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The Dark Knight Done by: Glen Rui Ze Guang Yu Gregory.

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1 The Dark Knight Done by: Glen Rui Ze Guang Yu Gregory

2 Summary The robbery The investigation

3 Summary Batman takes down drug syndicates Batman finds imposters Batman realises negative influence he is accidentally causing

4 Summary Court case: Harvey vs. The Mob Harvey and Rachel

5 Summary The hiring of the Joker

6 Summary Joker’s Threats and Kills

7 Summary Joker’s Capture and Escapade

8 Summary The death of Rachel and Harvey’s change in character

9 Summary Joker’s final test

10 Summary Harvey’s revenge

11 Structure Very Ambiguous and confusing Up to viewers’ discretion

12 Structure (Intro) The Robbery –The Joker –Lieutenant Gordon –Harvey Dent

13 Structure (Intro) Discussion of the Mob –Shows how the Joker started his rampage –Introduction of mob members Batman’s capture of Lau –Introduces Lau as accountant of the mob members –Plot Point 1

14 Structure (Rising Action) The Joker gets hired Deaths and threats The Joker’s capture and escape The turning of Dent –Plot Point 2

15 Structure (Climax) The Joker’s attempt to bomb 2 ferries The fight between Batman and the Joker The attempted re-convincing of Harvey

16 Falling Action; Conclusion Dent and Joker defeated Commissioner Gordon’s explanation of Batman

17 Themes Escalation Deception Duality Justice Fairness

18 Fairness to The Joker… The only sensible way to live in this world is without rules. chaos is fair - chaos is fair in the sense that everyone loses (i.e. dislike everyone) - true fairness is where everyone wins (i.e. like everyone)

19 2 ships of People… their morals, their code, it's a bad joke

20 Fairness to Batman He's the hero this city deserves, not the one it needs

21 Favourite Scene Boat Scene

22 Favourite Scene Depicts a very emotional side of the movie Form of the problem in game theory "Prisoners Dilemma" –Originally framed by Merrill Flood and Melvin Dresher working at RAND in 1950. –Prisoners  captives

23 Comparisons

24 Comparisons (Similarities) Lost of Hope Sense of Justice Background of Villan

25 Comparisons (Differences) Background Hero vs. Vilgilante Derivation of Power

26 References (Pictures)

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