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Municipal Service Review Ukiah Valley Special Districts February 4, 2013 Prepared by: E Mulberg & Associates P.O. Box 582931 Elk Grove, CA 95758 916.217.8393.

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1 Municipal Service Review Ukiah Valley Special Districts February 4, 2013 Prepared by: E Mulberg & Associates P.O. Box 582931 Elk Grove, CA 95758 916.217.8393

2 Ukiah Valley Special Districts Single Service Districts –Ukiah Valley Fire District –Ukiah Valley Sanitation District –Millview County Water District –Potter Valley Irrigation District –Redwood Valley County Water District –Russian River Flood Control and Water Conservation Improvement District (RRFC) –Willow County Water District Dual Service Districts –Calpella County Water District –Hopland Public Utility District

3 Ukiah Valley Special Districts

4 Sources Budgets, Audits Department Questionnaires District Web Pages, Staff Reports Planning Documents – Gen Plan, UVAP, UWMP, SMP, FPESMP MCOG, DOF, OPR, CIWMB, US Census Personal Communication - District Staff

5 Municipal Service Review Process Government Code Section 56430(a) 1.Growth and population projections. 2.Disadvantaged Unincorporated Communities 3.Present and planned capacity of public facilities. 4.Financial ability of agencies to provide services. 5.Status of and opportunities for shared facilities. 6.Governmental structure, accountability for community 7. LAFCO policies that may affect service delivery

6 Growth and Population Population 2013 Population 2020 Growth Rate Ukiah Valley Fire District 14,76415,9451 Ukiah Valley Sanitation District 16,05916,7000.5 Ukiah Valley Sanitation District SOI 5,4785,9001 Millview CWD 3,2373,4961 Potter Valley Irrigation District 1,700 0 Redwood Valley CWD 2,8263,0521 RRFC 33,30036,0001 Willow CWD 3,7604,2001 Calpella CWD 6797301 Hopland PUD 7568301

7 Disadvantaged Unincorporated Communities Definition 10 dwelling units Fringe, Island, or Legacy community –Fringe community lies within the City’s sphere –Island community surrounded by one or more cities –Legacy community is isolated and existed for 50 yrs Median household income 80% of statewide median income.

8 Disadvantage Unincorporated Communities in the Ukiah Valley Location Median Household Income Percent Of Median California Household Income Of $57,708 Nearby Districts Calpella$53,72593 UVFD, MCWD, RWVCWD Redwood Valley$53,56393 UVFD, RRFC, CCWD Hopland$44,70077 UVFD,WCWD Talmage$24,94843 UVSD

9 Capacity No additional capacity – moratorium –Milliview CWD –Potter Valley Irrigation District –Redwood Valley CWD –Calpella CWD Capacity Available –Ukiah Valley Fire District - 100 calls for service –Ukiah Valley Sanitation District - 1061 ESSU –RRFC - 1400 AF –Willow CWD - 700 AF normal/400 AF dry –Hopland PUD – 50 AF water, 100 sewer

10 Financial Annual Revenues ($1000’s)

11 Shared Facilities Offices at151 Laws Avenue –Willow CWD –RRFC –Millview CWD –Calpella CWD –Hopland CWD –Ukiah Valley Sanitation District –Ukiah Valley Fire District ( S. State & Laws Ave)

12 Governance & Accountability DistrictMeets Director CompensationStaffingWebsite UVFD2nd Wednone7FT 29 Volno UVSD3rd Thurs$255 PTyes MCWD3rd Wed$25 max $1504no PVID3rd Wednone4yes RVCWD3rd Thurs$25 max $1505 FT 1 PTyes RRFC2nd Wed$50/ mtg1yes WCWD2nd Mon$255 FTno CCWD2nd Wed$40 max $800no HPUD2nd Thurs$84.400no

13 Ukiah Valley Fire District 3 Stations – South, North, Talmage Staff - 7 FT 29 Volunteers Calls - 800-950/yr Ave Response Time – 4 min ISO Rating - 4

14 Ukiah Valley Fire District FY 12/13 Budget $889,000 RevenuesExpenses

15 Ukiah Valley Fire District Key Issues Consolidation with City of Ukiah Fire Dept - Automatic Aid Agreement - Common Dispatch Center (effective 3/13) -Paid call – volunteers receive a stipend -Shared personnel -Shared facilities and equipment

16 Ukiah Valley Sanitation District Year (March) UVSD Inside City ESSUs UVSD Outside City ESSUs Total UVSD ESSUs 20082,765.002,876.305,641.30 20092,766.672,877.735,644.40 20102,775.512,877.965,653.47

17 Ukiah Valley Sanitation District 1995 Participation Agreement 1.Annual costs split based on ESSUs 2.City owns, operates, maintains the treatment plant 3.City or District may connect to sewer system 4.City maintains, operates, repairs District’s sewer system

18 Ukiah Valley Sanitation District 1995 Participation Agreement 5. District responsible for administration of its system 6.District establishes service fees, connection charges, capacity fees for District customers 7.District establishes fees to reimburse the City for permits and inspection 8.Term of agreement 30 years

19 Ukiah Valley Sanitation District 1995 Participation Agreement 1999 amendment 1 City and District will meet to approve the budget. 2004 Amendment 2- Agreed to upgrade capacity of WWTP by 2400 ESSUs – City to get 35% District 65% 1,061 ESSUs available Jan 2012

