshkosh

10 Sedimentation BasinFlocculation Dual Media Filters Ozone ContactGAC Contactors Oshkosh Water Filtration Plant

11 Statistics Water Distribution System Pipe sizes 3/4 inch to 30 inch Approximately 300 miles of pipe from new to over 100 years old (If laid end to end 300 miles of pipe would reach from Oshkosh, WI to 26 miles past Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN)

12 Statistics Water Distribution System 2,288 fire hydrants 6,500 valves 22,000+ home and business connections

13 Watermain Break - Main Street February 2003


15 Asset Management Plan Document assets Examine risk across the utility Proactively plan for future capital projects Maintain or improve water quality and service Develop a prioritized list of highest risk assets

16 Water Distribution System Model Collected water distribution system information Entered data into modeling program Field verified model information to confirm model output Identified system deficiencies provided recommended improvements

17 Wastewater Utility Mission Protect the water environment, fish and aquatic life, provide fishable and swimmable waters To protect public health from waterborne disease

18 Wastewater Collection System Wastewater collection system (sanitary sewers) 300 miles from 54 inches to 4 inches in diameter. 22,000 service connections. This is a gravity system with 17 lift stations that help convey the wastewater to the wastewater treatment plant 5950 Manholes

19 Source: Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District Sanitary Sewer & Storm Sewer Systems

20 Televising Sewer Lines



23 CMOM Program Compliance Management Operation Maintenance for wastewater collection systems Template for collection system operations and maintenance Formalizing existing program, look for opportunities for improvement, measure progress

24 SECAP Sewer Evaluation and Capacity Assurance Plan Model Sanitary Sewer Collection System Flows Run model using various rainfall conditions Identify capacity issues and make recommendations for improvements

25 City of Oshkosh Wastewater Treatment Plant Located at 233 N. Campbell Road Near Fox Valley Technical College and Senior Center Annex

26 WWTP Design Flow Dry Weather 20 Million Gallons per Day Wet Weather 40 Million Gallons per Day Wet Weather Peak 60 Million Gallons per Day Daily Average 11 to 13 Million Gallons per Day 10 MGD = 6945 gallons per minute

27 Wastewater Treatment Plant Components Bar Screens, Grit Removal Primary Clarifiers Aeration Basins, Secondary Biological Treatment Secondary Clarifiers Disinfection Anaerobic Digestion Biosolids Treatment

28 1 Administration Building 2 Preliminary Treatment Building 3 Influent Pump Station 4 Dissolved Air Flotation Thickeners (DAFT) 5 Chemical Building 6,7 Aerated Grit Chambers 8-11 Primary Clarifiers 12,13 Aeration Tanks 14-17 Secondary Clarifiers 18 Chlorine Contact Chambers 19 Solids Handling Building 20-22 Anaerobic Digester Complex Oshkosh WWTP Map


30 Clarifier

31 Wastewater Treatment Process Uses the same process that occurs in nature Biological treatment Food source organic material found in wastewater Microorganisms (Ciliates, Rotifers) feed on organics and bacteria and grow to form settable particles called “biological floc”

32 Microorganisms

33 Bacteria

34 Ciliates

35 Future Challenges Aging infrastructure New Phosphorus Regulations

36 Questions? Photograph is Autumn Shore (Lake Superior--United States) © by Dennis O’Hara of Used with permission from Mr. O’Hara.

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