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Unisys & Association of California Airports GA Security Issues K. L. Dores Director Airport Management Services.

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1 Unisys & Association of California Airports GA Security Issues K. L. Dores Director Airport Management Services

2 Our Global Reach Managed Services Centre Salt Lake City, UT Austin, TX Blue Bell, PA Brazil Amsterdam South Africa Australia Satellite Korea Farmington, NY Mexico City Colombia Venezuela Argentina New Zealand Singapore Hong Kong Japan UK Reston, VA Chile

3 Industry Issues Who pays for Security & Safety improvements? Government mandates – how much should be mandated? Harmonization – how does the mandate fit with the rest of the world? Standards – who should be setting the standards?

4 Security Initiatives TSA Information Technology Managed Services (ITMS) TSA USAccess Pilot Program Known Shipper Program – Safe Commerce 20 Airport Access Control Pilot Program Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC) Computer Assisted Passenger Pre-screening System (CAPPS II) (US Citizens Only)

5 429 commercial airports Over 2 mil pax/day; 60 mil/mo; 750 mil/yr Over 1 billion checked bags/year 30,000 passenger screeners; 22,000 baggage screeners 150 billion pounds of cargo/year Context in US Aviation Alone

6 Internal Airport Network Airport Operations Network Airline-Specific Network Public Access Network Tenant Network Security Network Carrier Network TSA White Package Airside (Field/Tarmac) Plane Prep (Fuel, Food, etc) Airport Construction Crews Maintenance Crew Tower Personnel Baggage Crew Flight Crew Network Management Remote Network Management Connections can be either wired or wireless Note Back Office Support Personnel Office Personnel IP Telephony Hotels Retail Bookstores Rental Cars Gas Stations Eateries/ Restaurants Tenants Internet PSTN External Services Airline Ticketing Kiosks Airline Ticketing Counters Wireless ISPs Mass Transit/ Shuttles Wireless ISPs Off-Prem Check-In Sites Main Terminal Airline Clubs Wi-Fi Phones Seating Areas Airline Gate Agents Satellite Broadcast TV Flight Info Displays (FIDS) Concourse TSA Smart Card Systems Access Control (doors) Video Monitoring Rooms Video Monitoring Devices Roaming Security Personnel PA & FIDS (in case of an emergency) Security/ Emergency

7 TSA Blue Package Vision  Real time information  Information analysis and aggregation, collaborative process  Anywhere, anytime  Proactive protection, prevention  3D Biometrics  Intelligent Office  Integrated physical and IT security  Anomaly Detection  Human Immune system as model  Quantum Computing

8 Check-in with Passport Reader / Customs Form Registration / Enrollment with ID Verification Customer Database Analysis During Flight Immigrations Automated w/Biometric Customs Direct Domestic Bag Claim Exit Customs Area TSA Research Grant International Pilot (LHR – IAD) TSA US Access Program

9 Known Shipper Program Foreign Exporter Ocean Voyage DC to Port Foreign Port U.S. Ports US: Port to DC Final Destination Shipper Load and Inspect Container Seal Contents, activate sensors/tracking Verify credentials Send all Docs Create PO Container Booking Monitor Route Time Route Automatic Check-In Verify Credentials Load Vessel Known Shipper Data Base Monitor Route Ensure Tamper Free Notify In-bound port Verify Credentials Unload Container Load Truck Automatic Check-Out Monitor Route Automatic Check-In Verify Tamper Free De-activate seals/sensors/tracking Assess Risk Levels Notify Customs

10  Closed Circuit Television (CCTV)  Components(cameras, recorders,networks)  Integration  Integration of biometrics  Access Control  Anti-Tailgating  Controlled Access / Egress  Remote and Local Operation  Metal Detectors – X-Ray/Spectral Analysis Technologies  Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems  Video Motion Detection  Convergent Technologies - Wireless  Scannor, PDA, Cellular Phone TSA 20 Airport Access Control Pilot Program

11 Transportation Worker Identification

12  Facilitates the convergence between Physical Security and Information Technology.  Enabled to authenticate cardholder to client/computing device.  Coexists with existing magnetic stripe (or other physical technologies, I.e., weigand, proximity, barcode, etc.  Single card for: Identification Physical Access Access to Logical / IT Network – wired or wireless Benefits Transportation Worker ID

13 R, G, Y TSA Host Secure Flight Airline Reservation System PNR Other Sources Government Systems Passenger Travel History Encoded Staffed or Kiosk Personal ID Capture Watch List Check Airline Check-In Encoded Baggage Tags Boarding Pass Read Tag Full Search Bag Match on All Segments Baggage Screening Read BP: Detain or Search Photo Comparison Video Surveillance to Central DB Security Checkpoint Secure Flight Initiative

14 Airport Design – Managing Today’s Complexity Communications Improved access to Management data Consistent data source across operations Planning Coordinated through single operational view Business objectives Measure performance Improve cash flow Marketing support Increased efficiency

15 Business Continuity Identity Management IT Infrastructure Protection Collaboration Privacy Manage Architect Implement Measure Design Vision & Strategy Program and Architecture Planning Strategy, Threat - Risk, Cost Analysis Security Design Infrastructure monitoring and maintenance Management Support and Optimization Airport Design – Old Strategy New Era

16 Thank You.

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