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Nairobi, Kenya 29-31October 2007 1 Fifth Special Meeting of the Counter- Terrorism Committee with International, Regional and Subregional Organizations.

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1 Nairobi, Kenya 29-31October Fifth Special Meeting of the Counter- Terrorism Committee with International, Regional and Subregional Organizations Mauricio Siciliano MRTD Officer ICAO MRTD Programme An Instrument to Prevent Terrorist Movement Across Borders

2 2 MRTD Programme Aimed at producing standardized and interoperable specifications for issuance and verification of travel documents Build confidence in the reliability of travel documents Effective inspection procedures Facilitating inspection formalities for the majority of travellers

3 Nairobi, Kenya 29-31October HOW WE GOT HERE ICAO’s mandate for standards development: The Convention on International Civil Aviation The Convention on International Civil Aviation

4 4 Mandate Chicago Convention Annex 9 Facilitation  States to comply with MRP standards and specifications by 1 April 2010  After 2015 all passports in circulation must be MRP Assembly Resolution  1998: Called for “International cooperation in protecting the security and integrity of passports”  Updated in 2001; continued in 2004 and 2007

5 Nairobi, Kenya 29-31October WHAT DO WE DO Establish Standards and Specifications for MRTDs and eMRTDs

6 6 Doc 9303 – MRTDs specifications First edition 1980;now in 3 Parts Developed and maintain by the TAG/MRTD and Working Groups ISO Homologated

7 7 Standards – ICAO TAG/MRTD Doc 9303 Part 1 – Passport ePassport Part 2 - Visa Part 3 - Official Travel Document ISO : SC17 WG3 ISO/IEC 7501

8 8 Part 1 – MRPs Data page layout MRZ VIZ photo 125mm 88mm Zone I Zone II Zone V Zone III Zone IV

9 9 VIZ – zone location options

10 10 MRZ – Security document type country code primary & secondary identifiers (names) filler characters passport number nationality date of birth sex date of expiry optional data check digits

11 11 Enhance Security Biometrics for identity confirmation Electronic MRTDs

12 12 Next generation MRP: smart, with biometrics & chip Chip Arial

13 13 Public Key Directory (PKD) A mechanism to exchange the tools that are necessary to exchange the information that is stored in the chip in the passport.

14 14 ICAO Standards for Security Best Practices Document security Machine-assisted document security verification. Location of features Security of issuance process

15 Nairobi, Kenya 29-31October WHAT ELSE DO WE DO Universal Implementation of MRTDs

16 16 UIMRTD Programme States to comply with MRP standards and specifications by April 2010 Incorporation of Biometric Technology Improve and secure the passport issuance process Establish robust identity management systems

17 17 UIMRTD Programme Promotion and Education – Partnership Standardized Training Packages Development Assistance Technical Cooperation Projects

18 18 Implementation of MRTDs depends on: Access to the necessary expertise Access to adequate, necessary and functional equipment for edition, organization and implementation of MRTDs Capacity of manpower of States to operate equipment, training and maintain this capacity Coordination and management of the set of procedures Management of the stakeholders and the process- associated risks

19 19 Mobilize resources For a single country or a sub-region ICAO and requiring State assess the needs Identification of experts, trainers Identification of suitable donors ICAO Assistance and Technical Cooperation

20 20 UN agency establishes standards and specifications Identify expertise and technology Long and proven experienced Technical Cooperation Bureau Compliance with Annex 9 and Doc 9303 Neutrality, objectivity and transparency Ensure use of convenient, updated information and technology Cost-effective, involvement of recipient State Benefits for States

21 21 Regional and sub-regional arrangements ICAO advantages in procurement ICAO coordinates with donors and funding organizations Convenient funding modalities Benefits for States

22 22 ICAO is accountable for results of project under its responsibility Special attention will be given to full coordination other AVSEC or National Security projects and requirements Compliance with Res 1373 (2001) Benefits for States

23 Nairobi, Kenya 29-31October WHAT CAN WE DO International cooperation to advance implementation of the Standards of the Standards

24 24 ICAO Partnership Continue and enhance partnership and cooperation for promoting & educating Joint assessments / audits Training Participate as TAG Observers

25 25 Compliance with Resolution 1373 (2001) Reduction of document fraud Adoption of MRTD minimum security, issuance and handling standards to avoid counterfeiting Make travel documents and other ID tamper-proof Document fraud-detection training Benefits of MRTD Programme Res 1373 (2001)

26 26 WINNERS: Nation States Better systems for securing borders against illegal migration, transborder crime, terrorism. Better systems for securing nations against fraud.

27 27 BIG WINNERS: the Peoples of the World Worldwide confidence in authentic identity documents Protection from identity theft Use of machine-assisted systems Shorter lines

28 Nairobi, Kenya 29-31October THANK YOU!

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