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SyteLine 9 How it will expand your opportunities

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1 SyteLine 9 How it will expand your opportunities

2 Thank You! .

3 Coming in the Fall – SyteLine 9

4 Where Did We Focus? Multi-Site Financials BOM and Invoice Builder
Home Forms Added Site Group – Excel Financials Data Management – Customer, Items, Vendors Sourcing Logic – Order Entry Single Instance Financials Multi-Books and Calendars Analysis Dimensions What-If Costing Analysis

5 Where Did We Focus? Pricing, Promotions, Rebates Surcharges
Compliance – RoHS & REACH Process Overview Forms APS Work Center Scheduling & Sequencing Freeze Operations in the Scheduler Planning by Warehouse Portals Customer Portal – Order Entry Reseller Portal So much more……..

6 Multi Site

7 Multi-Site Bill of Material Builder
New Process SyteLine users will use the new “Multi-Site Bill of Material Builder” form to copy an item’s current bill of material to selected sites. Not in Scope The new builder will not copy the Standard Bill of Materials, only Current. Only a single level Bill of Materials will be copied, not the indented (Full) BOM. This functionality has no impact on the ECN process.


9 Multi-Site Invoice Builder
New Process Print Invoices and Credit Memos for many Sites One Base Site, many Target Sites in your Intranet Regular, Blanket or Progressive Billing Invoices Alphanumeric Builder Invoice Number (Site ID + Invoice Number) Reprint Invoices and Credit Memos for all Sites Multi-Site Invoice Posting (one Site at a time)

10 Invoice Builder Selection Screen

11 Home Forms Multi-Site Group added to Buyer, Controller, Inventory Control, Production Planner, Customer Service, and System Administrator Home forms

12 Multi Site Master Data Management
Items, Customers and Vendors


14 Sourcing Info at Order Entry
New Process On entry of a customer order line item, user will be given more information to determine which site to ship from. I do central order entry at my Ohio Site but where best to make and ship the product? Who has inventory? Who has capacity? Who is closest to the customer? Texas Ohio Iowa

15 Customer Order Line Multi-site Source Button

16 Multi-Site Item Sourcing

17 Single Instance Multi Site

18 Multi Site SQL Configuration Options
Site A Data / Code Site A and B Data / Code Site A, B, C Data / Code Site B Data / Code Site C Data / Code Site C Data / Code .

19 Key Points User will not know which SQL structure is being used
User will still only have view/permissions based on the site they log into Multi Site functionality will be the same across all SQL structures When multi sites are in a single SQL database, we will require SQL Enterprise (Data Partitioning) When all sites are in their own SQL database, you will be able to use Standard or Enterprise SQL Routines will be available to combine individual sites into a single SQL database. In the future, we are planning a routine to split a site from a SQL database.

20 Pros and Cons - Single Instance Multi Site
Apply patches and service packs to only one database. UETs once for all sites AES logic once for all sites Adhoc reporting across sites Backup of fewer DBs CONS All sites must run the same version. Selling off a site Enterprise SQL required All sites must be on same SQL server Rebuilding an index will lock table for all sites

21 SL 9 New Schema Structure
Most all database names have been changed. item = item_mst customer = customer_mst co = co_mst job = job_mst Each _mst table will have a new site_ref column. site_ref will be a part of every index

22 SL 9 New Schema Structure
We made very few code changes to SyteLine to support this new structure. New SQL views Every table that was renamed to _mst will have a view of the old name. item, customer, co, job, etc will be SQL views Item View SELECT * FROM item_mst  WHERE site_ref = CONTEXT_INFO())  GO  Any code you have developed can continue to call the same table names.

23 SL 9 New Schema Structure
When all sites are in single database, _all tables will not be used When connecting using initsessionsp you will now be required to pass site as a parameter. Reports Task:  Modify .rdl(s) to pass in BG_SITEID as a parameter to the Sp. Modify report stored procedures that are being called from an rdl: to accept a parameter @pSite SiteType = NULL And then pass this parameter to dbo.InitSessionContextSp or dbo.InitSessionContextWithUserSp, whichever is being used.

