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UIT 2014 – EVALUATION REPORT Hilton Prague Hotel 22–24 January 2014.

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1 UIT 2014 – EVALUATION REPORT Hilton Prague Hotel 22–24 January 2014

2 Meeting highlights The meeting was attended by over 900 delegates 97% thought that the conference was well organised 93% thought the length of the meeting was just right 92% felt they had learned something from the event 70% felt that the event would change their practice 99% would attend the next meeting 2

3 Overall scientific content of the meeting

4 0% How would you rate the quality of the content? UIT 2014 content quality 0% How would you rate the quality of the speakers? Majority of the speakers were excellent! Generally very high quality! Most speakers are first class! ExcellentVery goodNeutralFairPoor n=270 Proportion of respondents (%) 96% 94% 4

5 Overall meeting quality Have you learned something from this event? Will this event change your practice? Was the event well organised? Did you feel that the event was biased? n=272 n=267 n=257 92% 70% 97% Proportion of respondents (%) NeutralYesNo 5

6 Individual session feedback

7 Session I: Treatment pathway of the infertile couple Very good lectures with a dynamic way to perform them Very well planned program and audience interaction is well organised Great provocative lecture from Professor Fisk Remarkable organisation ExcellentVery goodNeutralFairPoor n=483n=481n=484n=480n=477 73% 77% 73% 36% 68% Proportion of respondents (%) 7

8 Session II: Variations in treatment protocols Very good session and speakers Congratulations to Dr Fatemi Bhatti was honest about what we DON’T know – which was good Very useful session n=445 n=449n=433 ExcellentVery goodNeutralFairPoor 91% 61% 84% 70% Proportion of respondents (%) 8

9 Session III: Advances in embryology Excellent up-to-date presentations on comprehensive data Very good session with up-to-date information Excellent session – really enjoyed it n=414n=408n=404n=398 ExcellentVery goodNeutralFairPoor 67% 73% 77% 82% Proportion of respondents (%) 9

10 Session IV: Genetics in diagnosis and management of pregnancy Dennis Lo gave an exceptionally brilliant lecture worthy of a Nobel Prize candidate Prof Lo’s lecture has been the highlight of the meeting – Fantastic! Excellent lecture from Dennis – he should do the opening lecture at ESHRE n=342n=340n=332n=316 ExcellentVery goodNeutralFairPoor 79% 71% 50% 91% Proportion of respondents (%) 10

11 Session V: Ovarian reserve – individualisation of treatment Keynote lecture was excellent Very good session with great speakers – would have liked more from Bob Casper Best session of the meeting n=253n=261n=263n=254 ExcellentVery goodNeutralFairPoor 77% 83% 88% 79% Proportion of respondents (%) 11

12 Session VI: Challenges in infertility treatment…to treat or not to treat? Excellent Entertaining talk from Nick! Really the best meeting I’ve been in n=28 n=29 ExcellentVery goodNeutralFairPoor 93% 69% 100% Proportion of respondents (%) 12

13 Materials and organisation

14 Meeting materials and interactivity Rated the abstract book as very good or excellent 84% Rated the pre-meeting correspondence/ information as very good to excellent 83% Rated the iPad materials as very good or excellent 95% Rated the interactivity as very good or excellent 95% Felt there was sufficient time for discussion 94% 14 n=270 n=271 n=267 n=264 n=270

15 Meeting venue Rated the auditorium as very good or excellent 95% Rated the location and venue as very good or excellent 97% Rated the catering as very good or excellent 94% 15 n=269 n=271 n=270

16 Selected general comments (1) Because of excellent food, I have 2 kg more, which is not so good but I enjoyed every meal Extremely well organized – have been most impressed and grateful Different continental buffet at conference dinner was a great idea! We enjoyed it More comfortable chairs The AV was exceptional Fantastic venue and organisation 16 Dennis Lo was the highlight of the meeting

17 Selected general comments (2) Enjoyed the academic content and interaction with colleagues Congratulations to all involved in organizing and delivering this meeting I would definitely like to attend the next meeting Please have the next meeting in a warm country! Congratulations on the great event Excellent meeting 17

18 Selected general comments (3) Too much use of survey feature No need for abstract book in the era of iPad Would like to see more use of the iPad to see what the audience does, not just test the audiences’ understanding iPad voting is tedious I missed refreshments for vegans, but otherwise excellent 18 Poor location of hotel in a business area, Prague is a good choice though. I understand that few places available to host 1000 people though Position of cameramen disturbed a lot to see the lectures

19 Selected general comments (4) The dinner was very badly organised, the place was inappropriate, the tables and chairs – not for our age The days are packed and intense: 8:30am start unnecessary! 9am plenty early enough Long days 19 The only sad thing was that there was no ‘nurse’ option in the drop down box in profile. Nurses in the UK are pivotal to the running of an IVF unit Some people were conducting loud conversations, which was a bit distracting – chairs should be instructed to advise Auditorium was sometimes too cold but good views all round

20 Future UIT meetings 20

21 Suggested topics for further meetings Infertility in PCOS Ovulation induction Embryology Endometriosis Reproductive immunology Male infertility Day-to-day practice of ART Natural cycle IVF Psychological counselling 21

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