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What is this thing called Banner? John Strother Director of IT Programming.

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1 What is this thing called Banner? John Strother Director of IT Programming

2 The what… What is Banner? ◦ Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software  SAP  PeopleSoft  Oracle Applications  Datatel ◦ What resources?  Students  Classes  Faculty & Staff  Finances (i.e. money)

3 And the who… Who is SunGard Higher Education? ◦ Formally SCT (now SGHE) ◦ Part of SunGard, a software and technology company (high availability and finance) ◦ SGHE provides software and services to over 1,600 institutions worldwide ◦ 2,600 employees ◦ PowerCampus, fsaATLAS, Infinity Process Platform (business process engine)

4 Technology Stack Banner runs on Oracle products Oracle has more than 370,000 customers worldwide Industry-leading database ◦ Performance, security, scalability Tools (such as Oracle Forms) to build applications Programming languages (PL/SQL, C, Cobol)

5 Banner is INB & EagleNet Banner functionality accessed in two ways: ◦ Internet Native Banner  Method used by most business users  Most - if not all - Banner functionality available ◦ EagleNet  Self-Service Applications  Used by most of us “non-Banner” users  Student registration, grading, employee benefits, W2’s ◦ Different technology, different applications (think upgrades, patches, functionality, testing, bugs) ◦ Banner system for each (Student, Finance, etc.)

6 Banner Systems Organized by Function (student, finance, HR, Finaid) Each system has many modules Separately purchased and licensed SGHE releases major version (i.e. Banner8) with systems at individual levels ◦ Student 8.4 ◦ HR/Payroll 8.4.1 ◦ Finance 8.5 ◦ Financial Aid 8.10

7 Student Comprehensive solution for student administration Primary functions are scheduling, registration, accounts receivable and academic history One of the largest Banner systems organized into fourteen modules Help with unused modules through PIA

8 Student cont. Course Catalog, class schedule, general person, faculty load, location management and housing, recruiting, recruiting, admissions, general student, registration, accounts receivable, academic history, CAPP, system management

9 Student cont. NWACC uses Banner Student for: ◦ Building catalogs ◦ Creating class schedules ◦ Adding student information ◦ Recruiting students ◦ Registering students ◦ Admissions ◦ Academic history (grades, academic records)

10 Student cont. New and future stuff ◦ DegreeWorks – comprehensive set of web- based academic advising, degree audit and transfer articulation tools ◦ Online Admissions – allows prospective students to complete and submit applications for admission online (EagleNet) ◦ Enrollment Management Suite – technology- assisted recruiting and admissions, retention and alumni relations solution

11 Finance Comprehensive, integrated system to track, maintain, and process all financial data Includes eleven modules: ◦ General Ledger, Finance Operations, Stores Inventory, Purchasing and Procurement, Accounts Payable, Budget and Position Control, Fixed Assets, Cost Accounting, Endowment Management, Accounts Receivable, Research Accounting

12 Finance cont. New and future stuff ◦ Banner Travel & Expense Management  Manage policies, authorize expenditures, process reimbursements, manage approvals ◦ Purchasing and Procurement  Requests for goods & services, ordering/buying, receiving, bids/contracts  e-Procurement (SciQuest HigherMarkets front end) ◦ Budgeting and Position Control Module  Facilitates budget preparation integrated with HR

13 Financial Aid Performs tracking, budgeting, need analysis and packaging Components include: ◦ Applicant record creation, requirements tracking, student budget assignment, funds management, disbursement, award history/transcripts, direct lending, electronic data exchange, reporting, loan processing and return of Title IV fund information

14 Financial Aid cont. NWACC uses Banner Financial Aid for: ◦ Applicant Processing  Day-to-day processing of student financial aid info ◦ Requirements Tracking  Define documents students need to submit ◦ Packaging and Disbursement  Group students by level and award as a unit

15 Financial Aid cont. New and future stuff ◦ Fully use Student Employment module  Referral, placement, hours submission, and tracking functions for student employees  Work authorization and departmental time reports