24 Finance

25 Financial Sets of Books (FSB)
New Process SyteLine will now allow for multiple Financial Sets of Books as well as the ability to have a separate year end adjustment period and financial calendars with different year end dates. Overview Allows multiple Financial Set of Books (FSB) to be created in SyteLine An FSB allows a new ledger to be recorded. The new ledger can contain any combination of the following: Different accounts than the General Ledger (GL) A different currency than the GL (non-domestic currency) A different financial calendar than the GL (different periods / fiscal year) The new FSB can be used for governmental or internal company reporting where a ledger other than the GL is required


27 Multi – Financial Sets of Books

28 (non-domestic currency)
Ledger Posting 55000 56000 FSB 2 (domestic currency) 10000 11000 30000 50000 FSB 1 (same as GL) 10000 11000 30000 50000 General Ledger 10000 25000 35000 FSB 3 (non-domestic currency)

29 Analysis Dimensions New Process
Other tables can be linked to the Chart of Accounts Allows you to Analyze Ledger transactions By Customer, Vendor, Item or other tables Include constants and user-defined formulas Export to Excel and other tools for further analysis

30 Analysis Dimensions New Form – Chart of Accounts Dimensions

31 Analysis Dimensions New Form – Chart of Accounts Details

32 Costing Analysis Workbench
New Process Users can set up Cost Alternatives (i.e.. Summer 2014, Final 2013, etc.) Copy Current or Standard Routing to your Cost Alternative Perform “What-If” changes to Labor, Material and OH Rates Copy Approved Cost Rate changes to “Live” Compare your changes to Current, Standard, other Alternatives Freeze your Costing History

33 Costing Analysis Workbench

34 Promotion Pricing

35 Promotion Pricing New Process Maximum Promotion Amount and Quantity
Effective and Expiration Dates Minimum Order Quantity, Minimum Order Line Value Promotion based on Discount Percent Discount Amount Fixed Price Free Quantity (Buy 4, get 1 free: Order Quantity = 5) Campaign, Salesperson, Customer, Ship-To, Customer Type, Corporate Customer, End User Type, Product Code, Item or Warehouse on the Order Line Maximum Promotion Amount and Quantity

36 New Form Price Promotions and Rebates

37 Promotion selected on CO Line
* Item price is $10.50

38 Rebates

39 Rebates New Process Earned Rebate, Deferred Revenue, until Credit Memo is created Invoice Amount * Rebate Fair Value * (planned) Redemption Rate Effective and Expiration Dates Number of Periods (after Invoice Date) before Credit Memo expires Minimum Qualifying Amount (per Customer, per Program) Minimum Qualifying Quantity (per Customer, per Program) Campaign, Salesperson, Customer, Ship-To, Customer Type, Corporate Customer, End User Type, Product Code, Item or Warehouse on the Order Line

40 New Form Price Promotions and Rebates

41 Customer Order Lines

42 Earned Rebates

43 Credit Memo

44 Surcharges

45 Surcharges New Functionality Material Surcharge Rules Item Contents
Item Content Exchanges Item Content Prices Item Contents for Items Surcharge Rules Customer and Vendor

46 Customer Order Lines

47 Customer Orders Surcharge = [ ( Actual Price – Base Price ) * Content Factor * Parm Factor ] Zinc - [ ( – ) * * 1] Copper - [ ( – 2500) * * 1] X 10 Units = approximately $450

48 Order Invoice

49 Compliance Programs

50 Compliance Programs New Process User defined Compliance Programs
Each low-level item can be flagged as compliant or non-compliant. When the flag is changed, a utility will process each item’s indented bill-of-material and set the item to non-compliant if any item in its BOM is non-compliant.

51 Compliance Programs

52 Items Set Compliance (Only updateable on Low-Level Items)

53 Item Compliance Assignment Utility

54 Process Overview Forms

55 Landing Page

56 1. Shape turns orange when you click on it. 2
1. Shape turns orange when you click on it Green square uses the Form Launch style sheet and only provides a visual cue to the user that the double-click action will launch a SyteLine form. This indicator will be present only when the double-click event is specified for the SL Form shape. 3. Red triangle (inverted) uses the RightClick style sheet and only provides a visual cue to the user that a tooltip or mouse right-click menu is available 4. Mouse right-click menu will launch form events. Help is included by default. 5. Tooltip replaces lists that had been included with some "BSC" static right-click menus.

