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Craig J. Nichols, Secretary Purchasing Directors’ Meeting October 16, 2014.

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1 Craig J. Nichols, Secretary Purchasing Directors’ Meeting October 16, 2014

2 Agenda Introductions & Welcome Comments – Kelley Scott Procurement Assistance Workgroup – Office of Fiscal Integrity Updates – Ann Reeves MFMP – Kasey Bickley Professional Development and Governance – Veronica McCrackin Bureau Chiefs - New Contracts, Renewals, and Upcoming Solicitations Hot Topics – All 2

3 MFMP Utilization Update Agencies continue to improve their utilization of MFMP, especially in the eQuote metric which is now over 59% average statewide utilization. The MFMP team has reached out to the six agencies who are not currently using eQuote to schedule meetings to discuss how we can better support you in increasing your utilization. 3

4 MFMP Enhancements Change Requests (CRs) implemented August 27, 2014 CR NumberDescription 204Manage method of procurement codes via ODU 208Load full FLAIR accounting correlation files 84Change label for date on CBI related transactions 187Provide collections flag at the vendor level in VIP 193Provide automatic debt write-off process in VIP 219 Request to change purchase order label from “DO” to “PO” in VIP 4

5 MFMP Enhancements CR Number Description Estimated Implementation 211 Request to add vendor location county into Sourcing October 2014 213 Request to update field label on Supplier tab in Sourcing October 2014 214 Request to update description field label on Sourcing event overview October 2014 203Add Tax ID to Sourcing vendor searchOctober 2014 207Remove unused search fields in SourcingOctober 2014 186Add PO Start/End Dates to AnalysisDecember 2014 5 Upcoming Change Requests

6 MFMP Object Code Conversion MFMP will be working with DFS to support agencies with the object code conversion as part of the DFS object code standardization project. We presented the conversion approach at the DFS workshop on Sept. 18, 2014. Once new statewide object codes are added to FLAIR, agencies can process change orders to update object codes on MFMP encumbered purchase orders (POs). Customers with the “CO No Workflow” group may process a change order to edit object codes without re-generating the requisition approval flow. 6

7 MFMP Object Code Conversion During an agency’s final conversion, MFMP and DFS will coordinate the conversion of remaining MFMP encumbered POs with agency unique object codes. DFS will provide MFMP a file of encumbrances to convert, including: – Encumbrance number– Other cost accumulator (OCA) – Encumbrance line number– External category – Agency unique code– External object code – “New” statewide object code – External general ledger MFMP will use this file to update the associated POs, during planned MFMP downtime, to ensure that MFMP and FLAIR are kept in sync. 7

8 MFMP Object Code Conversion DFS will provide MFMP with a new commodity code (CC) to SWOC crosswalk in Dec. 2014. Any PRs created after the new CC crosswalk is loaded will default to SWOC. PRs in ‘Composing’ or ‘Submitted’ status will not be converted. Invoice reconciliations (IRs) will not be converted. Prior to your agency’s conversion, there will be a drop-dead date to submit IRs to the DFS auditors (similar to year-end processing). 8

9 Professional Development The 2014-2015 Project Management Professional (PMP)® needs assessment was conducted Sept. 25 to Oct. 7, 2014. PMP development opportunities are based on the overall state need and the availability of funding. 9 Keep - 113Add - 40 Delete - 7 New - 122 2014-2015 PMP Development Needs Assessment Results Project Management Certification Program

10 Professional Development Florida Certified Contract Manager The Department of Management Services and the Department of Financial Services have been working together to develop a single three-day session that will include both the Florida Contract Manager and Advancing Accountability requirements for certification. There will be a pilot session for the purchasing directors Nov. 3-6, 2014. Invitations were sent earlier this week. In addition to the pilot session, two beta testing sessions will be conducted the first half of December. Attendees will be selected from the list of individuals previously identified in the agency needs assessment to ensure they are representative of the intended audience. 10

