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2 Solver – Background Information WHY BI360 IS SELECTED Easy to use Complete BI Suite Strong integrations RECENT AWARDS GLOBAL REACH 550+ BI360 customers in 3 years Offices: US, Canada, EMEA, Asia, India Opening in Latin America in 2013 GROWTH 40% growth in 2012 130+ partners globally 60 Employees (20 developers)

3 Speed up and improve our customers’ decision-making processes by providing the best possible BI suite that is the easiest to learn. Solver Corporate Vision

4 Customers Across All Industries

5 BI360 Positioning A Full BI Suite that gives Complete Insight

6 CEO Sales IT Financ e Marketing Classic vs BI360 Collaboration Classic Collaboration BI360 Collaboration Users must look for issues Information is lost Multiple tools (e-mail, calls, meetings, reports, etc.) Linear Communication Duplicate efforts Alerts notify users of issues Knowledgebase stores information Information is all in one place Universal report library Universal workflow Personal dashboard CEOHR SalesIT Finance Marketing

7 Who Benefits from BI360? PositionNeed CEOComplete overview regardless of data origination COOAccess to operational Reports & Metrics, alerts CFOCash Flow, Financial Reports, Forecasts ControllerFinancial Reporting with alerts, flexible tools AccountantsFinancial & Sub-ledger Reports, flexible tools Budget ManagerBudgeting, Forecasting, Modeling, Workflow Department Head Easy access to information, alerts and workflow End userInteractive feedback = Managers can be pro- active BoardBetter run company = Easier to grow ShareholdersBetter run company = Better Investment EveryoneDiscussions with central storage and search

8 The Solver BI360 Suite Reporting Planning Dashboard Collaboration Data Warehouse Suite

9 A Closer Look at BI360 ERP Other Db Suite

10 A Closer Look at BI360

11 Summary Resources Customer Portal with report/budget templates and docs Customer Portal BI360 ForumForum Helpdesk with Knowledgebase and training videos 370 page, full color BI360 book (electronic and print)BI360 book Classes (from Solver) or ask your BI360 partner Classes Implementation assistance Installation Training Reporting, budgeting, dashboard and data warehouse configuration

12 Additional Slides The following slides covers the new BI360 collaboration Module

13 BI360 Reporting vs FRx & MR  Everything that FRx/MR does for Financial Statements, plus:  Use of all fields (such as Account Category) in the GL in reports  Dynamic rows/columns (e.g. an account range can produce many rows in a P&L) = faster report design and less maintenance  Much better formatting (because it is Excel-based)  But in addition you get much more: Web (Dec. 2012) and Excel interface for end users Ad-hoc reporting Full BI suite (one integrated solution with budgeting, dashboard, collaboration and DW) Report on sub-ledgers Cell-level control (FRx/MR requires either a row or a column to “win”)

14 Because they conclude and round off a 3-step performance management process to help drive DECISIONS: Why are Collaboration Technologies Important?  Process:Data GenerationAnalysisDecision-making Technology:Transaction Systems BI ToolsCollaboration Tools Tool Example: ERP, CRM, etc.Reports, Dashboards, etc. Enterprise collaboration, E- mail, chat, etc.

15 BI360 Insight - Collaboration Dashboard  Have Control  Organize  Review  Take Action

16 BI360 Insight – Report Library A Single, Integrated Version of the Truth Report writers Published Reports Embedded w/BI360 Tags BI360 Insight – collaboration portal Report Containers Report Properties: -Owner (link to profile) -Links to related reports -Report information -URL to web info -User access rights -Link to Insight company/product profiles Report Viewing and Discussion Actions: -Find and View reports -View report owner info -“Drill down or across” from one report to related reports -Start discussions -Assign tasks P& L to BI360 Insight portal Payroll Report Sales Report Inventor y Report

17 Report Library  Read instructions for the report  Browse multiple instances of the same report  Communicate with owner of the report  Follow links to related reports  See which reports people that read this report also read  Enter comments for a report  See who else viewed this report

18 Report Library  View reports  Reports can be posted form BI360, SSRS, and other report writers  Post surveys (polls) to support decisions


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