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L OUISIANA T ECH U NIVERSITY COES 2010-11 “Advancing Excellence” National Quality => Regional Impact.

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1 L OUISIANA T ECH U NIVERSITY COES 2010-11 “Advancing Excellence” National Quality => Regional Impact

2 L OUISIANA T ECH U NIVERSITY Purpose Building Engineers and Scientists for Tomorrow

3 L OUISIANA T ECH U NIVERSITY WELCOME Scott Shepard Visiting Assistant Professor, Electrical Engineering Telecommunications Program, Century Link Randy Null Director, Institute for Micromanufacturing Professor of Biomedical Engineering Cordaro/Entergy Professor

4 L OUISIANA T ECH U NIVERSITY Dr. Randy Null, Director, Institute for Micromanufacturing Held high level executive positions with DHS, TSA, Phoenix’s Sky Harbor Airport, Intel, Microchip Technology, Fairchild Semiconductor, and TI. Led workforces from 150 to 50,000, in domestic and international markets, with annual budgets of $150M to $3B. Held leadership and operations positions in manufacturing, information systems, and systems engineering. Security systems consultant for US firms and foreign governments. B.S. and Ph.D. from Louisiana Tech University and post- doctoral appointments with the University of Virginia Dr. Randal E. Null

5 L OUISIANA T ECH U NIVERSITY Promotions to Associate Professor (w/ Tenure) Chester Wilson, ELEN Chad O’Neal, MEEN Pedro Derosa, PHYS (Tech and GSU) Tenured as Associate Professor Mark DeCoster, BIEN Promotion to Professor Hisham Hegab, MEEN CONGRATULATIONS


7 L OUISIANA T ECH U NIVERSITY COES Teaching Award Brad Cicciarelli, Ph.D. Mikey Swanbom, Ph.D. For extraordinary instruction by a Lecturer, holding high standards, facilitating high learning achievement, while receiving high student evaluations

8 L OUISIANA T ECH U NIVERSITY COES Research Award Yuri Lvov, Ph.D. For success in external funding, faculty mentoring, accomplishments in both basic and applied research, and achieving international recognition

9 L OUISIANA T ECH U NIVERSITY COES Service Award Undergraduate Studies Support Staff Joyce Bryan, Jane Petrus, Charlotte Wilkerson For exceptional service to undergraduate students in COES, demonstrating personal concern and communication skills

10 L OUISIANA T ECH U NIVERSITY Special Outreach Award Cyber Discovery Camp Kelly Crittenden, Ph.D. (Engineering) Christian Duncan, Ph.D. (Computer Science) Brian Etheridge, Ph.D. (History) Jeremy Mhire, Ph.D. (Political Science) Jason Pigg, Ph.D. (Social Science) Heath Tims, Ph.D. (Mechanical Engineering) Galen Turner, Ph.D. (Mathematics)

11 L OUISIANA T ECH U NIVERSITY Recent Special Awards Best Lecturer in COES (selected by SGA) –Dr. Brian Barron, Mathematics Educator of the Year, ASCE (LA) –Dr. Aziz Saber, Civil Engineering ACS Helen Free Award for Public Outreach –Dr. Bill Deese, Chemistry University Foundation Professorship Award –Dr. James Nelson, Civil Engineering and Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies

12 L OUISIANA T ECH U NIVERSITY Current Members  Mihaela Paun (2007-2010)  Jinko Kanno (2007-2010)  Davis Harbor (2007-2010)  Katie Evans (2008-2011)  Yuri Lvov (2008-2011)  Chad O’Neal (2008-11)  Mark DeCoster (2009-12)  Kathleen Johnston (2009-12)  Daniela Mainardi (2009-12) Thanks to our University Senators! Election of 4 New Members 3 @ 2010-13 1 @ 2010-12

13 L OUISIANA T ECH U NIVERSITY COES Representatives Graduate Council (Galen Turner, Steve Jones till 2010) Instructional Policies Committee (Jim Nelson, Dale Snow) –Need to elect alternate Engineering and Science Foundation Faculty Representative – David Hall

14 L OUISIANA T ECH U NIVERSITY NEWS Enrollment for Fall 2010 –Orientation up by about 40 students (about 10%) –PhD (150) –MS, 200 or more –Prediction: 1650 undergrads, 350 grads, 2000 total –Recruiting Support (Alumni)