11 Professional Development Florida Certified Contract Manager Participants attending either the pilot or beta session will receive credit as long as you successfully complete the course, which includes: – Completion of all course work – Participation in all of the activities – Successfully passing the final assessment (80%) 11

12 Services and Special Projects Bureau Solicitations P-Card – Negotiations phase Rental Vehicles – ITN launched Aug. 26, 2014 – Responses due on Oct. 28, 2014 Postal Mail Services – RFP launched Sept. 2, 2014 – Responses due on Oct. 21, 2014 Security Officer Services –RFP launched Sept. 30, 2014 –Responses due on Nov. 3, 2014 12

13 Services and Special Projects Bureau Renewals Rental Vehicles (518-020-10-1) – The car rental contract with Avis has been renewed through Sept. 2015 – The subcompact car is no longer available – Compact car daily rental price was increased by $0.50 – The truck rental contract with Enterprise was not renewed 13

14 Services and Special Projects Bureau Updates Temporary Employment Staffing Services (991-460-07-1) –Current STC has been extended through Nov. 17, 2014 –Enterprise ACS agreement with Knowledge Services becomes effective Nov. 18, 2014 –The agreement includes administrative and light industrial temporary staffing positions –All current STC vendors will be on-boarded into the agreement –Knowledge Services is reaching out to agencies and vendors Custodial Services – Enterprise ACS under development – Anticipate availability in Dec. 2014 14

15 Services and Special Projects Bureau Updates Online Legal Database Services (991-150-09-1) –Current STC has been extended to Feb. 18, 2015 –DMS plans to establish a new enterprise ACS agreement for investigations –DMS does not plan to procure a new STC for online legal research Fuel Card Services (973-163-10-1) – The contract expires Aug. 5, 2015 – 5 years of renewals are available – A customer survey was launched Oct. 9, 2014, and closes Oct. 24 15

16 IT/Telecom Bureau Updates 250-WSCA-10-ACS Miscellaneous IT Equipment – Minnesota has issued an intent to award for the new computer equipment contract; however, no master agreements have been posted yet. – Continue to use the current contract 43230000-14-01 Commercial Off-the-Shelf (COTS) Software – Effective Sept. 9, 2014 – Sept. 8, 2018 – Perpetual software licenses, maintenance and associated services (i.e., training and installation) – Cloud and subscription software licenses are out of scope 16

17 IT/Telecom Bureau Updates 43220000-WSCA-14-1 WSCA Data Communications – Effective Sept. 9, 2014 – May 31, 2019 – WSCA Awarded Vendor List and Category Definitions – Vendors with Florida Participating Addenda Adtran, Inc. Aruba Networks, Inc. Brocade Communications, Inc. (has resellers) Cisco Systems, Inc. Extreme Networks, Inc. Juniper Networks, Inc. (has resellers) ShoreTel, Inc. Other vendors will be added shortly 17

18 Goods Bureau Solicitations 2015 Model Motor Vehicle ITB (ITB 01-25100000-V) –Posted Sept. 25 –Bids due Oct. 21 Library Furniture (420-590-07-1) expires Feb. 2015 Tires (863-000-10-1) expires Feb. 2015 Construction, Industrial, Agricultural and Lawn Equipment (760- 000-10-1) expires June 2015 Pest Control Services (991-300-05-1) –Request for Information (RFI) complete –Focus group established 18

19 Goods Bureau Renewals Medical/Dental Supplies & Equipment (680-050-12-1) –5 contractors renewed for 2 years –1 contractor renewed for 60 days –Punch-out catalogs in place Office Consumables (618-000-11-1) renewed through Oct. 2016 Commercial Paper (640-002-12-1) renewed through Nov. 2015 Ammunition and Less Lethal Products (680-050-12-1) renewed through Sept. 2015 19

20 Goods Bureau Upcoming Renewals Floor Maintenance Machines (365-001-11-1) being renewed through Nov. 2018 Body Armor (680-850-11-1) being renewed through Jan. 2016 20

21 Hot Topics Open Discussion 21

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