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Introducing the Eye Series. Eye Series for Portable Surveillance Never before has surveillance been so simple and affordable Portable and Wire-free.

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1 Introducing the Eye Series


3 Eye Series for Portable Surveillance Never before has surveillance been so simple and affordable Portable and Wire-free no cables or power costs! Unmatched battery life up to 9 months on battery! Set and Forget operation Security-Grade images high resolution VGA images time & date stamped images Up to 65,000 images stored

4 Unveiling tomorrow’s security Introducing the Eye Series… The next generation in surveillance cameras 100% fully portable & wire-free for quick installation Higher quality image capture and easy viewing tools Pre-motion detection (before and after images) Time/date & signature stamp for legal proceedings Standalone units that power off rechargeable battery, solar panel or mains power Cameras fully compatible with alarm systems More than 50% cheaper than cost of traditional video surveillance systems

5 Eye Series – Lead Products 5 Indoor Surveillance Outdoor Surveillance

6 Indoor Surveillance ◦BlueEye Kit  Fully portable standalone indoor security camera ◦BlueEye Secure Kit  Vandal-proof and secure indoor security camera ◦BlueEye Alert Kit  Complete camera & siren/strobe based solution ◦BlueEye for Alarms Kit  Integration with new / existing panel alarm Outdoor Surveillance ◦RedEye Kit  Standalone solution for outdoor use anywhere ◦RedEye Extreme Kit  Outdoor portable camera with integrated night vision ◦RedEye Wireless Kits  Immediate wireless transmission of images ◦RedEye R EMOTE Kits  Remote Trigger, Night Vision, Siren/Strobe and Doorbell

7 ◦BlueEye Kit  Standalone, 100% portable, wire-free surveillance  Stores up to 65,000 images  “Set and forget” operation with optional overwrite of oldest images  Indoor use in a business or home environment ◦BlueEye Secure Kit  Secure vandal-proof case  Ideal for use in public buildings – schools, hospitals Indoor Surveillance Standard “PIR” style BlueEye case Lockable Stainless Steel BlueEye Secure

8 ◦BlueEye for Alarms Kit  Ideal for any new or existing panel-based alarm system  Swap-out for existing alarm motion detectors “PIRs”  Installation and setup takes only a few minutes ◦BlueEye Alert Kit  Camera based alarm system  Complete camera & siren/strobe based solution  Includes 2-week backup battery (optional solar panel)  Ideal for rental/mobile homes, sheds, temporary buildings, caravans & boats Indoor Surveillance BlueEye Camera (Entry) BlueEye Camera (Lounge Room) BlueEye Camera (Office) Motion detector (Hallway) Motion Detector (Rumpus Room) Motion Detector (Master Bedroom) Alarm Panel

9 ◦RedEye Kit  Fully portable, outdoor surveillance cameras  Operates for up to 5 months on internal rechargeable battery (optional solar panel)  Outdoor weatherproof housing (IP65)  Ideal for remote fuel pumps, farm gates, tool/equipment sheds, livestock monitoring and covert surveillance ◦RedEye Extreme Kit  Mono outdoor camera with inbuilt Infrared spotlight for night vision ◦ Invisible infrared <3m ◦ Semi-invisible infrared <5m Outdoor Surveillance

10 ◦RedEye Wireless Kit  World’s first wireless and wire-free outdoor security camera  Captures and transmits security images immediately through the GSM network  Unmatched portability and battery life for a wireless security camera  RedEye Extreme GSM option  Use the MyMi5 online security portal to enable management of you camera from anywhere 20m ◦RedEye R EMOTE Kits  Remote Trigger Kit ◦ Trigger your RedEye from up to 100m  Remote Night Vision Kit ◦ Standalone night spotlight in close proximity to your target  Remote Siren/Strobe Kit ◦ Alarm up to 100m from your RedEye  Remote Doorbell ◦ Doorbell alert <1km from your RedEye Outdoor Surveillance

11 MyMi5 – your security online Manage your RedEye Wireless cameras from anywhere Secure online platform to manage access and alerts of your cameras Full security camera configuration and management One simple monthly bill for cellular charges and MyMi5 application access

12 Eye Series – Industry Products 12 PatrolEye VendingEye ElevatorEye BusEye TaxiEye Eye Integrator’s Kit

13 The Eye Series – Industry products PatrolEye ◦Discrete wearable camera – images on the beat VendingEye ◦Tilt activated security camera for vending machines, kiosks, ATMS and parking machines ElevatorEye ◦Elevator security camera system TaxiEye ◦In vehicle surveillance solution BusEye ◦Public safety and bus security solution

