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November 5 th PD Meeting Updates & Announcements.

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1 November 5 th PD Meeting Updates & Announcements

2 Agenda to cover Meet our “newest” team member! Grants process Report-back: Linda’s Site Visit Report (Beth) Grantee meeting updates (Beth) Evaluation Support (Beth) Fiscal and Budget Management for Program Staff Background Check updates (Amnesty Period) Other Reminders and Announcements

3 Welcome Suzana Kantardzic, Senior Program Officer Please join me in congratulating Suzana Kantardzic, who has been promoted to Senior Program Officer. As a long-standing member of our team, we are excited to have Suzana assume this leadership role. In this new position, created in response to the increasing demands placed on states and the field by CNCS, Suzana will assume responsibility for the day-to-day management of the AmeriCorps team, lead our efforts to ensure compliance and high-quality program support, and manage a small portfolio of AmeriCorps programs.

4 Beth McGuiness, Director of Programs Beth McGuinness will continue to serve as MSA's Director of Programs; however, her role will shift to have more of an outward focus - supporting the expansion and replication of effective program models. This will include working with existing partners to support the expansion of currently-funded programs with demonstrated results, as well as supporting new partners in replicating proven models from across the country that could help to meet the needs of the Commonwealth.

5 Follow Up from MSA’s CNCS Site Visit

6 2015-16 Grants Process –Intent to Apply, in to CNCS on December 10 th –Competitive Applications Due January 21 st, 2015 –Changes in RFP: length, logic model, performance measure percentages –Clarification period March –Early May - Notification of funding for competitive applicants –Formula deadlines (continuations and recompeting) **CNCS is in talks with the HUD, the Department of Education, and the Department of Transportation

7 Compliance Findings from Linda’s Site Visit Report Member evaluations –Some files missing evals –Some evals missing some of required items Did member serve all hours? Did member satisfactorily complete assignments? Did member meet the performance criteria? Grievance procedure in some contracts did not include the correct language

8 Compliance Findings from Linda’s Site Visit Report Not all member contracts (and timesheets if applicable) included the complete list of prohibited activities Not all member files included enrollment/exit forms (applicable if you still use paper forms) Criminal history check issues

9 Updates & Announcements from Grantee Meeting

10 From the Grantee Meeting September 12 th ! Upcoming changes to the progress report Members enrolling/exiting themselves in portal when possible OMB “Super Circular” National Service Criminal History Check Assessment Process IG Audits/Investigations Evaluations

11 Fiscal and Budget Management for Program Staff Financial Management Systems Documentation of Matching Funds Reimbursement

12 Financial Management Systems To ensure that grant-related expenses are properly reported and that the program maintains financial management systems that include written cost allocation procedures and systems that distinguish expenditures attributable and not attributable to this Grant, and that adequate supporting documents for expenditures are maintained.

13 Documentation of Matching Funds To ensure the program has sufficient matching funds available for upcoming program year and that these funds are properly documented.

14 Documentation of Matching Funds Cash or in-kind match acceptable Documenting in-kind match – must include: –Date service provided and who provided it –Description of service provided –Value/how calculated –Signature of donor/service provider

15 Reimbursement To ensure the program submits accurate and timely reimbursements including a signed Reimbursement Request Cover Sheet with Program Initials, a PER, a General Ledger, and a clear reconciliation report tying expenses in the PER to the General Ledger.

16 Key Definitions FSR/Financial Status Report (Quarterly PER) PER/Periodic Expense Report Budget Summary Worksheet FFR/Federal Financial Report “Cover Sheet”/Request for Cash Reimbursement Cover Page Backup/Supporting Documentation

17 Fiscal Reporting Quarterly Due Dates –October 15 (13-14 AND 14-15 through September 30) –January 15 (through December 31) –April 15 (through March 31) –July 15 (through June 30) –October 15, 2015 (14-15 AND 15-16 through Sept. 30) Yearly audit submission (March 31, 2015)

18 Reimbursement Request Process At least quarterly –Encouraged to request more frequently Payments made via check or electronic fund transfer (EFT) –EFT requires small transaction fee deducted from reimbursement –Contact July Afable to discuss/choose EFT 617-542-2544, ext. 225/jafable@mass-service.org225/

19 Reimbursement Request Process Complete reimbursement request includes: –Cover sheet with original signature –PER for current request –Budget summary worksheet –General ledger, reconciliation report, other backup documentation –Individual member hours to date – Accountability Log Reimbursements will not be processed until all components are received –MSA will not take responsibility for ensuring completeness

20 Reimbursement Request Process Accurate reimbursement received by 15 th processed by 30 th ; received by 30 th processed by 15 th –Inaccurate reimbursements returned for revision and will be resubmitted for processing in the next reimbursement cycle –MSA adheres to 15 day processing timeline to account for staff capacity, time off, etc. MSA does not advance funds MSA will review your request to ensure that adequate progress is being made towards matching percentage


22 Budget Amendments Budget amendment consists of changing or moving CNCS and/or match amounts MSA requests notification for all changes MSA approval required –If amending more than 2% of total program budget (CNCS and match total) CNCS approval required –If amending 10% or more of total program budget (CNCS and match total)

23 Budget Amendments Contact your Program Officer before initiating a budget amendment request Include justification with budget amendment request Budget amendments are subject to review and can be rejected Be pro-active in discussing amendments early in the program year!

24 Fiscal Site Visits Set up in spring by MSA’s fiscal staff Programs will have at least one fiscal visit per3- year grant cycle Will also receive a written report with need to respond Include but not limited to: –Review of organization's internal control structure –Review of prior audit reports and management letters –Review of progress made from any prior audit and management letter finding(s) –Sampling of selected fiscal transactions

25 National Service Criminal History Check Assessment Period October 14, 2014 – November 30, 2014

26 National Service Criminal History Check Assessment Period Identify at least two key staff persons responsible for the grant and the NSCHC process. Require them to: –Take the CNCS online training course –Review the newly posted FAQs, revised as of October 10, 2014 –Take the NSCHC online quiz Complete the NSCHC Component Assessment Form for all currently serving staff and national service participant files. Review your written NSCHC policies and procedures and complete the NSCHC Procedures Review Form

27 National Service Criminal History Check Assessment Period Immediately conduct any missing components of the checks and take any needed corrective action Complete the certification confirming you have completed the steps for the assessment and online survey – by November 12 Maintain all documentation of your assessment, including any required corrective action plans, the completed NSCHC Procedures Form and the NSCHC Component Forms

28 Any findings of non-compliance during this period will not result in disallowed costs with the following exceptions: If the individual refused to undergo the criminal history checks or self-certify, as applicable. If the individual gave a false statement when the program inquired about his or her criminal history. If a check component did not clear and the individual was registered or required to be registered on a state sex offender registry, or had been convicted of murder. If a program has not initiated any check on at least one of the individuals actively working or serving in covered positions in their program as of the start date of the assessment period.

29 Additional Announcements IPERA CNCS is making a shift to have members enter and exit themselves in the portal. There will be an AmeriCorps week and a Mayor’s Day this year. April 16, 2015 - MSA’s 2 nd annual State of Service event.

30 Next PD Meeting is January 28 th

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