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+ Treasurer Training!!! Presented By: SGA & the Business Office.

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1 + Treasurer Training!!! Presented By: SGA & the Business Office

2 + SGA Treasurer Handles all money from the Student Activities Fee Oversees the Ways and Means Committee Supervises and Coordinates activities of all organizational treasurers

3 + Structure of the Funding Process SGA – Senate – Treasurer Ways and Means Committee – Review Applications – Hold orgs to spending and conduct audits Business Office – Money money money! You!

4 + What do Org Treasurers do? As org treasurer, your responsibilities include Preparing budgets for funding requests Keeping all financial records Ledger Reciepts Monthly Statements Contacting your Ways and Means rep with any questions

5 + Where does the money come from?

6 + Student Activities Fee $186 per student ($22 for ResHalls, $164 for Student Programming) Paid by every student Anticipated 2250 students Over $414,719 for the year.

7 + Where does the money go?

8 + Student Support Services PVTA $25,000 Class Boards $11,526 Cultural Houses $2,500

9 + Types of Funding Contingency Regular Special

10 + Contingency Funding ($22,000) Who’s eligible? New orgs after 2 nd semester, and regular funding dropouts Must be applied for each semester 4-2 rule New orgs need 4 consecutive semester to be eligible for Regular funding Dropouts only need 2 Smaller Pot of Money

11 + Regular Funding ($166, 806) Has already been determined for the 12-13 school year Orgs that (re)graduate from contingency funding Applied for once in the spring Money granted is split between semesters

12 + Special Funding ($52,000) All orgs that eligible for funding can apply Opens after contingency funding is granted, and goes until money runs out. Use for big/unforeseen events Speakers Conferences Budget overflow will be suggested for Special Funding Guidelines

13 + Applying for Funding Get your app in ON TIME! Funding form example Explain everything Don’t apply for money AFTER you have spent it

14 + Audits At the end of the semester, you will be audited by your Ways and Means Rep Three Keys to Victory: Receipts Buy things with a receipt Keep it (more on this from the business office) Record it in your ledger Ledger Monthly Statements Given by the business office Need to match the receipts AND ledger

15 + Further Funding Guidelines The purpose of SGA Funding is to fulfill your org’s mission statement. We do not fund gifts, prizes, rewards or personal items. If you request money for speakers, conferences etc, then details need to be finalized and CONFIRMED (i.e. time, date, location, exact expenses) and included in the application. If you need transportation to attend an event, then please request a fleet van from auxiliary services. Food expenses, Hotel expenses, Appreciation party, Conference fees, Uniforms/costumes, t-shirts, printing based on auxiliary prices, DJs, Fleet Van accident.

16 + Fundraising All orgs are required to fundraise a portion of their budget. Remember: fundraising is only fundraising if it’s actually generating profit If an org doesn’t include fundraising in its budget proposal, the Ways and Means Committee will subtract the appropriate percentage from the funding decision.

17 + Resources Your Ways and Means Representative Authorized Signers’ Ella site SGA Website

18 + Questions? Email me at Office hours (TBA – keep a look out for my email ) Email Tori at Email Zara Nizami at

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