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Diagnosing a Clogged Sewer Line Tel:(914) 930-4968

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1 Diagnosing a Clogged Sewer Line Tel:(914) 930-4968 E-mail:

2 In Westchester and Putnam County, septic system repair can be done by a licensed septic contractor like Dom Santucci. For 35 years, Dom Santucci and Santucci Construction Corp. have been serving the communities as a premier excavation and septic contractor.septic system repair

3 A sewer line is the primary drain that carries household waste to a septic tank. If the sewer line becomes clogged, then the waste may back up into your sinks and toilets.drain

4 Sewer Line Clogs Debris formed by flushing sanitary napkins, food and other waste can clog a sewer line. Tree roots can grow large, and block a sewer line. Eventually debris collects over this area, which worsens the problem.

5 Diagnosing the Sewer Line Problems

6 Miniature Camera It is possible to inspect inside a sewer pipe using a miniature camera. This can reveal the location of the clog.

7 Sink Auger The professionals use a tool similar to a sink auger, but it is power assisted and clears sewer blockages. Sewer line clogs are also removed using jets of high pressure water to wash away debris.

8 Copper Sulphate Professionals suggest using chemicals to control tree roots. Flush copper sulphate down the toilet to kill tree roots. The roots eventually decompose, but it may take weeks or months for them to wash away. This may not be allowed in some areas, as copper sulphate can damage the useful decomposing bacteria in a septic system.

9 Contact a Sewer Line Repair Service Contact a professional sewer line repair service to have your sewer line problems diagnosed. Contact For sewer line repair in Putnam, call Santucci Construction Corp.Santucci Construction Corp.

10 Contact Us: Santucci Construction Corp. Sewer Line Repair Service Tel:(914) 930-4968 Fax: (914) 737-1334 Add: 15 Travis Lane Montrose, NY 10548 E-Mail:

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