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WELCOMES ALL OF YOU Gen-XD : An Excise Software Now No more Exercise on Excise!

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2 WELCOMES ALL OF YOU Gen-XD : An Excise Software Now No more Exercise on Excise!

3 INDEX Section-IMasterManages clients entire data with all exhaustive details such as Client, Range, Other Master, Commodity, Sender/Receiver and MIS Report. Section-IIInvoice  Manufacturers’ Invoice.  Dealer’s Invoice. Section-IIIForms  Registration  Form A-2  Declaration form  Apply for New Code  Form B-2  Surrender of RC  ER-1 to ER-8  Dealer’s Return, etc. Section-IVRegisters  RG-I  RG-23A (Part-I&II)  RG-23C (Part-I&II)  RG-23D  PLA (Personal Ledger Account). Section-VE-FillingER-1 to ER-8, Dealer’s Return, etc. Section-VILibraryAll chapter with in depth Description of Commodities and their respective rates of Excise Duty. Section-VIIBlank formsRegistration, Form A-2,Declaration form, Apply for New Code, Form B-2, Surrender of RC,ER-1 to ER-8,Dealer’s Return etc. Section-VIIIToolsOnline Connection, Return Information, Backup, Restore, About Us and Settings (Invoice and Rates of taxes).


5 First of all Select the period by using change current setting:

6 2) Locate the ‘Range’ for Excise Jurisdiction 1) ‘Create’ a client master Section-I : Masters

7 4) ‘Commodity Master’ to add kind of goods used in manufacturing. 3) ‘Other Master’ to add any of additional details

8 6) ‘MIS’ Report for Due dates of returns 5) ‘Sender/Receiver’s details

9 Section-II : Invoice Invoice formatInvoice details

10 Section-III : Forms Prefilled formatClick on desired form/return

11 Prefilled formatReturn ER -1

12 Section-IV : Registers Prefilled formatClick on desired Register

13 Insert Details of Monthly Records Maintain all Statutory Registers

14 Insert details in Daily Stock Register(RG-1) Directly Import From Daily Stock Register(RG-1)

15 Easy Import Of Dealer Return

16 CBEC Excel Template : Difficult to fill as it only has manual data feeding option, where as

17 Single Excel for Invoice and Document details with validation check:

18 Import form the excel and generate the Template or XML file directly:

19 Generate XML file and its ready to upload!

20 Section-V : E-Filling Direct Login to ACESQuick generation of XML

21 Section : VI Library - To find goods with rate of Excise duty.

22 Section-VII : Blank forms

23 Section-VIII : Tools Connection

24 Return Information with purpose of filling and due dates:

25 Tools (Backup and Restoration of data)

26 Why Purchase XD-Excise? Now e-filling is mandatory for all kind of assesses so a solution is required. There is No such type of solution available in the market and if available its some single purpose specific application, not easy to be used by every excise dealer, manufacturer, etc. In-house excise experts & Domain consultants. Sound technical and professional support as always from our side. Very user friendly software to work with. No need to learn complex excise rules, regulations and computation requirements. Single click data Import facility from Registers to Returns. Easy check on available Inventory. Direct Login for ACES site and security of data. Available at low cost.

27 Who can be our prospective customers? Manufactures (Medium-Small- Micro Enterprises) Excise Dealers Chartered Accountants Excise Tax practitioners Direct production companies/houses.

28 Thank you for your Valuable time. We assure you the best Services. Also contact for OUTSOURCING work by Our Professionals. SOFT SOLUTIONS 608,6th floor,Taramandal Complex, Saifabad,Hyderabad-500 001 Ph.040-65514500,Cell.09348587878

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