15 L OUISIANA T ECH U NIVERSITY Coming Events Career Day, Sept. 23 Gumbo Fest Today’s Engineering and Science Leaders –Ameder Danzy, VP of IMS, Jackson, MS, Sep 30 –Bill Napier, Pres of Fairwinds Int’l, Covington, Oct 5 –Jasmina Beslagic Brooks, Mktg Mngr, Interventional Electrophysiology, GE Healthcare, Nov 3 Sustainable Infrastructure Conference, Oct. 28 NSF Day, Nov. 30 COES Field Trip, Lufkin Industries, Oct 18

16 L OUISIANA T ECH U NIVERSITY Family Science and Engineering Day, October 2, Railroad Park Homecoming Presentation (Videoboard, Live Demonstrations), October 16 SCIPort Day on Thursday, October 21 (Student Demonstrations)


18 Transcript = What we have learned and how well Proscript = What we need to learn Prescript = What we need to get better

19 L OUISIANA T ECH U NIVERSITY Transcript Interdisciplinary Education and Research Works –Eco-marathon team (MEEN, CVEN, BIEN faculty; students from MEEN, INEN, ELEN, …) –Accreditation (No ‘D’, No ‘W’, 1 ‘C’ in 9 programs) –Integrated Curriculum (national leadership) –PhD in Engineering Education (MATH, CVEN, MEEN) –Cyber Engineering (coming soon) –Research (expenditures near $250K/FTE, ROI, Patents, Enterprise) –CoEd, CoLA, CANS, CoB –LSU, LSUHSC-S

20 L OUISIANA T ECH U NIVERSITY Prototype Car – 786 MPG Urban Car – 251 MPG

21 L OUISIANA T ECH U NIVERSITY E&S Day 2010 900 high school students Motivational Speaker – Terrance Sookdeo, ES Manager for Baker-Hughes INTEQ Tours and demonstrations Student design competition

22 L OUISIANA T ECH U NIVERSITY K-12 Project Lead The Way –March 3 workshop at Tech with state and national leaders of PLTW K-12 Partnerships: STEM Summit –Shreveport Convention Center, Feb. 26, 2010 –High school administrators and teachers –Showcase for LaTech COES programs –CIC co-sponsorship –Similar meeting in El Dorado

23 L OUISIANA T ECH U NIVERSITY Associate of Science in Community Colleges in Louisiana 60 hours to transfer, 2 years to B.S.? 39 hours of General Education, 21 hours of other Tracks TBD Galen Turner represents La Tech on state-wide committee

24 L OUISIANA T ECH U NIVERSITY Reducing Hours in Curriculum Board of Regents Mandates 120 credit hours maximum for undergraduate degrees Reviewing Math and Major Content No reduction in GER Changes due by December 1, 2010 Engineering programs seeking exception of 128 hours

25 L OUISIANA T ECH U NIVERSITY ADVANCE/OWISE Mentor Resources –Mentoring Workshop Presentation –Mentor Brochure –COES Mentor Workshop Presentation –Mentor Self Assessment –10 Best Mentoring Practices OWISE Grad Student Brown Bag Seminars Mentee Resources –Mentee Workshop Presentation –Mentee Brochure

26 L OUISIANA T ECH U NIVERSITY Grand Challenge Scholars Program “Grand Bulldogs” Required elements –research, –interdisciplinary curricula, –entrepreneurship, –global perspective and –service learning. Thanks to Jenna Carpenter and faculty team –

27 L OUISIANA T ECH U NIVERSITY RFP for “Grand” Courses Up to $5000 to enhance existing course to motivate/educate students to solve Grand Challenge problems Submit one page description of enhancement (laboratory equipment, speaker, field trip)

28 L OUISIANA T ECH U NIVERSITY Student News Tech ASCE students win first place in concrete canoe competition, second place in steel bridge Tech student on-hand as Large Hadron Collider sets world record Tech engineering and science students win big in Shell Eco Marathon IEEE students place third (of 27 teams) in Regional Robotics Competition

29 L OUISIANA T ECH U NIVERSITY Telecommunications Partnership with CenturyLink –New Courses (Business, Engineering and Science) TCOM 501/401 Telecommunications Theory and Applications TCOM 502/402 Fiber-optic Communications Systems TCOM 503/403 Communications Networks and the Internet CYEN XXX Security Policy and Legal Issues CYEN YYY Computer Network Defense –New Certificates (BS, MS) –New Faculty CenturyLink merger with Qwest Headquarters remains in Monroe Third-largest telephone company in US

