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Rome And the spread of urbanization. Spread of Urbanization

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1 Rome And the spread of urbanization

2 Spread of Urbanization

3 Urban Morphology Urban morphology: or the physical form of the city, which consists of street patterns, building sizes and shapes, architecture and density. We will be looking at urban morphology to learn what is important about various cities. Today we will look at Roman cities.

4 Roman theater

5 Characteristics of Roman Theater Were designed in a half circle – Better sound – Good seat throughout Usually built into a hill

6 Another View

7 Old theater

8 Courtside Seat

9 Leptis Magna

10 Pompeii Theaters

11 Pompeii Theater

12 What do We Have?

13 Pittsburgh

14 Boston

15 Yankee Stadium

16 Amphitheater from Tunisia

17 Characteristics of a Roman Coliseum Amphitheater/Coliseum: two theaters put together. Great seat throughout. Organized seats and gates Spectacular Sports

18 Amphitheater Pompeii

19 What do We Have?

20 Madison Square Garden New York City

21 The Rose Garden

22 Madrid, Spain

23 Bullfight

24 Sevilla, Spain

25 Aqueducts Segovia

26 Roman Aqueduct Characteristics Clean water From a water source outside the city Slight slope

27 Cross-Section of Roman Aqueduct

28 Slope

29 Trevi Fountain

30 What do We Have?

31 Bull Run Reservoir


33 Benson Bubbler

34 Bathhouse

35 Bathhouse Characteristics Gathering/social space Clean water Hot water

36 Bath, England

37 Bathhouse in Pompeii


39 Latrines

40 Characteristics of Latrine Flushes the waste away from the city They used sewers underground Makes the city a more healthy place

41 Another example

42 Africa Latrine

43 Roman Sewer

44 What do We Have?

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