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Project Kick-off presentation By :Albert Palma Xicola / Isaac Kihara.

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1 Project Kick-off presentation By :Albert Palma Xicola / Isaac Kihara

2 Gcon4 - Presentation 2 INDEX Gcon4 Introduction Gcon4 and CGIAR Implementation Methodology Project Scope Project teams Project schedule Next steps

3 Gcon4 - Presentation 3 Company Gcon4 was recently founded by 4 senior management consultants offering world class Agresso Solutions. We are a diverse and global organization, with teams in all continents but operating as one company. We achieve our successes through our strong commitment and by working in strong partnership with our clients. Our hands-on consultants collaborate closely with our clients equipping them to autonomously exploit the potentials of the software. Enabling business change and flexibility. That's our commitment.

4 Gcon4 - Presentation 4 Gcon4 and OCS

5 Gcon4 - Presentation 5 Implementation methodology ILRI Solution Review in some areas.

6 Gcon4 - Presentation 6 Project Scope Common General Ledger Accounts Payable Accounts Receivable Fixed Assets Logistics Planner Commitment Accounting PCB Timesheets Research HR (Resources and Positions) Travel Expenses Scope Tim e Cos t Qualit y

7 Gcon4 - Presentation 7 Project teams Project sponsor: Martin Van Weerdenburg

8 Gcon4 - Presentation 8 Project Timeline

9 Gcon4 - Presentation 9 Next steps – Solution Review

10 Gcon4 - Presentation 10 Next steps – Data Migration

11 Gcon4 - Presentation 11 Next steps – Test Scripts Delivery date: 10/04/2015

12 “The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team” Phil Jackson

13 Gcon4 - Presentation 13

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