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Society of Environmental Journalists October 20, 2012 Recycling: It is just the right thing to do! West Basin Municipal Water District Coastal Los Angeles.

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1 Society of Environmental Journalists October 20, 2012 Recycling: It is just the right thing to do! West Basin Municipal Water District Coastal Los Angeles

2 Definition of Terms POTABLE: Your drinking water NONPOTABLE: Irrigation/industrial INDIRECT: Purified sewer water into groundwater or reservoir before pipes DIRECT: Purified sewer water in your pipes

3 Talk Provided by West Basin Not ordinary water district Started conservation & recycling over decade ago & Industry leader in both Wholesale imported & recycled water provider to 1 million people in 17 cities enough fill Rose Bowl 850 times each year 5 Customer Commitments 1. Water Reliability 2. Water Quality 3. Sound Financial and Resource Management 4.Customer Service 5. Environmental Stewardship

4 Have some good news and some bad news! Old Water Industry Saying….

5 Good News…. You are drinking purified sewer water! Old Water Saying….

6 Bad News…. We are going to run out! Old Water Saying….

7 All water is reused Unplanned reuse going on around world & in U.S. (Colorado River, Mississippi River, etc.) Purity of recycled water matched to its use It is not important where the water came from, but what is done to it to purify or treat it Water industry can purify any water source, actually faster & better than Mother Nature We can easily make water that is too pure to drink Reusing water is environmentally good and is the right thing to do Basic Reuse Facts

8 1962 LA Montebello Groundwater Recharge* 1970’s Orange County WD’s Water Factory 21 * 1990’s West Basin’s facility’s 5 types of designer waters* 2008 Orange County WD’s new Groundwater Replenishment System *Public probably not aware of reuse Some CA Reuse Indirect Potable Success Stories

9 Only public water agency in world that makes 5 different types “designer” waters from sewer water Irrigation water Cooling tower water High Pressure Boiler Feed Water Low Pressure Boiler Feed Water Seawater Intrusion Barrier and Groundwater Replenishment Water Since 1995 have produced 130 billion gallons, serve 370 sites West Basin’s Program Unique Recycling Program

10 120 miles of purple pipe; current (pink), proposed pipe system (blue) Mix of customers: Chevron, bp, Exxon Mobile, Goodyear, Honda Sports Center, Cal State Dominquez Hills, Honda & Toyota office buildings, power plant, fire stations, many schools, cities, parks, golf courses, etc. West Basin’s System & Customers

11 Must build & constantly expand purification plant & purple piping system as add new customers Must meet water quality requirements to keep many customers happy Great for new developments, harder to retrofit old areas Groundwater replenishment easy compared to providing other 4 types of water Direct Non-potable Recycling Is Challenging

12 Expanding indirect potable reuse Purifying sewer water & putting in aquifers or reservoirs Socal leader in this – West Basin MWD & Orange County WD OCWD helped Singapore and Australia get started Based on OC and West Basin success, indirect potable projects starting again in LA and SD Future of Water Reuse: More Indirect Potable Reuse

13 Moving toward direct potable Need direct potable to reach large volume recycling & add drinking water Four things we must do: Get CA legislation changed to not have purified sewer water as “waste” Need improved online water quality instruments for “real time” testing Develop a store, test and release system More public outreach/education Future of Water Reuse: Moving Toward Direct Potable

14 We have the purification technology, we need to educate the public People do not know about water, where it comes from, that future supplies are challenged, why we need for reuse, etc. Older projects just came on line with no public outreach or knowledge (Water Factory 21 in OC, Montebello LA & others) Several newer projects stopped by public in SD, LA, Dublin, CA, Redwood City, CA, Australia (Toowoomba, Queensland) Future of Water Reuse: Outreach Is the Key

15 New projects must be open and transparent Orange County Water District & West Basin are successful U.S. outreach models Focus on to leaders Need face-to-face talks Show alternatives, why reuse best Have long list of benefits Ask for written support Proactive, seek out minorities, media & environmental groups Have great water quality data & messages Have list of health & medical supporters Have people “taste” the water How To Do Outreach Right

16 Need national water and water reuse education campaign Need to have capability to bottle recycled drinking water for education & tasting purposes (Had to use Singapore’s New Water bottles to sell the Groundwater Replenishment System in OC) More stories about purification plants, need for indirect, direct potable reuse Environmental groups should be more active in educating public about need for indirect and direct potable reuse Need More Outreach Help

17 Conservation, ocean desal & sewer water reuse are new sources of water, of theses, currently can only drink ocean desal water Direct drinking of sewer water will happen Drinking ocean water will increase Need more water quality research, i.e. pharmaceuticals Need national push on reuse & national leadership on water policy For now, water industry will continue to be driving force of more reuse Some Big Picture Thoughts: What’s Ahead?

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