14 PatrolEye Discrete wearable security camera Colour or Mono camera options Fully automatic operation Wire-free – does not impede officers during physical confrontation Fantastic intelligence gathering tool 10 hours of use on rechargeable battery

15 VendingEye Integrated omni-directional tilt and vibration sensor Easily mounted anywhere behind the machine’s front panel – requires only one small hole for the pin hole lens Colour or Mono camera options Optional integrated ultra bright infra-red LED to illuminate area in front of the machine in low light Tilt activated security camera for vending machines, kiosks, ATMS & parking machines Captures high resolution images whenever physical movement detected

16 ElevatorEye The next generation of elevator security and surveillance Standalone – quick installation & setup Robust lockable stainless steel housing can be installed in any elevator Mains powered or up to 9 months operation on battery Camera can optionally be triggered from a push button panel or elevator door opening Colour or Mono camera options High quality, compact digital surveillance camera housed in a lockable stainless steel case - ideal for monitoring vandalism, graffiti or criminal activity

17 Vibration immune technology – no moving parts Unmatched reliability Implementation options include… Terminus Wireless Management Server External vehicle cameras Door image triggers Flexible camera casings that are discrete, secure and vandal-proof On-board battery and/or wired power Continuous operation whether vehicle is on or off Next generation of in-vehicle security cameras BusEye and TaxiEye

18 Eye Series Integrator’s Kit Complete kit for simple integration of surveillance technology in the smallest and most difficult locations Ideal for hidden installation for covert surveillance in the spine of a folder inside machinery inside a wall or door inside a fake rock inside a steel bollard or post inside a soft toy, etc Colour or Mono camera options High quality, low power surveillance camera kit for self-install or integration into a variety of custom applications OEM bundles available

19 Eye Series – our technology 19 An overview of the unique and patented technology behind the Eye Series cameras

20 Patented Technology Patented Technology Eye Series surveillance cameras are built around a world leading, ultra-low power, image processing technology Patented “Programmable Still Image Sampling” (PSIS) is a unique technique in which the camera operates between a CCTV (video) and Digital Still Camera (still image) mode The technology is based on a CMOS image sensor running at up to 60fps and a high speed software sampling program, allowing the user to program (image sequencing) which frames are captured and stored to a buffer when motion or a trigger is detected

21 Patented Technology Patented Technology PSIS also enables a sequence of “pre-trigger” images to be captured before the event, together with the “post trigger” sequence. This patented technology allows critical images to be captured and stored of anomalous events (intruders, attackers, vandals, terrorists) in high resolution without the quality degradation of CCTV still images (pulled from a video file) Security images can then be transmitted wirelessly (Wi-Fi or GSM) without the bandwidth limitations of sending complete video footage.

22 Inside the “EYE” Power Supply ◦5V/9VDC plug pack socket ◦3.7VDC Li-Ion battery via connector on rear Camera ◦Colour or B&W image sensor (640x480) ◦Lens module contains 4 miniature precision glass lenses which produce very high quality images ◦There are 3 lenses used in the EYE Normal 64°; Wide angle 73°; Telephoto 17° Motion Detector ◦Compact PIR detector with integrated Fresnel lens ◦High noise immunity from cell phone interference ◦Built-in Digital amplifier ◦Black or white Fresnel lens available ◦2 types of lenses used:  Standard (100° H, 82° V), 64 zones  Spot (38° H, 22° V), 24 zones Terminal strip 1. Tamper 15. Relay 1 2. Tamper 26. Relay 2 3. Trigger7. 0 VDC 4. Armed8. 9-14 VDC

23 Competitive Analysis Eye Series vs Conventional CCTV Eye Series Surveillance CCTV Video Surveillance Quality High resolution digital still image (640x480 pixels) Reduced quality ‘still image’ due to decompression from video stream PortabilityLight, compact and portableBulky and non portable Trigger Inbuilt motion detector or external trigger inputs Video frame comparison for motion detection Backup Power9-39 weeks rechargeable battery1 ½ hours battery backup with UPS Installation No video wiring costs & minimal installation costs Expensive wiring and installation cost Viewing Images can be viewed and analysed in seconds, using a PC or PDA External monitor or TV required to view video Storage Flash memory, non-volatile, no moving parts Moving hard-drive, if fails loose all data Transmission Low bandwidth requirements makes wifi and GSM communications cost effective High bandwidth requirements limits effectiveness of wireless transmission

24 Mi5 Limited PO Box 911306 Victoria St West Auckland 1142 New Zealand Key Contacts: Helen WattieCEO+64 27 428 2669 NZ Scott WattieCOO+64 21 277 0725 VP Int’l Nick MooymanCTO+64 21 910 799 Tech

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