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Navy Encroachment Management Land Trust Alliance Rally Nashville, TN 13 October 2006 Alan F. Zusman, AICP Program Manager AICUZ and Encroachment Management.

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1 Navy Encroachment Management Land Trust Alliance Rally Nashville, TN 13 October 2006 Alan F. Zusman, AICP Program Manager AICUZ and Encroachment Management

2 2 2 CNO Encroachment Management OPNAVINST 11010.40 Establishes Navy-wide policy and guidelines – Roles and Responsibilities – Defines 14 Encroachment Challenges/Potential Mission Impacts Cornerstone of the EAP analysis – Establishes Encroachment Database – Details Encroachment Action Plan (EAP) process and content – Details Encroachment Partnering (EP) program execution – Integrates Navy Range Program (TAP) – Anticipate CNO N4 signature November 06

3 3 3 Encroachment Management Budget Navy OM&N funding: FY 06 - $7.2M FY 07 - $8.5M FY 08 - $8.0M FY 09 - $8.0M FY 10 - $8.0M FY 11 - $8.0M OSD REPI funding for EP (acquisition only) FY06 - - Navy $7.93M FY07 - $40M estimated total for all Services

4 4 4 Encroachment Action Plan Development Encroachment Action Plan (EAP) identifies, quantifies, and provides mitigation strategies for the potential encroachment threats to an installation EAPs delineate short, mid, and long-term strategies to address encroachment threats at that installation The Installation Commander and Regional Commander will use the EAP to request resources to implement the strategies EAP is a far-reaching document that looks beyond traditional planning boundaries (e.g., outside DNL 65, APZs, ESQD arcs, etc) Recommendations need to be specific actions If acquisition is the action, a detailed acquisition plan including maps, estimated costs, and supporting rationale will be generated EAP requires continual monitoring and updating

5 5 5 Encroachment Challenges Urban Growth Airborne noise Competition for airspace, land, and sea space Competition for scarce resources (oil, gas, minerals) Threatened and Endangered Species Maritime issues Ordnance – Unexploded Ordnance/Munitions Safety Arcs Frequency spectrum Air Quality Water Quality Interpretation of Environmental regulations Inter-Agency Coordination Legislative initiatives

6 6 6 Navy EAP List FY05/06 Region Ongoing EAPs (* = completed)RegionOngoing EAPs SouthwestNAS Fallon*SoutheastNAS Kingsville SoutheastNAS JRB Fort Worth*SoutheastNS Mayport SouthwestNAS El CentroSoutheastNAS Whiting Field Mid-AtlanticNSA Norfolk, Northwest Annex WashingtonNSA South Potomac Dahlgren/Indian Head SouthwestNB Ventura CountyWashingtonNAS Pax River SoutheastNAS JRB New Orleans SoutheastNAS Jacksonville (including OLF) SouthwestNAWS China LakeSoutheastNAS Key West SouthwestNAS LemooreNortheastNS Newport SoutheastNAS Corpus ChristiSoutheastNSA Panama City

7 7 7 Navy EAP List FY07/08 RegionFY07RegionFY08 Mid-AtlanticNAES LakehurstGuam NorthwestNAS Whidbey IslandSouthwestNB San Diego HawaiiNS Pearl Harbor, HISoutheastSUBASE Kings Bay SouthwestNS Great LakesSouthwestNB Point Loma MidwestNWS Seal BeachMid-AtlanticNAB Little Creek Mid-AtlanticNS NorfolkSoutheastNAS Meridian HawaiiPMRF Kauai, HIMid-AtlanticNWS Yorktown NorthwestNB KitsapSoutheastCBC Gulfport SouthwestNB CoronadoNortheastSUBASE New London NorthwestNS Everett Mid-AtlanticNAS Oceana, Dam Neck Annex

8 8 8 Encroachment Partnering Objective Navy’s goal is the preservation and sustainment of conditions that are compatible with our Mission and that achieve Operational Assurance………

9 9 9 Encroachment Partnering (EP) Foundation of the program is an active local command effort to work with local, regional, and State conservators as well as local and State agencies; and community leaders to identify partnering opportunities

10 10 Navy Policy Implementing 2684a Does not authorize acquisition for direct support of operations Real estate based acquisition with interest up-front Consider all entities, don’t favor or exclude any entities Programmatic approach to identifying and prioritizing encroachment both current and in foreseeable future Develop planning, prioritization, and funding processes NAVFAC tasked as primary planning and execution authority for identified requirements ASN(I&E) to retain overall policy and approval authority for projects

11 11 EP was created to stop imminent development because MILCON could not react in time – Must find process that increases efficiency and effectiveness Cheaper than MILCON because of cost sharing – Contribution amount depends upon Partner – Any deal less than 100% is a good deal for the Government Must be programmatic through use of IPLs and EAPs Many players involved in EP Planning and Acquisition –NAVFACHQ, FECs, Region, Installation, CNIC, CNO, ASN –RES/BD/ENV/Counsel/CPL from the above organizations Partners have real estate lead for making offers to willing sellers—we’re not in charge! Start EARLY, VERY EARLY!! Lessons Learned

12 12 Navy EP Program FY04 NAS Pensacola, FL with Escambia County (48 Acres) FY05 La Posta MWTR, CA with State and TNC (320 total acres) FY05 OLF Whitehouse, FL with State (1650 acres) FY06 NAS Fallon, NV with County (1000+ acres) * (easements only) FY06 NAS Whiting Field, FL with State (4,000 acres)* FY06 OLF Coupeville, WA with Whidbey Camano Land Trust (35 acres) * Ongoing purchases under multi-year agreement FY07 Potential Continued funding of Fallon and Whiting Field Agreements NAS Whiting Field, FL with County or NGOs (600 acres) (easements) Bugg Spring Acoustic Facility, FL - need partners (60 acres) NAS Meridian Sea Ray Target Range, MS - need partners (100 acres) NB Ventura County, CA with State and CCC (550 acres) NAS Whidbey Island, WA with City and County (15 acres) NAS JRB New Orleans, LA - need partners (1000+ acres) NAES Lakehurst, NJ - need partners (1700+ acres)

13 13 APZ1 CZ APZ2 APZ1 APZ2

14 Encroachment Management Runway 01 Air Traffic Control Tower Air Traffic Control Tower 1.1 Miles.7 Miles.85 Miles Runway 07 BAYOU GRANDE PARCEL AT NAS PENSACOLA, FL


16 16 NAS Fallon Land Use Compatibility Area Land Use Compatibility Area Expand Zoning Buffer Area –@24,000 acres – Natural Growth Corridors – Noise 60dB +/- (to be updated) – APZs (to be updated) – Expansion of R/W 7/25 – Land Ownership – Natural Boundaries Requires County Action BLM/BUR owned

17 17

18 18 75 70 65 OLF Coupeville, WA Whidbey Seed Tree Farm State Route 20 OLF Coupeville Runway 32 Day FCLP Pattern Runway 32 Night FCLP Pattern Rwy 14 Day FCLP Pattern Rwy 14 Night FCLP Pattern Whidbey Seed Tree Farm

19 19 APZ 2 APZ 1 Sewer Line Ends Here Water Line Ends Here Island County - No Urban Density Development of any kind per Washington State Growth Management Act Urban density development required to be within City limits with City sewer, water, police, fire services provided. Boyer Property – Proposed Shopping Ctr. Needs City sewer & water APZ 2 NAS Property City Annexed Area Proposed Self-Storage* Existing Mobile Home Sales* *No City sewer or water needed City of Oak Harbor



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