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Core Banking Solution.

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1 Core Banking Solution

2 Objectives of the CBS - 1 To streamline existing operations of Small Savings Schemes and to provide integrated facilities to customers. To provide facilities like ATMs for withdrawal by customer. Internet and telephone based access to all schemes Better and improved system of accounting and auditing of savings schemes enabling quick detection of irregularities ( without physical movement of vouchers). To migrate from manual system of operations to computerized operations thereby eliminating many levels of records maintenance

3 Objectives of CBS - 2 Better MIS for efficient decision making.
Seamless integration of facilities such as Electronic Clearance Service (ECS), National Electronic Fund Transfer (NEFT), Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS) Faster grievance redress through Call Centre To enable the Department to undertake other Agency functions

4 Roles of Postmasters for data cleaning
Data entry in all category- inclusive of Silent Accounts Signature Scanning Preparation of consolidated journal of all categories on Sanchay post by SBCO Up-to-date SB returns to SBCO on day to day basis Settlement of Un posted items Settlement of Minus Balance. Preparation of annual interest statement Settlement of SBCO objections Reconciliation of Unpaired debit and credit Submission of Saving certificates returns to DPA Will follow report of all categories of accounts Ledger agreement up to cut off date

5 For SBCO Agreement- Consolidation journal (CJ) of all categories on Sanchay Post by SBSO BRANCH Office-wise register of all categories by all SBCO with OB and CB. It should match with the Consolidation journal CJ. Statistical Register of all categories by SBCO. Statistical Register should match with the HO Cash Book and HO Accounts V2SBCO offices-transaction feeding should be 100% in all categories Interest Statement in SB & PPF should be released on yearly basis


7 DB Analyzer – 34 Points of exercise SB/MIS/PPF/RD/TD/SCSS
1.Index with zero account no. 2.Index entries with open date 3.Ledger entries prior to account open date 4.Index entries different PO code 5.Accounts without names of depositors 6.Account numbers with blank account type

8 7.Account no. without previous year interest entries
8.Ledger entries with zero account no. 9.Ledger entries with LOT date 10.Account no. with zero Nomination no. 11.Ledger entries with different PO code 12.Account without address of depositors 13.Account no. with blank account status 14.Accounts for which Service charge have been deducted

9 15.Index entries without ledger entries
16.MIS discrepancy 17.Accounts with wrong amount in SI register 18.Accounts having no ledger entries 19.Accounts with fractions 20.Default entries discrepancy 21.Accounts with different months counts 22.Accounts with more than one entry in SI register 23.Ledger entry discrepancy

10 24.RD bulk list not posted 25.Paid/Unpaid discrepancy 26. Accounts for which interest calculated is zero 27. Accounts with difference of amount in index & ledger 28. Account no. with SI without previous quarter interest withdrawal 29. accounts with SI which TDS deducted automatically ( 15G/15H not submitted )

11 30. Account no. for which TDS exemption has been given
31. Account nos. with incomplete ledger entries 32. Account nos. with withdraw type but not in SI entries 33. Account nos. with SI having withdrawal entries with future dates 34. Account nos. in SI register having closed/transferred SB accounts.

12 Thank You

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