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Catherine Hensly SGA Treasurer 1.

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1 Catherine Hensly SGA Treasurer 1

2 Pg. 18 of the SGA Bylaws:  Not attending Club Orientation ◦ 20% budget reduction  Not having a constitution on record with the Club Coordinator ◦ 20% budget reduction  Not participating in mandatory events organized by Club Coordinator/SGA Treasurer ◦ 5% budget reduction for each event  Not maintaining & submitting a monthly ledger ◦ 5% budget reduction per missing ledger 2

3  Business statements come out around the 15 th of each month ◦ I will put these in your club boxes for you to pick up and will send a blast email once they are available  The idea: check your records against those of the Business Office  Ledgers are due the 25 th of each month ◦ I will collect them the following morning; penalties will be incurred thereafter  Hard copies can be submitted in the appropriate folder in the SGA Treasurer box  Alternatively, digital copies may be emailed to with the name of the club & “ledger” in the subject line ◦ I will reply to these; if you don’t receive a reply after a couple of days, double check that the email actually went through! It is your responsibility to be sure they are completed and submitted! 3

4 Name of club, date of last revision Account number Name of treasurer / person who created ledger, date Reconcile these two columns; they should be the same! 4 A sample ledger can also be found

5  Best way to do them: record each transaction as you complete it! ◦ I recommend maintaining an Excel or Word document chronicling transactions; then, all you have to do is send the most recently saved copy!  Check and see if your club already has a ledger saved somewhere… ◦ That way, you can just model yours after theirs and keep the log going!  When looking at Business Statements: ◦ “Debits” are amounts deducted from your account ◦ “Credits” are amounts added to your account ◦ “Ending Balance” is the amount currently in the account as of the date issued 5

6  New policies  Will be available online in Excel (The old vouchers are still accepted and are available through the Business Office)online  Only one voucher (up to $50) per week ◦ Put the completed voucher in the appropriate folder in the SGA Treasurer Box by 10AM Mon.-Thurs. ◦ I will sign them and take them over the Business Office where they will be ready for you that afternoon! ◦ Receipts must be turned into the Business Office within a week to complete the request ◦ Cash can only be withdrawn again after closing out the previous Petty Cash request (i.e. returning excess funds and turning in the receipts) ◦ If receipts and/or money are not returned in a timely fashion, the student account of whoever took out the cash will be charged 6

7 Other forms that you may need/encounter include:  Advance Request  Advance – Expense Report  Reimbursement Expense Form  Check Request  W-9 Tax form (If not already on file)  SGA Account Transfer Form  Deposit Transmittal These are available from: Hollins SGA Forms  Treasury/Budget Forms and from the Business Office Webpage Treasury/Budget FormsBusiness Office Webpage 7

8  The Advance Request formAdvance Request ◦ Designed to acquire cash before an event/purchase ◦ For amounts >$50 (otherwise go for Petty Cash) ◦ Requires supporting documents (i.e. price quotes)  Must follow-up with an Advance Expense Report detailing how the funds were spentAdvance Expense Report ◦ Return unspent money to the Business Office ◦ Requires supporting documents (i.e. receipts)  Often, it is easier to do a ReimbursementReimbursement ◦ Requires only one form rather than two ◦ Repays cash after an event/purchase ◦ Requires supporting documents (i.e. receipts) ◦ Can be direct-deposited for accounts that are set- up to do so 8

9  Check Request Form Check Request Form ◦ Used for payments made directly to vendors, independent contractors, artists, etc. ◦ Requires supporting documents (i.e. receipts, contracts, etc.) ◦ All original receipts should be saved and given to the Business Office as needed. There are no exceptions to not having a receipt.  Make sure to fill out a W-9 tax form for any new vendorW-9 tax form ◦ Attach this to the check request form ◦ But first, check with the Business Office; they may already have one on file! 9

10  SGA Account Transfer Form SGA Account Transfer Form  Perfect for co-sponsoring events  Transfers funds from one club/account to another ◦ Organization/Club to be Debited is the club giving funds ◦ Organization/Club to be Credited is the club receiving funds 10

11  To make a deposit to an SGA account, complete a Deposit Transmittal form Deposit Transmittal ◦ List checks individually by check number ◦ The “Denomination Quantity” section at the bottom will automatically calculate total cash, simply enter the count of each  If funds were fundraised, be sure to denote as much in the description ◦ Fundraised money rolls over from year to year!  Deposits are made directly to the Business Office ◦ These do not require the approval of the SGA Treasurer, just take the completed form and cash/checks to the cashier 11

12  Place all completed forms (other than Petty Cash vouchers and deposits) in the appropriate folders in the SGA Treasurer box by 5:00pm on Sunday  I will review & turn these forms into the Business Office by 3:30pm on Monday**  Funds will be ready starting at 8:30am Friday** **Delays may result if forms are not completed correctly/completely. 12

13  Purchasing Policy & Tax Exempt Stores Purchasing Policy & Tax Exempt Stores ◦ Outlines the general purchasing policy guidelines ◦ Pg. 4 lists Tax Exempt Stores & protocols for each  Tax will not be reimbursed for listed stores ◦ Be sure to check this list first! ◦ Many require a Tax Exemption Card, available from the Business Office  Cards must be returned the following business day ◦ When using a Tax Exemption Form, you must only buy things for the club/organization  If you plan to buy personal items, you must do so on a separate purchase 13

14  If you need additional funding ◦ You can also fundraise, find a co-sponsor for an event, and/or petition HAB!  Not more than once per semester  Email >48 hours before the designated Treasury Board meeting ◦ We will be meeting on Sundays at 7pm, so notification is due no later than Friday at 7pm or else it will wait until the following week’s meeting  Bring with you: ◦ 8 copies of the petition ◦ 1 copy of your club’s up-to-date ledger ◦ 1 copy of your club’s constitution  Refer to: How to Petition Treasury Board and Title 5 of the SGA BylawsHow to Petition Treasury BoardTitle 5 of the SGA Bylaws 14

15  Budget hearings happen in the Spring (more on that later…)  Fill out forms digitally (i.e. in the Excel document) rather than hand-writing them  Please paper clip supporting documents  Tape all receipts to a sheet of blank copy paper  Aim for succinct descriptions on forms  Fill out forms accurately and completely, and if you’re unsure, ask! ◦ Catherine Hensly, SGA Treasurer ◦ Pace Martin, Business Office Associate Controller ◦ Doug Smith, Director of Student Activities 15

16  The Business Office is located on the ground floor of the Cocke Building ◦ Office hours: Monday-Friday, 8:30am-4:30pm  Plan ahead!!!  Keep detailed records ◦ Photocopy or scan forms & receipts before submission ◦ Record transactions as they happen for your ledger  The 2011-2012 Club Handbook has lots of helpful insights!2011-2012 Club Handbook  If in doubt: 1.Check the SGA tab on My.Hollins & all its nifty linksSGA tab 2.Email me at and/or speak with Pace Martin in the Business Office 16

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