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SISFin and the HR Portal. Click Select an Account to explore in either module The Fund Accounts and Budget Preparation modules are much the same.

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1 SISFin and the HR Portal


3 Click


5 Select an Account to explore in either module The Fund Accounts and Budget Preparation modules are much the same – differing only in the fields available --- Budget Prep is more Budget Stage and Revision oriented than the Fund Accounts area, which is current-activity oriented.

6 By double-clicking the account, it is possible to explore account activity information, current and last year month-totals, a ledger of all transactions in that account for the fiscal year, all POs, all Invoices, and Projected Balance information, as well as Memos on the account and on any Revisions made to the account by clicking on the folder tabs across the top of the screen.

7 Our Budget Analysis module offers all district-wide reports, balance sheet, cash flow, etc., as well as the Payroll Budgeting tool available via the Salary-Benefit and Pay Schedule reports. Most reports and tools can be accessed through the Menus at the top of the screen, or using the buttons you see here.

8 The Vendor module houses all information about district vendors – addresses, remit-to addresses, contact names and numbers, payment information (total and 1099), as well as PO and Invoice information. The grid can be formatted to print as a report, choosing fields to display and saving the report for future use. Each line in the grid is clickable, allowing access to each vendor record.

9 Through the Accounts Payable module, users create Purchase Orders to encumber funds, create invoices to pay the bills, write their AP and payroll-generated vendor checks, and reconcile statements from the various district- held bank accounts with SISFin’s bank reconciliation screen. For our button-pushers, main activities have buttons on-screen, and for those who prefer a menu-driven system, the menus at the top provide that option. The Vendor Information module is also available through the Accounts Payable menus and buttons.

10 Through a menu/button driven system identical to our other modules (for ease of learning the app), the Activity Clubs module provides a way for the district to track activity receipts and expenditures while painlessly tying them to the district’s expenditure and revenue account items.

11 SISFin’s HR Portal

12 District Name appears here

13 HR Portal The Portal is intended for use only by districts who are using the SQL Server version of SISFin. This application is designed for school district personnel to use via the Web to access their Personal Information, W-4 Information, Paycheck History, Benefit and Deduction History, and Leave Balances, as well as submit Leave Requests, and Personal Information (address, phone number, etc.) changes.

14 The Portal mines data directly from SISFin, but does not allow the employee to touch anything live Creation of a Leave Request or Personal Information Change Request is routed directly into SISFin to be approved by the designated individuals along the chosen approval route Once approved, the Leave Request is recorded in the Leave Entry screen to be posted; the Personal Information Change is made immediately


16 The View Personal Information link allows the employee to view what SISFin has recorded as their name, address, phone number, etc., as well as their W-4 information for Federal and State. Links to print a new W-4 for both are provided.

17 If an employee’s Personal information is incorrect, using the Submit Personal Info changes link, they will Enter the information change desired Choose the route for the request to follow Click the ‘submit’ button The request is instantly in SISFin, waiting for the appropriate person to approve it. When approved it is immediately posted and the demographic information change is complete.

18 The ‘View Leave Balance’ and ‘Submit Leave Request’ links work in the same manner as the Personal Information Change requests, including the option of requiring multiple approvals for leave.


20 The Portal Manager, through use of the folder tabs on the screen below, can edit employees’ viewing permissions, add District News, and global messages on the Leave Request and Personal Information screens.

21 HR Portal Benefits Allow employees access to their own information from wherever they choose to log in Offer the opportunity for employees to submit corrections and requests for leave at their convenience Allow employees to print leave balances, pay information, etc., when and wherever the need arises Reduce phone and employee traffic at the Central Office site thereby relieving stress on CO personnel and allowing them more productive use of their time.

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