57 Customer Flow

58 Projects Definition Flow

59 Jobs – Resource Sequencing

60 Jobs – Resource Sequencing
Current Functionality The existing process allows users to manually move operations around, one at a time, within a Resource using the Resource Sequencing form. Changes made here are visible on the Resource Dispatch List Report but are not honored by Scheduling. New Functionality A new form, Resource Sequencing Sort Setup, will allow users to select up to six fields from the following tables: job, jobroute, item, coitem, co, for a given Resource. These new fields will display on the Resource Sequencing form. Users can choose to Sort operations by these fields. Once sorted the system will re-set the Operation Start and End Dates accordingly. There will be the added ability to Freeze/UnFreeze operations for the next Scheduling run. When a job operation is Frozen, it and all its previous operations are also Frozen. During a Scheduling run all Frozen job operations will be honored by standard Scheduling.  This new process is optional to users.

61 Resource Sequencing Sort Setup New Form Can set up to six sequences

62 Resource Sequencing Added Fields

63 Freeze Operations in the Scheduler

64 Freeze Operations in the Scheduler
Current Functionality Using the Resource Gantt Chart - Scheduler form, manually alter the time frame or the sequence of scheduled job operations to be performed by a particular resource. If using the “Use Planning Output for Scheduling” the user is able “freeze” jobs, otherwise any alterations are not honored the next time the Scheduler is run. New Functionality The existing Resource Gantt Chart – Scheduler has been enhanced to allow freezing of the operations or orders on the schedule through a right-click option. The frozen operations will be reflected in all Scheduling analysis forms and reports available to the user, including Resource/Resource Group Load Profile – Scheduler, Resource/Resource Group Utilization – Scheduler, Resource/Resource Group Schedule, Resource/Resource Group Dispatch List Report, Resource/Resource Group Summary Report


66 Planning by Warehouse

67 Planning by Warehouse Warehouse Types Default warehouse
Location of all manufacturing planned by APS Distribution warehouse Can maintain supply for defined items Unsatisfied demand met by transfer from default warehouse Dedicated warehouse Not seen by APS Planning

68 Current Functionality
APS planning model supports only the main warehouse Dedicated and distribution warehouses hidden from APS All other warehouses are treated collectively as a single entity SyteLine 8.03 added the ability to feed APS distribution warehouse demands in a pre-processing step

69 New Functionality Add item/warehouse sourcing rules
Reserve for customer Reserve for work center Priority Add warehouse and item/warehouse constructs to APS model Support warehouse specification in APS demands/supplies As needed, generate planned transfers between default warehouse and distribution warehouses

70 Portals

71 SyteLine Portals Feature Summary
Order Entry: Pre-login product browsing with cart, B2C user can create account and check out via credit card. Beautiful: Dynamic browsing experience that leverages the user interface power of modern browsers. Five out-of-the-box style themes that can be customized or used as-is for fast deployment. Contextual data where you need it. Multi-site: Users see a single view of their data automatically consolidated across SyteLine sites. Customizable: Architecture that enables UI and business logic changes without knowledge of web programming languages. Automatically tracks modifications to keep them separate from Infor code eliminating conflicts during patches and updates. Dynamic restyling on the fly based on who logged in or other criteria. Highlights & Objectives Customer Portal Online ordering On Account or Credit Card Break Price visibility Drop Ship Per-site pricing and CTP for B2B Products Category Search Contract Ordering / Quick Ordering Order Status with Shipment Tracking Account Balance / Invoice Reprint Customer Interactions Service (FS+) Incidents and Knowledge Base Unit Registration Reseller Portal All Customer Portal Functionality plus: Customer Management Commissions Due Pose-as Customer Service (FS+) Orders Order Transactions Vendor Portal Current Purchase Orders Future Planned Orders On Time Delivery Statistics Consigned Inventory Management Inventory Level Projections Product Price Contracts Item Price Requests Across Vendors Vendor Interactions

