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Workday Financials Implementation Project Insert Meeting Title Date and Time Room #

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2 Workday Financials Implementation Project Insert Meeting Title Date and Time Room #

3 A Landmark Project Joint implementation by the two Controller’s Offices at Pomona and at CUC of the same new accounting and budgeting system at the same time

4 What is Workday? An enterprise software system Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Hosted by Workday Built on modern object-oriented technology Cloud-based with online web access Updates issued to all customers at the same time Not customizable, but instead configurable to meet each customer’s needs

5 What We Gain From Workday A modern financial system to replace Jenzabar CX (general ledger only) at Pomona and Datatel Colleague at all other Colleges.

6 What We Gain From Workday Solutions for three major needs: Robust reporting for decision-making Integrated budgeting and planning tools Business processes with embedded workflows and document management

7 Guiding Principles 1. Use Workday business processes as delivered 2. Adopt the same business processes for all entities 3. Keep it simple 4. Make thoughtful and deliberate decisions 5. Follow-up on “parking lot” issues post go-live 6. Escalate decision-making issues to BFAC on a timely basis 7. Respect one another 8. Manage change proactively and be transparent.

8 How was Workday Selected? In-depth needs assessment conducted Several major software systems evaluated Vetted with accounting and IT staff from all campuses Feedback solicited, compiled and compared Workday recommended to Council and unanimously approved.

9 Timing & Scope – First Round Go Live date of July 1, 2015 Financial functions include: Accounts Payable Cash Receipts Journal Entries General Ledger Reporting Integrates with existing systems Student Accounts, Gifts, Payroll

10 Project Schedule Plan Stage October – November, 2014 Architect Stage November – December, 2014 Configure and Prototype January – March, 2015 Testing March –May, 2015 Deploy Go Live - July 1, 2015

11 Timing & Scope – Second Round Multiple Go Live dates after July 1, 2015 Functions include: Procurement Fixed Assets Endowment Unitization Post-Award Grants Budgeting and Planning Employee Expense Reimbursements

12 Other Workday Products HCM (HR/Payroll) – Implementation decision to be determined in the future Student – Council approved becoming a Strategic Influencer; implementation decision to be determined in the future

13 Project Roles Project Owner – CUC CEO Executive Sponsors – BFAC Project Management Office (PMO) CUC CEO, two BFAC members, two IT representatives and PMT Project Management Team (PMT) Project Manager, Financial Leads Project Organization

14 Project Management Organization Project Manager* Bob Caragher Project Owner – Liaison to ITC Stig Lanesskog Executive Sponsor – BFAC Liaison, 2014/15 Chair Andrew Dorantes Financial Leads* Mia Alonzo, Mary Lou Woods Information Technology Rene Yang, Andrew Crawford Change Management Lead Karen Sisson Project Management Office (PMO) *The Project Manager and Financial Leads together comprise the Project Management Team (PMT) Change Management Consultant Nancy Krogh Workday Engagement Manager Mark Wangeman Training Lead Mary Lou Woods Testing Lead Mia Alonzo

15 Core/Design Team POMONA Mary Lou Woods, Vickie Roberts, CJ Seumalo, Dave Wallace CGU Leslie Negritto SCRIPPS Janet Grieman CMC Erin Watkins HMC Scott Martin PITZER Lori Yoshino KGI Erin Quillen CUC Mia Alonzo, Adele Vuong, Michelle Bernal, Jessica Schatz, Mabel Hanken, Jennifer Stockton

16 How Can Staff and Faculty Learn More? Demo Days Demonstrations of standard business processes (for example: submitting an invoice for payment) with open invitation. Design Review Sessions Team-led interactive reviews of design components. Training Days Opportunities to try out business processes. Project Website Information about status of project and training and demo opportunities.

17 Key Contacts Stig Lanesskog Project Owner Andrew Dorantes Chair, BFAC, Executive Sponsors Bob Caragher Project Manager, PMT Mia Alonzo Financial Lead, PMT Mary Lou Woods Financial Lead, PMT

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