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Ncg | group about | ncg group ab +46 8 611 76 20

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1 ncg | group about | ncg group ab +46 8 611 76 20

2 ncg | group about | the company established 2001 one of Scandinavians most increasing it-company within business intelligence and insurance solutions part of a competence center within business consulting and formula™ in Scandinavian independent business consulting strong products and standard concepts, based on Microsoft technology, within business intelligence key customers forum for innovation on development leading competence within our business area swedish distributor and competence center for compello software a large number of satisfied customer references in Scandinavian product development in separate development company ownership structure spread on management, employees and industrial investors

3 ncg | group about | company structure ncg | group ncg | development ncg | sweden ncg | norway ncg | denmark product development distrubution of products through certified partners

4 ncg | group defined independent services standard solution concepts about | business areas ncg | group business consulting business intelligence standard solution concepts risk financing management

5 ncg | group about | the vision ncg | group is to be a innovative and leading niche company within business intelligence and insurance solutions on the Scandinavian market

6 ncg | group about | the business idea ncg | group shall by offering high quality services, products and standard solutions contribute to the optimization of competitive advantages and profitability for its customers

7 ncg | group continuous low growth within traditional erp-solutions in middle-sized and large companies focus on increased usage of existing solutions focus on investments that creates increased profitability and competitive advantages focus on solutions within business intelligence, integrated insurance solutions, workflow/invoice management and crm focus on integration between traditional erp-solutions and new supplementary solutions focus on internet, as an engaged factor, by process improvement (customer, suppliers, portal, etc) focus on delimited and effective implementation projects about | trends on the market

8 ncg | group about | the strategy ncg | group shall by supply of solutions, which complements the partners offers to specific branches, with the objective to support and develop customers profit ncg | group products/solutions partners standard concepts market (geography, branches, customers etc.) strategically suppliers key customers certified partners feedback competitors

9 ncg | group ncg | group focus on competence development and standard solutions based on our comprehensive view of the business about | focus areas operative level tactic level strategic level business consulting business development business intelligence risk financing mgmt invoice management

10 ncg | group offer independent services within following areas board of directors management for hire/interim management business development method development quality management risk management within the it-sector project management formula consulting it-consulting (strategy, purchasing, organization, techniques etc.) about | strategy business consulting

11 ncg | group offer customers ready to use standard concepts, as a complement to existing erp-solutions, with the objective to develop the customer within business analysis through business intelligence (dynamic analysis using data warehouse) reporting through microsoft excel budgeting through microsoft excel forecasting through microsoft excel electronic invoice management about | strategy business intelligence

12 ncg | group offer customer turnkey standard concepts as a complement to existing solutions by the objective to develop the customer within risk assessment risk identification risk premium and claims control corporate insurance management risk retention management access and reporting maintains all relevant key information improves knowledge and understanding of risk management about | strategy risk financing management

13 ncg | group about | solution model business intelligence portal erp-system / e-business platform workflow/ invoice mgmt crm data warehouse report budget and forecast human resource knowledge mgmt go to about | our delivery capacity

14 ncg | group solution concepts navigator | business intelligence portal navigator | industry navigator | trade navigator | services navigator | project about | business intelligence go to about | business intelligence portal

15 ncg | group navigator | media navigator | xlreport navigator | xlforecast navigator | knowledge maker navigator | microsoft sql server esperant autobahn speedware about | tools within business intelligence go to about | xlreport go to about | xlforecast go to about | media

16 ncg | group solution concepts navigator | key information navigator | premium and exposure navigator | property schedule and technical information navigator | contract insurance navigator | pool entry navigator | oil well scheduling navigator | oil taxation navigator | dictionary - insurance about | risk financing management go to about | risk financing management

17 ncg | group solution concepts navigator | invoice manager Powered by Compello Software about | workflow/invoice management data catching /scanning inter- pretation recording of arrival attest end attest general ledger/ check payment electronic archive invoice manager reduced costs increased profitability go to about | invoice management

18 ncg | group methods alliance partners about | our delivery capacity customer/ project solutions individuals/ competence ncg - your guarantee for a successful project

19 ncg | group successful it-solutions develops through innovative and dynamic competence networks ncg | group about | partners go back to about | our delivery capacity customer bluegarden f1 microsoft abc-group compello software oracle erp- suppliers speedware retailers consult/ mgmt comp.

20 ncg | group about | examples of companies

21 ncg | group very experienced staff some of the markets best competences within our core focus areas an innovative and dynamic competence network strong and reliable solutions and concepts large spreading of solutions and concepts in established partner network well tested and reliable project model (msf) about | why cooperate with ncg | group? and last but not least - very flexible, easy and pleasant to cooperate with

22 ncg | group ncg | group thank you for shown interest!

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