72 Customer Portal

73 Customer Portal

74 Customer Portal

75 Customer Portal

76 Customer Portal

77 Reseller Portal

78 Vendor Portal

79 Multiuser Inbox Transaction Activity Pending Approvals Conversions Failed Events

80 SyteLine 9 Training Training Videos are being developed for new features 73 videos are being built including Portals. More details then previous training videos. SyteLine Enhancements Add Purchase Order Change Log Add Transfer Order Change Log Generate AP Transactions: Display Expense Account Reprice PO Lines when Vendor is added or changed Unit Codes on the Account Balances Report Secondary Sorting on GL report Where Used Report: Unit Code Combinations Total Inventory by Account: Display Unit Code detail Cost Analysis Workbench Recurring Journals Prevent transactions to Control Accounts (IFRS)

81 What’s Next?

82 What’s After SyteLine 9.00.00 Industry Pack – Automotive
Industry Pack – Molding & Fabrication Industry Pack – Distribution for Manufacturing Industry Pack – A & D Industry Pack – Cores & Remanufacturing Employee Self-Service Portal SyteLine – Service/Action Pack SyteLine – Feature Pack

83 Infor SyteLine in the Cloud – Re-launch
Multi-Tenant – Jim Plourde Put a “Bow” around it Single Instance Multi-Site No Developer, Report Source, or Source code One Forms Database, Named Users Only, max 100 users Only Mongoose Products All server Admin performed by Cloud team Reporting Workbench Suite Required SQL Enterprise Governance rules Ability to monitor processes like reports, save transactions, and events so that we eliminate the effect on other tenants

84 Infor SyteLine in the Cloud – Re-launch
Single –Tenant – Tony Vitelli Put a “Bow” around it – but allow for A la carte for an additional fee No limitations on Multi-Site Only Mongoose Products Shared server Admin between customer and AMS Reporting SSRS – Customers can create their own reports Personalizations - allowed Required SQL Enterprise ION is an option

85 Questions and Answers

86 SyteLine Business Intelligence

87 Infor SyteLine BI SL BI Team (3) started Nov. 1st 2012
GA April 18th, 2013 Four sales before end of May Many opportunities in the pipeline Work on Early Adopter CADWELL INDUSTRIES ECNET LIMITED ELECTRO SWITCH BUSINESS KIRBY RISK CORPORATION

88 SyteLine BI Analytical Cubes
10 SyteLine BI Cubes Account Receivable Analysis Bookings Analysis Business Performance Analysis Financial Income Analysis Inventory Analysis Job Efficiency Analysis Material Scrap Analysis Sales and Product Contribution Analysis Sales Delivery Analysis Vendor Received Analysis

89 Four SyteLine Dashboards
Finance Inventory and Purchasing Manufacturing Sales

90 Process flow for SyteLine Business Intelligence
ETL Copyright © 2011 Infor. All rights reserved.

91 Summary SyteLine BI is ready

92 What’s new in Infor SyteLine BI 9.00
Sales Planning and Budgeting Drill Through Detail Reports Inventory Periodical Snapshot Analysis Incremental Data Loading KPI Analysis by YTD,QTD,MTD Support Multi-Site in One Instance

93 Sales Planning and Budgeting
Enable sales volume planning Allow write back to OLAP server

94 Drill Through Detail Reports
Present business performance details in addition to Dashboard overview Level 1 drill through detail reports

95 Drill Through Detail Reports
Level 2 drill through reports

96 Inventory Periodical Snapshot Analysis
Allow measuring inventory level of each product at each warehouse on a daily basis Enable comparison of Inventory performance across time series

97 Incremental Data Loading
Optimized data loading performance Latest Data Identify Changed Data between This and Last Loading Time Copy of Data at Last Loading Time

98 KPI Analysis by YTD,QTD,MTD
Additional Time Calculation dimension to enable analysis by YTD,QTD,MTD

99 Questions and Answers

100 Thank You! .


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