16 Human Resources System Includes Human Resources, Position Control and Payroll Supports employment and compensation ◦ Budget preparation and monitoring ◦ Position control and staffing ◦ Payroll processing ◦ Administration of benefits and leave

17 HR cont. Applicant tracking and Talent Management ◦ Using PeopleAdmin NWACC uses Banner HR for: ◦ Recruiting, compensation, benefits, evaluations and FMLA ◦ View pay stubs, benefit information, update office information and salary planner (EagleNet)

18 HR cont. New and future stuff ◦ Faculty Load and Compensation (FLAC)  Merges information in Banner Student and HR (EagleNet) to help manage faculty workload ◦ Electronic Personnel Action Forms (EPAF)  Accommodate a more efficient signature process (INB and EagleNet) ◦ Web Time Entry  Electronic approvals of time entered (EagleNet) ◦ Talent Management Suite  Offered as SaaS

19 Banner General Contains modules common to all Banner systems ◦ Job Submission – running of reports and processes ◦ Population Selection – allows extraction of people, vendors or organizations for use in reports, processes and letters ◦ Letter Generation – Define extract variables, build paragraphs, and merge data into a formatted letter

20 General cont. New and future stuff ◦ Banner Enterprise Identity Service (BEIS)  Support and automate user provisioning to/from Banner  Provides a standard identity definition ◦ Mass Data Update Utility (MDUU)  Business tool to quickly and easily develop batch updating processes ◦ Supplemental Data Engine (SDE)  Simple way to add data fields to Banner Forms (without customization!) ◦ Web Services  Supports a service-oriented architecture to facilitate integration with external systems

21 Workflow A workflow automates a work activity process ◦ Users determine the rules that affect the process Creating a workflow involves five phases: ◦ Analyze, develop, implement, execute and monitor ◦ Process must be formalized

22 Workflow cont. Some NWACC workflows: ◦ Technology Access Form ◦ Technology Services Project Request ◦ Employee Change Notification ◦ Work Study Request ◦ Name Change ◦ Terminate Employee ◦ Faculty Grade Change ◦ Refund Appeal

23 Banner Advancement Not currently being used Handles day-to-day activities of advancement and development offices ◦ Tracks pledges ◦ Records gifts ◦ Program planning and evaluation ◦ Volunteer management ◦ Prospect tracking ◦ Matching gift processing

24 Other Systems Banner is the source (central record) for: ◦ BlackBoard ◦ Ad Astra Room Scheduler ◦ AdvisorTrac (web-based advising system) ◦ Advocate (student conduct) ◦ NaceLink CSM (career services manager) ◦ Koha (Library catalog system) ◦ Clancy Systems (parking ticket system) ◦ (portal)  CampusEAI

25 Other SGHE Partners Evisions ◦ SunGard Higher Education is reseller and strategic partner  Training and Installation  Remote Report Development ◦ FormFusion – transforms Banner output into digital documents ◦ IntelleCheck – securely supports check printing and routing directly from Banner ◦ Argos – enterprise reporting solution for ad hoc queries, advanced dashboards and data cubes

26 The Near Future INB get’s a new look – Project Horizon ◦ Why?  Oracle Forms is starting to look outdated  “Old” technology ◦ Oracle Forms = Proprietary product (Oracle) ◦ OpenSource Products ◦ Groovy & Grails  Modern web based user interface  Dynamic language for Java Virtual Machine (Groovy)  Web Framework (Grails) ◦ Most functionality released in Banner 9

27 On the Horizon Catalog and Schedule in Q3 2011 Same screen names Similar keyboard navigation Quick Flow will be supported in future releases Data Extract will still work NWACC in 2012?

28 All things Banner… Arkansas Banner User Group (ABUG) Hosted for first time at NWACC ◦ September 27 & 28 ◦ Call for presentations! SGHE Commons ◦ Community Source Initiative ◦

29 Thanks!

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