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1 Launch of Development & Construction Manual Launch Shepparton 2 May 2007 Broadford 9 May 2007 1.

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1 1 Launch of Development & Construction Manual Launch Shepparton 2 May 2007 Broadford 9 May 2007 1

2 2 INTRODUCTION TO DEVELOPMENT & CONSTRUCTION MANUAL Les Goudie – Manager Network Planning & Development Welcome Introduction to the Manual Benefits for developers, consultants & GVW GVW expectations of consultants & contractors

3 3 Development & Construction Manual Steven Nash & Ignatius Alampi Manual comprises of –Melbourne Retail Water Agencies (MRWA) water supply & sewerage codes –Goulburn Valley Water (GVW) supplements to the MRWA codes –GVW sewage pump station design manual –Standard proformas and operating instructions –Construction Agreements –Process flowchart

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5 5 MRWA Water Supply & Sewerage Codes GVW is using the MRWA edition of the Water Services Association of Australia (WSAA) Water Supply and Sewerage Codes These codes replace Goulburn Valley Water and Water Industry Technical Standard (WITS) codes Available from WSAA Victoria GVW will review any new versions Advise upon acceptance and update Manual as required

6 6 Water Changes from previous standards −All mains to be looped in court ends −Water mains up to and including 300mm diameter allowed in PVC −Cover reduced as per MRWA DICL pipe under roads still required Pipe material accepted −Refer to Water Services Association of Australia (WSAA) technical selection chart −OPVC, uPVC, MPVC, PE, DICL −To be a minimum of Class 12 and stiffness of 10,000Nm

7 7 Sewerage Changes from previous GVW Standards −PVC sewers allowable in all residential areas (including Shepparton) −CCTV inspection of all new sewers −Marker tape required above all sewer rising mains −Max length of property drain 10m Variations from MRWA –1.0m clearance required from outside pipe to boundary and/or easement –Maintenance Shafts are not approved

8 8 Sewage Pump Stations Changes from previous GVW Standards −Minimum internal diameter of 2m −PE for discharge pipe work −No light weight or thin walled fittings −New permanent hand rail system −Flow meters on all distribution pump stations

9 9 Feasibility Reports Project Initiation to GVW To be completed in accordance with pro-forma Need to include justification for any GVW contributions to project costs and GVW is to be treated as a client Common omissions –Developers name for the Deed of Agreement –Overall Servicing Strategy plan –Plan of Subdivision –GVW Contributions Need to keep GVW informed of tenders, variations and extras for expenditure relating to GVW contributions

10 10 Process Certification forms updated and now include –Reference to new codes –CCTV inspection details GVW requires adequate time to process and arrange inspections, where required, for –Feasibility Reports –Preconstruction –Water main shutdown –Confined Space Entry –Preliminary Acceptance CCTV tapes/report to be provided Justification report of GVW expenditure, if required

11 11 Construction – Water Peter French Water assets to be constructed in accordance with MRWA Water Code and GVW’s supplement Common Non-Conformances –Unsupported hydrant and valve covers –Inadequate anchor and thrust blocks (concrete preferred) –Hydrant & valve marker posts Not installed correctly Offsets not clearly painted onto posts (80mm high) Non approved marker posts used (Note: GVW valve marker posts are black rather than MRWA blue) –No corrosion protection applied to Flanges & Gibaults

12 12 Construction – Water AC Handling –Ensure contractors are meeting Workcover requirements –Submit form to Workcover as required. Form to be submitted to Goulburn Valley Water also Connections (cut ins) under pressure are preferred

13 13 Construction – Sewer Sewer assets to be constructed in accordance with MRWA Sewer Code and GVW’s supplement Common Non Conformances –Poorly constructed maintenance hole bases –Step irons installed incorrectly (first step should be between 500-600mm from top of maintenance hole) –Maintenance hole covers overfilled with concrete (should be installed in accordance with manufacturers requirements and key holes left clear) –Properly constructed jump-ups chased into the trench wall to allow compaction next to the connections Channel Baskets must be used to catch debris Confined space notice to be submitted to GVW prior to entry into a live Authority sewer

14 14 Endorsement of Designs Steven Nash & Ignatius Alampi Design Plan –Pipe material and class –Offsets from boundaries –GVW endorsement template –Reference to correct standards/codes (MWRA edition, GVW supplements) –Other civil infrastructure (SWD, roads, etc) –Fittings clearly labelled –Plans produced to reasonable size e.g. text legible –3 copies

15 15 Preliminary & Final Acceptance GVW may audit the site upon request by the consultant for Preliminary & Final Acceptance Consultant is expected to have visited the site Joint inspections are encouraged GVW frequently receives requests directly from developers for compliance immediately upon submission of documents for Preliminary & Final Acceptance Consultants to inform clients on status of projects

16 16 Preliminary & Final Acceptance Preliminary Acceptance Issues –Sewer – CCTV Inspection report to be included after review by consultant –Actual costs –Justification, documentation for GVW contributions

17 17 Trench Backfill Damien Byrne – BM Consulting Methods of compaction Difference between standard & modified compaction testing Optimum moisture content Watering in

18 18 GVW encourage feedback and comments from industry, particularly consultants & contractors who use the documents The Development & Construction Manual is available on the GVW web page Water and Sewer Codes are available from WSAA Victoria Advice to consultants & contractors via email of updates and important information Summary

19 19 Discussion & Questions

20 20 Thankyou for your attendance

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