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SUN 6 – THE NEW DAWN Presented By Jonathan L Phiri, MBA,MCSA ZBUC Sunplus Director.

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1 SUN 6 – THE NEW DAWN Presented By Jonathan L Phiri, MBA,MCSA ZBUC Sunplus Director.

2 2 ©SunPlus Accounting Software Global SunPlus Team Implementation & Training What Is Dimension Accounting? Dimension Accounting is a Business/Accounting Process implemented by Fortune 500 companies in classifying Resources that will come into the organization’s coffer and is used in SunPlus in implementing the Fund Accounting requirements of SDA Accounting Manual. What Fund Accounting is to the SDA Accounting Manual... Dimension Accounting is to SunPlus.

3 3 ©SunPlus Accounting Software Global SunPlus Team Implementation & Training Why Dimension Accounting? 1.To easily accomplish the reporting requirements of Medical Institutions and the requirements of SDA Accounting Manual 2.To try big corporations’ approach to accounting complexity 3.To make it easy for Users and Auditors 4. To simplify Information Management and Analysis

4 4 ©SunPlus Accounting Software Global SunPlus Team Implementation & Training Activities = Funds Objectives = Functions Limitations = Restrictions 205.02 Definition of Fund Accounting - Fund accounting is the procedure by which resources are classified for accounting and reporting in accordance with activities, objectives, or limitations that are either specified by donors, imposed by outside sources, or designated by the governing committee. Thus, for applicable organizations, the account structure enumerates one or more operating funds, a separate fund for accounts related to land, buildings, and equipment, and separate funds for each of several other possible categories of activities. This segregation within the total accounting system allows separate reports to be produced for selected segments of the organization.

5 5 ©SunPlus Accounting Software Global SunPlus Team Implementation & Training 1501.02 Components of Net Assets - Every entity will have an unrestricted unallocated component of net assets, which represents the amount that is available for management to use at its discretion to carry out the entity’s programs and services. (As discussed in Chapter 17, conferences separate unallocated net assets further, into tithe and non-tithe funds.) Most entities will also have additional components of net assets to represent resources that have been either restricted by donor instructions or designated by the governing committee (Temporarily Restricted, Permanently Restricted) for specific programs or purposes. RSTR = Restriction Dimension

6 Accounting Infrastructure for Sun 6.1 Sun6 has come with a few changes in the ledger analysis infrastructure as well as in the Chart of Accounts as far as natural accounts are concerned.

7 THE TEN LEDGER ANALYSIS DIMENSIONS as we know them 1 Ref 2 - Reference 2 2 TFWW - To/From, Who/Where 3 FUND – Fund 4 FNCT - Function 5 RSTR - Restriction

8 THE TEN LEDGER ANALYSIS DIMENSIONS Contd 6 ORGID - SDA Organizations 7 WHO - Employee/Creditor/Donor Student/Retiree 8 FLAG - Flag (Memo/Trs/TF In/Out) 9 PROJ – Project 10 DTLS - Details


10 LEDGER ANALYSIS 1 – "RSCE” Resource Dimension (new dimension) In Sun5.41, Ledger Analysis 1 was used for the Ref2 dimension, which is the Journal Type Sequence Number. In Sun6, Ref2 Dimension is no longer used for the Journal Type sequence number. Instead, the Voucher Number Stream is utilized to accomplish this purpose. Since Ledger Analysis 1 is now free because Ref2 is no longer used for the Journal sequence number, the new Resource Dimension is assigned to Ledger Analysis 1. What is the Resource Dimension? In Sun5.41, the present Resource Dimension Codes are part of the Function Dimension. The Capital Function dimension codes are now the Resource Dimension codes that are displayed in the Net Asset Section of the Balance Sheet. The following are the Resource Dimension codes:

11 Contd UFTF Unallocated Fund Tithe Resources (For Fund 10) UFNT Unallocated Fund Non-tithe Resources (for Fund 10) UFUN Unallocated Unexpended in Plant Resources (for Fund 20) UFIN Unallocated Invested in Plant Resources (for Fund 20) AFC/AFO Allocated Fund Resources (either for fund 10 or fund 20) The above dimension codes were removed from the Functions Dimension codes and put under the "L1 Resource Dimension". Since all Net Assets accounts must be set to “M” mandatory for L1 (net asset beginning balance accounts 5-599z, income accounts 6-799z, expense accounts 8-991z and transfer accounts 992-997z) this means every entry that will be posted to these accounts must be tagged with one of the Resource Dimension codes, either unallocated or allocated. This will allow us not to do the closing function entries anymore at the end of each fiscal year, since each transaction is now channeled through anyone of the capital resources which will show the net of the capital resources at any given time in the fiscal year.


13 LEDGER ANALYSIS 2 – TFWW To/From Who/Where Dimension SAME AS IN 5.41


15 LEDGER ANLYSIS 4 – FNCT FUNCTION Dimension There are few changes in the Function Dimension

16 The Capital Function codes (UFTF, UFNT, UFUN, UFIN and AFO & AFC) are no longer with the Function Dimension as they are now in the Resource Dimension. There are no more specific function codes for Fund 10 and specific function codes for fund 20. All Function codes in the Function Dimension can now be used by both fund 10 and fund 20. No more NOIxxx and NOUxxx functions codes. For example, when buying an equipment for the Treasury, the Resource Dimension will be "UFIN", the Fund is "20", the Function is "AUTREAS01" and the Restriction is “0”. If any purchases of equipment are not assigned to any specific function, they can either be tagged to "SUINHOU01" In-House Operation or "PSGENER01" General Program Services Function.

17 Any income or expense generated by the "AFO" or "AFC" Resource Dimension, that is not for a Specific Function, they can also be tagged to "PSGENER01". During SunPlus Implementation, when the beginning fund balance is entered in 500100, with UFNT and UFTF or AFO or AFC Resource dimensions, they can also be tagged to "PSGENER01" General Program Services Function The "SUINHOU01 In House Operation" function code under "Support Services" could be tagged for any office expense that cannot be distributed to various functions, like water and electricity, janitorial expenses, etc. Another Function Dimension code that is opened is the "SUGENER01 General Institutional". This function code will shoulder any expenses that are incurred by your organization in behalf of other institutions but it is your organization that is responsible for the bill, like the committee members expense during the year-end meeting. Committee members are from various institutions, but most of the times you pay for their board and lodging, sometimes including per diem, so the function to be charged will be "SUGENER01".

18 LEDGER ANALYSIS 5 – RSTR RESTRICTION Dimension The restriction dimension has been streamlined. There are 4 dimension codes in Sun6 instead of the ten codes in Sun5.41. The new restriction dimension codes are the following: 0 Unrestricted 3 Tithe Restricted 7 Temporarily Restricted 9 Permanently Restricted

19 Restriction Dimension Contd The "0" restriction can be used by UFNT, UFUN, UFIN, AFO and AFC resources The "3" Restriction can be used by UFTF, AFO Resources The "7" Restriction is for AFO and AFC Resources only The "9" Restriction is also for AFO and AFC Resources only The Restriction Dimension is more related to the Resource Dimension than the Function Dimension

20 LEDGER ANALYSIS 6 - ORGID Organizations Dimension SAME AS 5.41

21 LEDGER ANALYSIS 7 -The WHO Dimension SAME AS 5.41


23 LEDGER ANALYSIS 9 – PROJ Project Dimension SAME AS IN 5.41

24 LEDGER ANALYSIS 10 - DTLS Dimension SAME AS IN 5.41


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