30 L OUISIANA T ECH U NIVERSITY Update on V-Vehicle Company March 24, 2010 –Program Office of the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) will not recommend approval of VVC’s two loan applications for $321.1 million from the Advanced Technology Vehicle Manufacturing Loan Program (ATVMLP). New Management Showings of prototype car in April and July Student interns in Detroit building prototype

31 L OUISIANA T ECH U NIVERSITY Enterprise Campus WebCam Photo, Sep. 9, 2010 Tech Pointe

32 L OUISIANA T ECH U NIVERSITY Research Productivity (h-index) Example: Yuri Lvov h-index = 37, next highest in COES is 20, a few in double digits, even 3 is good

33 L OUISIANA T ECH U NIVERSITY Proscript Leadership Skills for E&S –Fall: Skills and Principles for Leadership –Winter: Global, Historical, Social Context –Spring: Challenges, Innovation, Future Academic Proscript

34 L OUISIANA T ECH U NIVERSITY Our Proscript How to do more –Energy Engineering –Cyber Engineering –Telecommunications –Nanosystems Engineering –Recruiting undergraduate and graduate students –Research, economic development With Less –Budget (cuts of $2.7M, $4.5M, $2.9M, $1.2M, + unfunded mandates) –Faculty (down 8 + any new) and Staff (down 3 admin, 4 tech) –Enthusiasm (morale)

35 L OUISIANA T ECH U NIVERSITY Budget Cuts 2008 - 2010 Jan 2009 – 4% ($2.7M) July 2009 – 8% ($4.5M) + $1.4M unfunded mandates Jan 2010 – 7% ($2.9M) April 2010 – $1.25M. + unfunded mandates COES Operating Budget –2008: $322K –2009: $278K –2010: $278, but expect mid-year cuts Historical Operating Budgets –2005: $310K –2002: $305K –2000: $284K No change in student enhancement fee ($200K) Tuition increase of 10%

36 L OUISIANA T ECH U NIVERSITY Impact on Faculty and Staff No Furloughs, No Layoffs (So Far!) Vacant Faculty Positions (unfilled, “Frozen” and eliminated) –BIEN (3), CHEM (1), ELEN (1), INEN (1), CMEN (1), Math (1) –Faculty Gains (due to $MM P-KSFI awards): CSCI (3), ELEN/Phys (1) Staff Losses –3 secretarial (COES), 4 technical (3 IfM, 1 COES) –Already significantly understaffed compared to peers Constraints of Academic Employment –12 month notification, even for non-tenured instructors Suspended Salaries (no raises since Fall 2008, which was only 2%) Budget for 2010-11

37 L OUISIANA T ECH U NIVERSITY. It’s not enough that we do our best; sometimes we have to do what is required. — Sir Winston Churchill

38 L OUISIANA T ECH U NIVERSITY Performance Funding Formula Number of Graduates – 29% Number of STEM Graduates – 29.5% Number of Graduates 25 or older – 9% Minority – 9% Pell Grant Recipients (8.5%) Research and Development – 9% Transfer students (with A.S. or A.A., with more than 30 hours, workforce training) – 2% La Tech ranked highest in the state!

39 L OUISIANA T ECH U NIVERSITY Other Revenue Sources Research Expenditures (FY09) - $15M Greater than entire COES operating budget (salaries included) Alumni, external support – almost $1M (highest ever), plus over $2M in gifts and pledges for new building Student Enhancement and Lab Fees (based entirely on enrollment)

40 L OUISIANA T ECH U NIVERSITY LA Grad Act Institutional performance agreements –Student Success –Articulation and Transfer –Workforce and Economic Development –Institutional Efficiency and Accountability Institutional autonomy –Increase tuition and fees –Limited operational autonomy and flexibility

41 L OUISIANA T ECH U NIVERSITY LSU, Tech leaders plan collaboration By JORDAN BLUMJORDAN BLUM Advocate Capitol News Bureau Published: Apr 16, 2010 - Page: 1B LSU Chancellor Michael Martin and Tech President Dan Reneau led a “Future of Louisiana Research Universities” forum Thursday at LSU to discuss joint projects and budget issues. Reneau cited LSU’s and Tech’s patent-pending joint development of targeted-delivery of cancer drugs through nanotechnology. “We are the institutions most similar in role, scope and mission in the state,” Martin said of LSU and Tech. LIZ CONDO/The Advocate Louisiana Tech University President Dan Reneau discusses state budget cuts and partnerships between Tech and LSU on Thursday during a ‘Future of Louisiana Research Universities’ forum at LSU that Reneau led with LSU Chancellor Michael Martin, seated at left.

