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Real World Technology Solutions for In-transit Freight Border Security.

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1 Real World Technology Solutions for In-transit Freight Border Security

2 International Forum on Trade Facilitation Technical Issues in Trade Facilitation Scott Brosi Area Vice President Geneva, Switzerland May 15, 2003

3 Intelligent Transportation Systems For Border Security Design parameters similar to Electronic Toll Systems Security rather than financial pre-clearance Commercial pressure to avoid congestion Concentrate attention where needed

4 Immigration and Naturalization Services (INS) Program Between USA and Mexico beginning in 1995 Automatic Vehicle Identification (AVI) technology Pre-screened, authorized border commuters (in their vehicles) Dedicated lanes Genesis Of An Idea The SENTRI System: Passenger Vehicles Between The United States And Mexico

5 SENTRI: How It Works


7 Nexus: RFID Cards Identifying Commuters Between The United States And Canada INS Program Dedicated commuters between Canada and USA Over 100,000 users and growing Identifying the person only, not the vehicles Slow speed, read only radio frequency identification (RFID) No traffic control barriers Can be used unmanned

8 China: Integrating RFID For Drivers And Vehicles Into One System China customs anti-smuggling initiative Currently over 125 lanes and 100,000 trucks in use at Shenzhen, Dalian, Qingdao, Chengdu, Tianjin and Ningbo Major use between Shenzhen and Hong Kong Planned roll-out throughout China

9 China – Matching The Driver, The Truck And The Freight In One Tracking System Pre-clearance of goods, truck and driver one working day in advance of movement Simultaneous AVI reads of truck tag and driver tag correlated to pre-designated weight of goods Generate and write to the truck tag a random customs number Throughput of 10 seconds per AVI lane vs. 3 minutes per manual lane Centralized database and sharing of information

10 China Customs: Tag Placement Permanent mount vehicle tag Temporary mount driver tag

11 FAST: Just In Time Inventory Between The United States And Canada Evolved from National Customs Automation Prototype (NCAP) Currently 6 sites between USA and Canada, with expansion to additional Canadian and new Mexican sites in progress Pre-clears the truck and up to 3 drivers Testing of tamper resistant tag

12 FAST: Ambassador Bridge Site


14 Electronic Seals Disposable Reusable Multiple Frequencies

15 Northwest International Trade Corridor Beyond The Driver And The Truck Secure chain of custody Move back the border Proof of concept to track the vehicle and driver and the container, as well as the status of the container from point of origin to inland designation Collaborative effort of private industry, DOT, Customs, Dept of Agriculture, and Ports of Seattle and Tacoma Use of electronic seals

16 Blaine, Washington Site

17 Bringing It All Together Into A Comprehensive, Global Solution Move back the borders Compliant with worldwide standards Automated vs. Manual Practical use of technology Commercially viable Dynamic teaming by solution providers Evolution not revolution Technology provides a part of the solution

18 Scott Brosi

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