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FY 2011 Budget Overview Presentation to Town Council Town of Herndon, Virginia April 13, 2010

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1 FY 2011 Budget Overview Presentation to Town Council Town of Herndon, Virginia April 13, 2010

2 FY 2011 Budget Overview  Budget Overview  Town Council Priorities  General Fund Overview  Enterprise Funds Overview  Capital Improvements Program  Summary

3 Budget Overview $42,252,600 – all funds $33,688,030 – General Fund $8,563,970 – Enterprise Funds

4 Budget Overview Increase of $1,123,815 or 2.7% from adopted FY 2010 budget of $41,128,785

5 Budget Overview Assessed value of real property: $3,288,699,460 Real Property Assessed Value, decreased $596 million - 15.3% Existing residential property decreased - 7.8%, overall residential decreased - 5% Commercial property decreased - 23.4%

6 Budget Overview Residential properties 48% of real estate value/commercial properties 52%

7 Budget Overview Real Estate Tax Rate Increase ¾ of one cent from $0.26 to $0.2675 per $100 assessed value Increased tax rate necessary to offset decreased assessments - $0.3109

8 Budget Overview One Penny of Real Estate Tax Rate - equivalent to $328,900 in revenue FY 2007$434,800 FY 2008$472,945 FY 2009$475,616 FY 2010$388,465 FY 2011$328,900

9 Budget Overview Average Residential Property Value - $257,539

10 Budget Overview

11 Residential Property Assessment Number0/0 of Total Increased Assessments 4507.5% No change5729.5% Decreased Assessments4,96883%

12 Budget Overview Meals Tax Increase from 1.5% to 2.0% ½ percent = $348,100

13 Budget Overview

14 Budget Overview Meals Tax Fiscal YearAmount Collected 2005$1,010,413 2006$1,077,313 2007$1,169,591 2008$1,167,976 2009$1,103,744 2010 (estimated) $1,044,400 2011 (proposed) $1,392,500

15 Budget Overview Other Proposed Tax & Fee Changes Vehicle Decal Fee $25.00 for vehicles weighing 4,000 lbs or less $32.00 for vehicles weighing more than 4,000 lbs $12.00 for motorcycles Recycling Fee - established in June 1991 Increase from $2.50/quarter to $4.00/quarter

16 Budget Overview Other Taxes Transient Occupancy Tax - $2,094,700 Communication Sales and Use Tax - $1,798,880 Bank Stock Tax - $215,590 Cigarette Tax - Remains at $0.50 - $291,000 Personal Property Rate Remains at $0.00 per $100 assessed value

17 Budget Overview Transient Occupancy Tax Comparison County LocalOverlayTotal Alexandria6.5*06.50* Arlington5.2505.25 Fairfax City4.004.00 Fairfax County2.024.00 Falls Church5.005.00 Herndon6.028.00 Leesburg6.006.00 Loudoun5.005.00 Vienna3.025.00 *+$1.00/room/night

18 Town Council Priorities Implement Downtown Area Master Plan Implement master planning for Herndon Metrorail Area Study Continue to reduce excessive occupancy in residential neighborhoods

19 Town Council Priorities Continue implementation of the 2027 Vision Plan Goals and Objectives within financial resources Implement economic development taskforce Implement Phase II downtown streetscape Support improved transportation outside the western boundary to include the Rt. 28, Dulles Toll Road area improvements Other CIP projects – storm drainage, Herndon Parkway intersection study

20 Town Council Priorities Promote preservation and enhancement of neighborhoods through Neighborhood Inspection Program and Rental Inspection Program Continue advancement of neighborhood improvements Station Street Wood, Oak, Nash, Pearl Streets Obtain grants and alternative funding options for transportation, police and park facilities

21 Town Council Priorities Seek more financial sustainability of Parks and Recreation as an enterprise operation Policy – 65% recovery FY 2010 estimate - 71% recovery FY 2011 projected – 75% recovery Streamline town functions and examine efficiencies while minimizing impacts on service levels

22 General Fund Overview Recommend: $33,688,030 Increase over adopted FY 2010 budget: $1,507,750 or 4.7%

23 General Fund Overview Expenditures (Recurring) Personnel, operations & maintenance, minor capital and debt service - $29,045,290 3.5% less than adopted FY 2010

24 General Fund Recurring Expenditures FY 2007$29,823,60511.01% FY 2008$30,987,2043.90% FY 2009$31,668,5262.20% FY 2010$30,496,680-3.70% FY 2011$29,045,290-3.50%

25 General Fund Overview (Reimbursements and Grants) State fire insurance taxes - $60,580 Gang Task Force Grant - $131,200 ICAC Grant - $96,000 Police services (Section 599) - $568,620

26 General Fund Overview (Reimbursements and Grants) Street maintenance - $1,411,040 DMV, Litter control & other mini-grants -$54,720 Fairfax County - $200,730 NRC - $114,730 Housing Rehabilitation Specialist - $86,000

27 General Fund Overview Expenditures (Capital) Total capital: $4,453,000 Includes $4,171,600 in General Fund interfund transfers to fund CIP and IT programs Recommends spending $2.140 M in bond proceeds and capital lease purchase $200,000 of General Fund undesignated fund balance $240,000 of capital projects fund undesignated fund balance Reallocate the $50,000 in reserves for additional police retirement benefits to fund special police equipment

