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ACTIVITY FUNDS TRAINING FOR CAMPUS BOOKKEEPERS 2014-2015 Presented by the Activity Funds Office.

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1 ACTIVITY FUNDS TRAINING FOR CAMPUS BOOKKEEPERS 2014-2015 Presented by the Activity Funds Office

2 Outline 1. Activity Funds (CAF/SAF) 2. Policies and Procedures 3. General Policies 4. Sales Tax 5. Revised Forms 6. Travel Request/ Settlements 7. Meals 8. School Cash Online 2

3 Types of Activity Funds (CAF/SAF)  Campus Activity Funds Benefit the entire school body Received from sale of school pictures, class rings, vending machines, etc. Accounts titled, principal, administrative, general, hospitality No student representation Disbursed at the discretion of the principal  Student Activity Funds Bona fide club is a group of students that is organized, hold meetings, and conduct business Benefit a specific club or organization. i.e., band, cheerleading, choir, math, 3 rd grade and up (optional) Raised by organizations members Liability accounts titled band, cheerleaders, science club, etc. Disbursed at the discretion of the student members under sponsor supervision 3

4 Policies and Procedures (Training Acknowledgement)  The following forms must be kept on file to acknowledge receipt of the Campus and Student Activity Funds training.  Responsibilities for Sponsors of Student Groups  Conflict of Interest Disclosure Form  Sponsor Information Sheet 4

5 Policies and Procedures (Donations)  Donations  The Board of Trustees must approve donations of $1,000.00 or more of cash or property to a campus or campus club.  Campus representatives shall forward donation information to appropriate member of the Superintendent’s staff. 5

6 Policies and Procedures (PTO & Faculty)  Parent organizations /Faculty accounts  All planned fund raising activities must be approved in advance by the campus Principal. Parent groups must turn in their monthly Financial Records to their campus Principal.  Faculty groups should not run fundraisers concurrently with other Campus or Student group fundraising events unless approved by the Principal. 6

7 Policies and Procedures (Pic commission)  Picture Commission (new)  The yearbook picture commission can be split 70% for Yearbook Club and 30% Principal’s Account at the option of the Principal. Additional picture orders, not senior Year Picture. This decision should be made at the beginning of the school year between the yearbook sponsor and the Principal. The agreement should be in writing. 7

8 General Policies (Principals Responsibilities)  Bank signature changes  The campus Principal must submit a written request to the Student Activity Manager when there is a change in authorized signers.  Monthly bank statements  The campus Principal must sign the monthly bank reconciliation report within a week from the Activity Funds Bookkeeper signature. 8

9 General Policies (Payments)  Payments from SAF and CAF Accounts  When using CAF accounts, quotes should be submitted only when an approved vendor does not exist. Purchases should be made from approved vendors when similar items are available even when items are being sold at a higher rate.  Reimbursement for expenditures are not allowed when using Activity Funds (SAF and CAF accounts). 9

10 General Policies (Payments)  Check Request  Supporting documentation for the check request must be provided at the time the request is submitted to the Bookkeeper.  All invoices must be stamped as “Paid.”  Bookkeeper will create a binder that will consist of outstanding invoices. 10

11 General Policies (Payments)  Transmittal List-Money Disbursed Form  This form must include the students’ name, amount disbursed and the students’ initials/signature to verify the amount of money received. 11

12 General Policies (Receiving Funds)  Receiving Deposits  The bookkeeper will count, verify and issue a receipt in the presence of the sponsor. If sponsor is unwilling to wait, Principal must be notified by e-mail.  Include copies of checks when turning in a deposit.  The funds will immediately be posted into School Cash in order to issue a computer generated receipt which must be signed by the individual bringing in the deposit and the bookkeeper. 12

13 General Policies (Closing)  Closing Procedures  Place two Deposit Slips and the One Page Bank Deposit breakdown inside the tamper evident bag and seal. (Include the bag number(s) on the bottom left hand corner of all three deposit slips.)  The Deposit Breakdown Forms should be completed to include the bag number(s) and receipt number.  Over $50 in coins should be placed in a coin bag. Do not wrap the coins. 13

14 General Policies (Closing)  Closing Procedures  Bags must be logged in the manifest and the deposit bag log.  Always add to ledger at the end of the day. 14

15 General Policies (Fundraisers)  Opening Fundraisers  The Application/Report for Fundraising Activity must be approved and signed by the Principal before any fundraising activity takes place.  Beginning and ending dates must be specified on the fundraiser application.  Inventory should be accounted and documented before sales begin. (Including donated items)  Include food nutritional label and Smart Snacks Calculator printout for food Fundraisers during school hours 15

16 General Policies (Fundraisers)  Closing Fundraisers  Fundraisers should be closed within 10 business days of the conclusion of the fundraising event. (strongly recommended)  The bookkeeper must include a Transaction report (#11-11) for all activity pertaining to fundraiser which should match the amounts on the final report.  Copies of receipts/invoices must be included as well as the Inventory form for auditing purposes.  Fundraisers will not be considered closed until all signatures are in place. The Summary of Fundraising Activities should be updated as soon as the fundraiser is closed. 16

17 General Policies (Transfers)  Transferring of funds to collect for administrative/staff events, is not allowed.  Exception: recognized national appreciation days.  Reimbursable transfers must be paid in full before any new fundraisers or expenses are allowed. All reimbursable transfers must be paid back before the end of the school year. 17

18 General Policies (Flower Arrangements)  Not to exceed $100.00 for death of campus student  Not to exceed $100.00 for death of a campus employee and immediate family (immediate family as in DEC local policy), only allowed for CAF admin.  Cost can be divided amongst several accounts, if the total cost of the flower arrangement does not exceed $100.00 18

