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JULY 24 2012 BUDGET WORKSHOP NO. 4 12-13 FISCAL YEAR ENTERPRISE FUNDS Innovation will serve to keep the plan in the forefront of all that we do. Our actions.

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1 JULY 24 2012 BUDGET WORKSHOP NO. 4 12-13 FISCAL YEAR ENTERPRISE FUNDS Innovation will serve to keep the plan in the forefront of all that we do. Our actions should always be advancing the Plan. Operation Innovation

2 Workshop Schedule Schedule of FY 12-13 Council Work Sessions:  June 7- Budget Format Workshop*  June 26- Capital Projects & Replacement/Renewal Fund Workshop*  July 10- General Fund (and smaller ancillary funds) Workshop**  July 24- Enterprise Fund Workshop (Electric, Telecommunications, Water/Sewer, Sanitation, Golf & Airport)*  August 14-Preliminary Budget Presentation Workshop*  September 4 th - 1 st Reading Tentative Budget (Public Hearing)  September 18 th - 2 nd Reading Final Budget (Public Hearing) *11:00 Council Lunch *11:30-1:30 Work Session (Council Chambers) ** 3:00 pm Work Session (Council Chambers)

3 FY 12-13 Enterprise Fund Information  Enterprise funds are used to account for operations that are financed and operated in a manner similar to private businesses and whose costs are paid from user charges or from revenue sources other than general governmental revenue.  The City maintains seven Enterprise Funds: Water & Sewer, Airport, Golf, Sanitation, Electric, Telecommunications & Stormwater.  All of the Enterprise Funds are balanced without the use of fund balance, with the exception of the Golf Fund.  Telecommunications is recommending a new equipment return fee.

4 Enterprise Fund Description Stormwater Utility In 1988, this fund was created to ensure that the City disposes of water run-off in a manner that complies with State and Federal guidelines, protects the purity of the aquifer and prevents the city from being hit with the type of flooding that has occurred in the past. Ocala was one of the first cities in Florida to create a stormwater management utility.

5 Enterprise Fund Summary

6 Enterprise Fund Description Ocala International Airport The Ocala International Airport is an expanding aviation facility which provides an array of general aviation services for all types of aircraft ranging from private to corporate to military aircraft.

7 Enterprise Fund Summary

8 Enterprise Fund Description Golf The golf program is a division of the Recreation and Parks department, but operates within an enterprise fund. The City provides a high quality golf experience at the award winning Ocala Golf Club, which was renovated in 2009. Pine Oaks Golf Course is operated through a private golf professional and continues to serve Ocala’s citizens by providing an affordable golf experience.

9 Enterprise Fund Summary

10 Enterprise Fund Description Sanitation The Sanitation fund's main responsibility is providing solid waste collection for the citizens of Ocala. Commercial and Residential waste collection are provided. The City began a Curbside Recycling Program in April 2012 and diverted to a once a week collection.

11 Enterprise Fund Summary

12 Enterprise Fund Description Water & Sewer The Water and Sewer department provides and maintains water and wastewater treatment plants and infrastructure for the City of Ocala’s service area and citizens who come into the city to conduct business or pleasure. The water treatment plant treats ground water by reducing the hardness through a lime softening process and provides disinfection through chlorination. The clean safe drinking water is distributed through an extensive piping and pumping system grid that is maintained by the water and sewer department.

13 Enterprise Fund Summary

14 Enterprise Fund Description Electric The Electric Fund consists of two departments: Electric and Customer Service. The Electric Department is a highly skilled and motivated team with one goal - provide outstanding customer service and reliable energy to all of our customers, through implementation of advanced technology and continued use of proven industry standards, while protecting our environment to ensure our citizens have dependable clean energy for tomorrow. We continually strive to improve on outage restoration and duration times as well as system reliability. The Customer Service Department's primary function is to provide information and service to all citizens within our service territories. This team also handles the billing function for all municipal services. Customer service representatives can set up new utility service accounts, arrange payment plans or extensions and aid our customers in contacting local organizations who offer assistance to those experiencing difficulties. The Customer Service team is dedicated to utilizing available technology to provide the best possible customer experience.

15 Enterprise Fund Summary

16 Enterprise Fund Description Telecommunications The Telecommunications Division provides broadband services to the City and the community by operating a fiber optics based broadband network. This network provides internal telecommunications services for City of Ocala business and administrative operations. Network services are also available to external customers, including other government agencies, educational institutions, hospitals and medical facilities, and commercial and industrial businesses.

17 Enterprise Fund Summary

18 Items of Discussion Feedback related to questions raised at previous workshops:  Health Insurance for Council’s budget has been corrected  Discretionary spending for Council’s budget  Funding for the Clerk’s budget has been allocated

19 Questions/Comments

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