28 Budgeted Use of Available General Fund Undesignated Fund Balance Fiscal Year BudgetedActual Undesignated BudgetAmountFund Balance – June 30 FY 2003$676,185$6,552,305 FY 2004$595,022$5,804,224 FY 2005$726,699$5,439,713 FY 2006$963,718$5,032,926 FY 2007$773,725$5,505,291 FY 2008$833,949$5,065,689 FY 2009$853,768$5,572,879 FY 2010 $104,150$5,468,729 (projected) FY 2011 $200,000$5,268,729 (projected)

29 General Fund Overview Expenditures (Debt Service) Recommends General Fund debt service expenditures of $2,517,750

30 General Fund Overview Operations & Maintenance Reduce general operating expenditures Eliminate after-school teen club Eliminate summer concert series Reduce entertainment at July 4 th Celebration Eliminate the fall clean-up Close the recycling center Extend interior painting cycle for town buildings Combine youth services and crime prevention initiatives

31 General Fund Overview Operations & Maintenance Elimination of some events in FY 2011 Big Truck Days National Night Out Senior and Youth Police Academies Neighborhood College

32 General Fund Overview Operations & Maintenance Recommends grant funding for following non-profit organizations: Council for the Arts of Herndon: $18,000 Elden Street Players: $22,000 Herndon Community Television: $74,000 Herndon Dulles Visitors Center: $32,000 Herndon Elementary School: $500 Herndon High School PTSA: $500 Herndon High School Band: $500 Herndon Middle School Band: $500 Kids at Hope: $4,000 Sister Cities International: $500

33 General Fund Overview Capital Equipment Two police vehicles – CMAQ funding Tandem dump truck – CMAQ funding Snow blower – lease/purchase Backhoe – lease/purchase Police communication equipment and radios

34 Personnel – all funds Recommend funding 264 regular positions No new positions Eliminate 13 vacant positions Freeze five vacant positions Freeze two vacant positions for 6 months No market rate adjustment or cost-of-living adjustments No pay-for-performance increases

35 Personnel – all funds Eliminated Positions – General Fund Associate Community InspectorCommunity Development Office Assistant III/Administrative ClerkCommunity Development NaturalistParks and Recreation Office Assistant III (p/t)Parks and Recreation Program Coordinator (Gang Task Force)Police Police OfficerPolice Neighborhood Building InspectorPublic Works Sign/Signal TechnicianPublic Works (Traffic) Utility Equipment Operator IPublic Works (Grounds) Utility Equipment Operator/Truck DriverPublic Works (Refuse) Office Assistant II (p/t)Town Attorney Office Assistant II (p/t)Finance-Water & Sewer Utility Equipment Operator IIWater & Sewer

36 Personnel – all funds Frozen/Unfunded Positions Planner IICommunity Development Senior Accounting TechnicianFinance Police Officer (2 positions)Police Assistant Crew SupervisorPublic Works (Refuse)

37 Personnel – all funds Continue to monitor overtime to essential or emergency needs Freeze educational assistance program 10.1 percent increase on health insurance premiums – shared cost between Town and employees

38 Enterprise Funds Overview Water & Sewer Fund Recommend: $6,418,530 Increase from adopted FY 2010 budget: $156,464 or 2.5%

39 Enterprise Funds Overview Water & Sewer Fund Sewer Service Rate $3.72/1,000 gallons of water consumption Peak rate $1.70/1,000 gallons water consumed in peak range Sewer Lateral Repair and Replacement Program remains at $2/year Sewer Availability Fee Remains at $6,250

40 Enterprise Funds Overview Water & Sewer Fund Water Service Rate $2.90/1,000 gallons of water Water peak rate $3.50/1,000 gallons of water consumed in peak range Water Availability Fee Remains at $4,200

41 Enterprise Funds Overview Water & Sewer Fund Includes $75,000 for sewer main reconstruction Includes $50,000 for water component replacement Includes $30,000 for water meter replacement

42 Enterprise Funds Overview Water & Sewer Fund Includes $241,000 to provide for progress payment to Fairfax County for additional 1 MGD (million gallons/day) water capacity

43 Enterprise Funds Overview Golf Course Fund Recommend: $1,438,850 Decrease from adopted FY 2010 budget: $510,639 or 26.2% All expenses funded through users’ fees - Not taxpayer dollars Rates adopted by Town Council on 3/9/2010

44 Enterprise Funds Overview Chestnut Grove Fund Recommend: $692,040 Decrease from adopted FY 2010 budget: $29,760 or 4.1%

45 Enterprise Funds Overview Downtown Parking Fund Provides $15,150 operations and maintenance of Station Street and James Building surface parking lots and monthly lease payments.

46 Capital Improvements Program General Fund Overview Wood, Oak, Nash, Pearl Improvements – 1M Station Street Improvements – 1.466M Downtown Streets Improvements-Phase 2 - 290k Herndon Parkway Intersections – 500k Dranesville Road Improvements – 450k

47 General Fund Overview Capital Improvements Program Sidewalk Construction Program – 45k Storm Drain Improvements – 25k General Services Vehicles/Equipment - 282k Information Technology - 195k Buildings Major Maintenance – 200k

48 Summary Budget provides for financial and operational efficiencies and effectiveness while reducing cost, but maintaining overall quality of service Continues implementation of 2027 Vision Plan goals and objectives Provides continued capital improvement expenditures to advance capital projects and long term planning initiatives

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