19 General Policies (Snack bar)  Snack Bar  Campuses that give a percentage of Fundraising proceeds from snack bar sales (or any other fundraisers where there is little or no participation from office staff) to Principal’s Account must be limited to 15% or less. 19

20 Sales Tax  Texas sales tax statutes impose tax on sale, lease, or rental of tangible personal property and selected services.  Personal property includes anything that can be seen, weighed, measured, felt, touched, anything perceptible to the senses. 20

21 Taxable vs. Non Taxable  Taxable Sales  Clothing, Books, Vending: Pencils & Pens, Cups, Caps/Hats  Non-taxable Sales  Food items, Admission to Events ie, dances, basketball camps, etc. 21

22 Tax – Free Days  Each school (campus activity account) and each bona fide chapter of each school is allowed 2, one- day tax-free sales each per calendar year Bona fide chapter is a group of students that is organized, hold meetings, and conduct business One-day means the delivery must be done in one single day(24 hours) When receiving a commission, the tax-free day sale does not apply because the sale is the vendors’ sale 22

23 Fundraiser Application  Minor changes were made for ease of use  Location to indicate fundraiser # was moved for better visibility  Begin and end date is required before fundraiser can be approved 23

24 Inventory Sheet  Added fundraiser # to cross-reference with Fundraiser Application form  Begin and end dates were added to verify timely close-out  Incentives column added to account for all inventory 24

25 Check Request  Location for fundraiser # was moved for better visibility  Only check box if applicable  All areas must be answered or indicate N/A if not applicable 25

26 Money Disbursed Form  Eliminated date and room # on top portion of the form  Added more lines to the form  Total disbursed and check # on bottom of form 26

27 Deposit Breakdown  Location to indicate fundraiser # was moved for better visibility  Eliminated information previously required in the “For Office Use Only” box  Added additional lines for listing of checks 27

28 Money Collected  Eliminated date and room # on top portion of the form  Added more lines to the form 28

29 Travel Request/Settlement  Travel disbursements must be documented by a UISD travel & settlement voucher when issuing a check directly to sponsor. 29

30 Travel Request/Settlement  When single check is issued to a sponsor for combined expenses such as: Hotel, meals, gas/mileage and registration fees.  When several checks are issued directly to vendors such as: Hotels, registration, money disbursement for meals or gas/mileage. RequiredNot Required 30

31 Travel Meals  Student Meals (CAF)  The maximum meal allowance per day for students traveling is $27.00 per day or $9.00 per meal if itemized by breakfast, lunch, or dinner.  Chaperone/Sponsors Meals  Any person acting as a chaperone, will follow the same travel guidelines as required through District travel procedures. Meals will be reimbursed at $22.50 for a same day trip. Meals for an overnight trip will be reimbursed at $22.50 for the 1 st day of travel, interim days will be reimbursed at $30 per day, and the last day of travel will be reimbursed at $22.50. Parents not acting as a chaperone will be required to make their own arrangements for meals and travel. Funds for Parents should not be deposited into the District’s activity funds accounts nor should they use the District’s Tax Exempt form. 31

32 Staff Meals  As per IRS regulations meals are excludable from wages if they are provided: (allowed)  On the employer’s premises  For the employer’s convenience  Served during a training/presentation.  An agenda is required along with a sign-in sheet.  As per IRS regulations meals are considered compensation (taxable to the employee) if provided: (not allowed)  Before or after work hours if not for overtime work  Before or after business meetings  To employees for boosting morale 32

33 Appreciation Meals  Appreciation meals furnished to staff during recognized national appreciation days are allowed. Meals for appreciation must be a recognized event by the District. Such meals should be provided on school district premises. Abuse of the number of appreciation meals will not be tolerated.  Daily refreshments such as coffee for faculty and staff, should be sponsored by the coffee/social club committee. 33

34 School Cash Online  District Goal: have all fundraisers available online in 2014-2015  Time saving: reduces school administration cash and check handling time  Convenient: items (field trips, yearbooks, etc.) can be created and uploaded in seconds  Reliable: electronic payments allow money to be received more quickly and reliably  Saves Money: reduces the number of non-sufficient funds checks  Improves Communication: upcoming events and activity details can be communicated to parents “online” 34

35 School Cash Online  The following must be available online:  Any Type of Uniform or Clothing Fundraiser. Ex. Cheer/dance uniforms, spirit shirt sale  Field trips  Prom  Yearbook  Designated Activity Funds Bookkeeper will provide the necessary training. 35

36 Record Retention 36  All of the accounting records related to the Student Activity and Campus Accounts, including, but not limited to, all bank statements and related cancelled or voided checks, all validated deposit slips, all receipts, all reports and journals will be retained for a period of seven (7) years following the end of each fiscal year on August 31st.  The prior year records must be kept at the campus.  All other files may be sent to Records Management with a detailed description of the file contents.

37 Report Fraud  Remain Anonymous  Open 24 hours a day 37

38 Questions ? 38

39 Contact Information Leticia Longoria Activity Funds Bookkeeper, United High School Phone: 956-473-5636 E-mail: Cynthia Hernandez Activity Funds Bookkeeper, United South High School Phone: 956-473-2326 Sandra Solis Activity Funds Bookkeeper, Alexander High School Phone: 956-473-5971 E-mail: Laura Villegas Activity Funds Bookkeeper, L.B. Johnson High School Phone: 956-473-5209 E-mail: Samuel D. Flores Director of Accounting Phone: 956-473-6368 E-mail: Felipe J. Jimenez Activity Funds Manager Phone: 956-473-6432 E-mail: Clarita Treviño Junior Accountant Phone: 956-473-6357 E-mail: Jose Manuel Garza Junior Accountant Phone: 956-473-6350 E-mail: 39

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