20 Ukiah Valley Sanitation District Sphere of Influence Present and Planned Land Use - rural residential or suburban residential, some industrial Present and Probable Need for Services - no sewer services in proposed sphere all development on septic Present Capacity - 1,061 ESSUs available to 1223 parcels in proposed sphere

21 Ukiah Valley Sanitation District Sphere of Influence Social or Economic Communities of Interest - Calpella, Hopland, Talmage Present and Probable Need to Disadvantaged Communities - Proposed SOI includes Talmage

22 Millview CWD Connections1,568 Demand 2010 1787 Supply Surface water rights 1522 Lake Mendocino (normal) 1520 Total Normal 3042 Lake Mendocino (dry) 1140 Total Dry 2665

23 Milliview CWD CDO will reduce supply by 785 AF If upheld difficulty supplying water in 2020 and beyond

24 Millview CWD FY07/08FY08/09FY09/10FY10/11FY11/12 Total Income$688,363$772,750$860,790$1,043,795$1,055,470 Total Expenses $406,544$496,159$392,992$366,874$382,800 Net Ordinary Income ($205,077)($197,043)$27,744$134,566$129,553

25 Millview CWD Rates 1” meter$33.46 Surcharge /1000 Gallons operations and maintenance $ 1.92 capital improvements$ 1.50

26 Potter Valley Irrigation District Total Area 6963.97 acres Total Acres Being Irrigated 4,727.84 Number of landowners in district 276 Water Customer accounts 260

27 Potter Valley Irrigation District Revenue Sources

28 Potter Valley Irrigation District Average annual demand is 16,588 AF Normal year supply of 22,670 Dry year supply reduced more than 50%. Uncertainty led to self imposed moratorium through 2022

29 Redwood Valley CWD 1335 Total Connections 1135 Residential 200 Agricultural 5470 acres

30 Redwood Valley CWD Annual Demand 750 AF Domestic 1,450 AF Irrigation 2,200 AF Total Supply 4,900 AF if stream flow >150 cfs And Lake Mendocino storage> 72,000 AF 70 days wet yrs 2 days dry yrs Purchase Surplus Water from RRFC

31 Redwood Valley CWD Issues Moratorium Consolidation With RRFC

32 Russian River Flood Control and Water Conservation Improvement District AGENCY CONTRACT (AF) City of Ukiah800 Willow CWD515 Millview CWD970 Calpella CWD51 Rogina Water Company 400 Hopland PUD a 192 Agricultural b 3,793 Sub Total Non- Ag2,797 Grand Total6,590 Total Supply Available8,000 Notes: Not located in the UVA a-Includes agricultural users not in the UVA b-The difference between the allocated supply and the maximum quantity available (8,000 acre-feet) is considered surplus to the needs of the RRFC water contractors and has historically been sold to the Redwood Valley County Water District. Source: Mendocino County Water Agency, 2010. White, 2013

33 RRFC Issues Revenue sources – 10% Property tax 90% Water Sales Consolidation with RVCWD

34 Willow County Water District 2760 Acres 1135 Connections –990 Residential – 60 Commercial – 85 Residential in City Management Contracts –Calpella CWD – Hopland CWD

35 Willow CWD SCENARIO20102015202020252030 Demand (no 20X20 conservation) 1 1,3011,4511,6021,7521,904 2004 Production1,210 Normal/Single Dry Year Supply Lake Mendocino515 Surface Water Rights2,166 Totals2,681 Extended/Critical Dry Year Supply Lake Mendocino386 Surface Water Rights1,922 Totals2,308

36 Willow CWD Revenue Sources

37 Calpella County Water District Services- Water & Sewer Area – 1297 acres Connections 140 residential water 25 commercial water 103 sewer Out of Area Service Agreement – 46 parcels, potable water Under Moratorium

38 Calpella CWD Water Supply and Demand 20102015202020252030 Water Demands No conservation 140175210243279 With conservation 112140168194.4223.2 Water Supply Normal/Single Dry Year Lake Mendocino 51 Groundwater 40 Totals: 91 Extended/Critical Dry Year Lake Mendocino 38 Groundwater 40 Totals: 78 Source: Mendocino County Water Agency 2010

39 Calpella CWD Sewer 103 Connections Capacity 80,000 gal/day 2007 Average Daily Flow Rate 32,000 gal/day Has Capacity for 100 more connections

40 Calpella CWD Revenue Sources

41 Hopland PUD Services- Water & Sewer Connections 350 water 303 sewer No Water Rights Purchases up to 400 AF from RRFC Storage Capacity 800,000 (half summer supply)

42 Hopland Revenue Sources

43 Hopland PUD 2011/ 2012 2010/ 2011 2009/ 2010 2008/ 2009 Total Operating Revenue $487,693$522,228$535,208$511,163 Total Operating Expenses 456,759431,103492,813496,631 Operating Income30,93491,12542,39514,532 Interest expense(62,586)(64,314)(62,172)(72,059) Total Non- Operating Revenues (Expenses) (58,149)(53,526)(100,974)(81,164) Net Income (Loss)$(27,215)$37,599$(58,579)$(66,632)

44 Recommendations Annexations OASA in Central Ave. Calpella Consolidations Calpella CWD, Hopland PUD and Willow CWD Redwood Valley CWD and RRFC UVSD ESSUs in SOI Area in City limits Websites

45 Acknowledgements District Staff LAFCO Committee

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