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Northern Ireland Water QUESTOR Centre, QUB. Introduction: UK Water Industry 25 water companies in England & Wales 12 water and sewerage providers 13 water.

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1 Northern Ireland Water QUESTOR Centre, QUB

2 Introduction: UK Water Industry 25 water companies in England & Wales 12 water and sewerage providers 13 water suppliers Scotland and N Ireland: 1 water and sewerage provider each Water UK Represents the UK water industry at a national and European level Engages with governments, regulators and stakeholders at national and international levels to develop policy ensure provision of a high-quality, value-for-money service

3 Northern Ireland Water NI Water is the trusted and reliable provider of the regions most essential public service Region size, 14,000km 2 Population of region <1.8million NI Water aims to deliver the best quality drinking water to homes treat and dispose of wastewater safely: essential for protection of public health and the environment

4 The service – water supply Water Supply must comply with standards laid out in European Union, UK and Northern Ireland legislation The Drinking Water Inspectorate – an arm of the Northern Ireland Environment Agency - independently audits quality of drinking water in N Ireland

5 The service - wastewater Water is discharged from water treatment works wastewater treatment works combined sewer overflows on sewerage systems emergency overflows from sewage pumping stations This is regulated by the Water Regulation Section of the Northern Ireland Environment Agency

6 Investment in Water Industry Acute underinvestment in water and sewerage systems in N Ireland has led to: Sewer flooding Water mains leakage Impact on quality of wastewater & drinking water Plans to invest £778 million in water and wastewater infrastructure by 2010 £174m in water treatment & storage facilities £614m in wastewater collection & treatment systems

7 Storm water Management – Belfast Sewers Project City of Belfast has a Victorian sewerage and storm water system, resulting in: Regular flooding Pollution of low-lying areas Pollution of River Lagan A long-term solution for water management is essential to enable growth and improvement of the city centre and its suburbs Belfast is one of the fastest growing regional economies in the UK

8 Belfast Sewers Project £120m investment project to improve water quality in the River Lagan and other smaller watercourses reduce risk of flooding in the inner city rehabilitate and upgrade sewer network to ensure compliance with EU environmental legislative standards Scheduled for completion in early 2010

9 How? Scheme will manage up to 4 million gallons of wastewater along 1800km of sewers, impacting a population of 276,459 1. Sewer Rehabilitation Works 500 sewers in poor condition will be upgraded using state of the art low dig and no dig technology 2. Storm water Management Works A new storm water tunnel: length 9.4 km, diameter up to 4m 19km of new sewers and 26 new storm water tanks

10 Implementation Will take almost 7 years to complete: 2004-2011 Community communications programme Inform people well in advance of when work is expected in their area and how they might be affected Will employ a combination of traditional and modern trenchless technology to lay new sewers or rehabilitate old sewers. Tunnel Boring Machine – state of the art technology to bore a new storm water tunnel 34m underground Construction of new storm water tanks

11 Sewer laying: Traditional open-cut technology The new sewer is laid with contractor excavating down from surface to lay the pipe.

12 Sewer laying/ rehabilitation: Modern trenchless technology A bursting head is inserted to the existing sewer via an access pit which the contractor excavates from the surface. The pipe is attached to the bursting head and is pulled along the existing sewer from one access pit to another.

13 Sewer rehabilitation: Cured in Place A liner is pulled in from one manhole (utility hole), along the sewer to the next manhole. The liner is hardened (by UV rays or hot water), and a robot sent up the pipe to cut open existing feeds to the pipe.

14 Tunnel Boring Machine (TMB) TBM is 90m long Can cut through the toughest rock and sediment with its ripper teeth and disc cutters on the cutter head Can move 150mm per minute at full capacity Operates 34m below ground – progress is monitored by laser guidance and onboard computer controls

15 Tunnel Major road River Lagan Vertical Shaft ( storm water connections & access)

16 Terminal Pumping Station Currently under construction over 30m below surface level at an existing waterworks site Due for completion shortly, it will be capable of pumping 18,200 litres of water per second Regulate flow to existing wastewater treatment works Transfer excess water to storm screens for treatment and discharge

17 Benefits of Project Improved water quality of River Lagan and other watercourses Pollutant load will be reduced by 85% Potential for flooding in city will be reduced Compliance with the rigorous Urban Wastewater Treatment Directive Inward investment to the city will enhance tourism, create a cleaner environment and will facilitate urban regeneration

18 Other Investment Projects Water Mains Project (£80 million) Improvement of over 1000km of existing water mains throughout N Ireland North Coast Wastewater Treatment Scheme (£45 million) Wastewater from urban areas will be collected and transferred to a new 2-stage treatment works for treatment to a much higher standard before discharge through new long sea outfall point Alpha Project Upgrading existing water treatment facilities at sites representing 50% of the regions water production centres

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