42 L OUISIANA T ECH U NIVERSITY Collaborations with LSU Cancer drug nano/particle research Louisiana Biomedical Research Network Center for Advanced Microstructures and Devices ( PHYS, CMEN, BIEN, ELEN) CyberTools La-SIGMA (Computational Materials) Center for Secure Cyberspace LONI LONI Institute MRI-R2 proposal: Acquisition of IBM Power7 supercomputer ($6M) Mardi-Gras 2010 Conference on Computational Materials and Methods MARSLIFE: proposal to NASA for life in a freeze-dried-radiation-bathed environment Shared academic courses: Computational Fluid Dynamics, High Performance Computing Joint IP: 2 joint patents, 3 joint ROI Industrial Engineering Senior Design Forum

43 L OUISIANA T ECH U NIVERSITY Collaborations with LSUHSC-S Proposal for Center for Cancer Therapeutics Technology Opportunity Forum Standing inter-institutional non-disclosure agreements Joint patent applications (epileptic seizures, spine stabilizer), 6 joint ROI Proposal for joint PhD in Bioinformatics MD/PhD Collaborative Agreement Adjunct Faculty Appointments Joint Research workshop (April, 2009)

44 L OUISIANA T ECH U NIVERSITY Cyber-Related Research Grants $3.6M - Board of Regents : Center for Secure Cyberspace (with LSU); 2007-12 $2.9M - AFOSR : Cyberspace Research Lab; 2009-14 $950K - DoEd : Cyber K-12; 2009-10 $958K - NSA : Fault-tolerant computing; 2007-10 $973K - AFRL : Sensors and Materials; 2008-11 $621K - AFRL : Remote Suspect Identification; 2008-10 $730K - AFRL : Anti-Tamper Technologies (with Radiance Technologies); 2007-11 $170K - ONR : Cyber Centric Sensor Networks; 2008-11 $15.8 million $15.8 million Total Active Cyber Grants

45 L OUISIANA T ECH U NIVERSITY Research & Econ. Dev. Highlights Research Expenditures - LaTech $21.5M, COES $14.8M in FY09 ($6.5M federal); $247K/FTE Average 28 ROI per year (285 cumulative) 12ROI/$10M Research (national average is 4) Licenses – 6 (FY06), 5 (FY07), 9 (FY08), 4 (FY09) Patents – 1 (FY06), 5 (FY07), 6 (FY08), 6 (FY09) 10 Start-up companies in last 4 years Enterprise Center with 2 incubators (filled) 20 Tech-related SBIR awards, (6 Phase 2) Enterprise Campus

46 L OUISIANA T ECH U NIVERSITY Our Prescript Private Support –Eco-marathon team, other student organizations –Scholarships –Lab equipment –Faculty support, Dean support, travel Personal Support –Attendance at events (games, receptions) –Advisory Board participation –More donors Public Support –National Quality: Regional Impact Proud Symbol = IESEB –Rejuvenated people, renewed vision, tangible progress –Involvement, recruiting, learning

47 L OUISIANA T ECH U NIVERSITY Communications Facebook LinkedIn – Louisiana Tech University College of Engineering and Science

48 L OUISIANA T ECH U NIVERSITY Tech 2020 Working Groups Assess current and recent recruitment activities Identify productive and cost-effective recruitment strategies Verify vulnerabilities in undergraduate retention Develop strategies to increase enrollment in curricula with declining enrollment Increase enrollment of underrepresented minorities

49 L OUISIANA T ECH U NIVERSITY Advancing Excellence Recruitment and Retention Maintaining Standards “Engagement”

50 L OUISIANA T ECH U NIVERSITY ENGAGEMENT –Senior Projects –Today’s Leaders –Professional Society Activities –Enforcing Ethical Academic Conduct –Threat Assessment Counseling Center –Professional Development –Graduate Students –Safety (awareness, training, response)


52 L OUISIANA T ECH U NIVERSITY Purpose Building Engineers and Scientists for Tomorrow National Quality => Regional Impact

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