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Eradicating Estuary Pollution Presentation to Section 80 Committee. November 2012.

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1 Eradicating Estuary Pollution Presentation to Section 80 Committee. November 2012.

2 Regular monthly testing at culverts and places where river systems enter the estuary indicate consistently high E. Coli counts. System is flushed by the tides daily so, while we cannot allow the current situation to continue, it is not too late for remedial action. How do we know there is a problem?

3 Failure to capture pollutants (human and animal faeces, carcasses of dead animals and other solid waste) in the upper parts of the catchment; Inadequate infrastructure to manage waste in the sewer system between upper catchment and sewage works; Inadequate and outdated sewage works; Massive ingress of storm water into sewers exacerbating infrastructure problems; Ingress of other materials that cause blockages; Inadequate systems to manage problems. Main Sources of Pollution

4 Control What Goes into Rivers and Storm Water Interventions Build communal toilets in informal areas Improve solid waste collection and removal systems Clean river banks Plumbing tests at low cost housing developments Audit of connections (fine and monitor transgressors) Keep what should not be in the river and storm water systems out of them

5 Control What Goes into the Sewers Interventions Storm water master plan Public campaign to sensitise public Audit of connections (fine and monitor transgressors) Facilitate processing of fat from fat traps Keep what should not be in the sewers out of them

6 Fix the Infrastructure Interventions R40 million upgrade to sewage works Remedial works to aging sewers and storm water pipes New bigger main line across town Upgrade critical pump stations Install overflow chambers Replace and upgrade the parts of the infrastructure that are critical

7 Improve Control Systems Interventions Regularly clear and inspect servitudes and sewer lines and check chambers Enhance telemetry systems Dedicated staff to monitor telemetry system Install level sensors and alarms Risk assessment on sewage works upgrade and operations with standard procedures Improve incident reporting Avoid problems where possible and find out about them and deal with them quickly when they happen

8 Mitigate where necessary Interventions Clean the sludge away from area next to George Rex Drive Establish floating wetlands Establish mushroom beds Carefully balanced chlorination of rivers and storm water outfalls Screening of Storm water outfalls Use chemical and biological systems to purify the water going into the estuary

9 Item Priority Number: Details:Estimated CostTime Frames Responsible Department Sludge removal Remove remaining sludge in Eastern wetland at George Rex Drive. R 30 000-00-once off. Process complete by end of November 2012. Environmental Management River Health Programme Monthly River clean-ups R 115 200-00 p.a. From 15/11/12 onwards. Continuous. Monthly. Environmental Management Solid Waste Weekly Collection of waste. Will form part of the weekly operational items of Solid Waste Management. From 12 November 2012. Continuous on a weekly basis. Solid Waste Chlorination Chlorinating storm water and River systems R50 000-00 p.a Programe started 20 December 2011. Environmental Management. Floating Wetlands Install permanent floating wetlandsR50 000-00-once off:Wetlands in place by end of February 2013. Environmental Management Funded Projects

10 Item Priority Number: Details:Estimated CostTime Frames Responsible Department Myco-Filtration (Mushroom system) Experiment with myco filtration.R50 000-00-once off: Systems in place by end of December 2012. Environmental Management Cleaning of fat traps. All fat traps in the CBD area from restaurants, butcheries etc Call for Proposals. To be financed by successful bidder. Call for proposal advertised by mid January 2013 Town Planning Sewer House Connections Check all properties for illegal connections (sewer to storm water and storm water to sewer). Issue a R300 000-00 tender. Tender advertised by mid January 2013 Town Planning ToiletsInstall communal water-borne toilets in northern areas R8 680 131-00 (project has started already). Complete by end June 2013 Integrated Human Settlements Funded Projects

11 Item Priority Number:Details:Estimated CostTime Frames Responsible Department Upgrade Knysna Sewer Works (Phase 1) Mechanical, Electrical and Sludge Dewatering Equipment R11 403 000-00 (Mechanical, Electrical) R7 685 000-00 (Sludge Dewatering) Mechanical and electrical commissioned by December 2012. Sludge dewatering by May 2013 Water and Sewer Department Concordia Sawmill Bulk Services Create capacity in Heron’s Way R900 000-00Commissioned by June 2013 Water and Sewer Department Telemetry SystemService SystemR55 000-00 Initial Service Contract complete end November 2012 Water and Sewer Department Upgrade Under Milkwood Drive Pumpstation Repair pipework and panel R150 000-00 Commissioned by end November 2012 Water and Sewer Department Upgrade Pumpstations in Northern Areas Pipework and GuiderailsR 150 000-00 Commissioned by end 30 November 2012 Water and Sewer Department Totals R29 618 331-00 Shortfall:R380 000.00 Funded Projects

12 Still to Be Funded Projects

13 A)That Council notes the contents of the report as well the report from the consultants, Royal Haskoning DHV (SSI); B)That Council makes an in principle commitment, subject to the availability of funding, to commit the required resources to the extent of at least R38 299 043.00 over the next 5 years to the permanent reduction of pollution in the estuary to within acceptable norms. C)That Council instructs the Municipal manager to include all the items in projects in table 2 in the Draft Medium Term Revenue and Expenditure Framework starting from the 2013-2014 financial year; Recommendations

14 D)That Council instructs the Municipal Manager to include the projects in the draft adjustment budget for 2012-2013 to cover the projects shortfall of R380 000.00 for the current year; this shortfall to be financed from either additional operating revenues identified during the Adjustments Budget or, should additional revenues not be available, then savings be identified within other operating projects and/or repairs and maintenance; and that Council commits itself to support this element of the Adjustments Budget; E)That Council supports the call for proposals for the cleaning of fat traps in the CBD Recommendations (Continued)

15 F)That Council supports the investigations into the relocation of the Knysna Waste Water Treatment Works; G)That council mandates the Municipal Manager to apply to the following institutions for further funding: The Department of Human Settlements; The Danish International Development Agency, Department of Water Affairs, Department of Environmental Affairs and any other available source of funding for the projects. Recommendations (Continued)

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