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1. A New Look! 2 Tabs Docked Panel Dockable Panels.

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1 1

2 A New Look! 2 Tabs Docked Panel Dockable Panels

3 Available in Account and OnSchedule Miniature windows that can be opened, closed, moved and attached to different areas of the existing screens. 3 Account Action Buttons Floating Panel

4 How to Dock a Panel When moving a panel, the docking helper icons appear. Grab the title bar of the panel and drag it to the desired docking icon. When the desired icon has been located, a blue bar will appear. Release the docking panel title bar and the panel now appears at the selected location. 4

5 Docking Helper Icons 5

6 Account – Action Items Balance - Display the Balance panel. Activity - Display Activity panel. Acct Alerts - Display the Account Alerts panel. Preferences - Display the Account Preferences panel. Reports – Display the Account Reports filter. This panel is not dockable. Smart Claim – Quickly re-create a claim Smart Invoice – Generate “Today’s Receipt”, view/re-print Walkout 6

7 Account Balance Panel 7 By default, the Account Balance Panel will be Open.

8 Sort Columns All columns in the Account window can now be sorted. Sort columns by selecting the column heading. An arrow will appear on the column heading once a column has been sorted. 8

9 Filter Columns Filter the ledger items displayed within the columns. Select the icon located on the upper corner of the column header to see a list of available filter options. Select an item from the list to narrow the ledger display. The ledger will be filtered, based on the users selection. 9

10 Customize Columns Right click the column heading - Customize Columns Click and drag a column off the Account window to remove. Click and drag a column from the customization window to the desired location to add. 10

11 Filter Ledger “Show Unpaid Transactions Only” has been added to the Account Filter options. Select Filter Ledger and check the box to show unpaid transactions only for a quick view. 11

12 Tabs Account, Walkout, Payment, Insurance Payment and Adjustment Tabs are located at the bottom of the Account window and allow you to open additional processes within the current window. Move between tabs without losing entered information Tabs allow the user to do more without leaving the Account window 12

13 Account Tab 13 Account Ledger

14 Walkout Tab 14 Account Information Walkout Processing

15 Account Payment Tab 15 Account Information Account Payment

16 Insurance Payment Tab Lists any open claims. Simply select the correct claim, no more prompts. Overpayments allowed! Anything applied over the submitted amount will be unassigned. 16 Select the claim under ‘Open Claims’ and the claim details open below.

17 Adjustment Tab 17 Account Details Adjustment Processing

18 Smart Claim Quickly re-create a claim from the Account window 18

19 Smart Claim 19 Smart Claim is also available in the right-click menu!

20 Smart Invoice 20 Smart Invoice replaces “Today’s Receipt” Quickly create one invoice when multiple payments, walkouts and adjustments have been posted in one day Multi-select services to re-print a patients Walkout statement

21 Right-Click Menus The Account window right-click menus are still accessible from the following areas: 21 Right click in the gray area next to the patients name Select a patient from the patient information area and right click Right click on a line item in the ledger

22 Bulk Payments - Overpayments Overpayments are now allowed! Overpayments will show as “unassigned” in the patients Account 22 Message Icon Warning

23 Misc. Account Window Changes Expand / Retract Ledger option has been removed. New icons along the left margin show unassigned credits and unpaid debits. Positive/Negative Transactions (indicated by a new icon). *Unassigned credits, unpaid debits and positive/negative transactions are discussed in detail during “Line Item Accounting” session. 23

24 24

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