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Revenue Protection Workshop by Hoosain Essop Rens Bindeman 17 May 2005.

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1 Revenue Protection Workshop by Hoosain Essop Rens Bindeman 17 May 2005

2 Program Hoosain Necessity of revenue loss forum Methods of detecting tampered/by-passed meters Rens Training of RP managers and operators Prevention/proactive initiatives to prevent tampering in the future.



5 Theme Yin & Yang

6 Yang Great & strong Policy Imposing & acting Acquire power

7 Yin Small & supple Letting go of own importance Adaptable & flexible

8 Smart

9 Necessity of a Revenue Loss Forum Why Who Where How

10 Why Objective of RLF: Promote a culture of payment Discourage culture of tampering Protect Council assets against loss, misappropriation, pilfering or willful and malicious damage

11 Who & where Revenue Loss Forum (RLF) Strategy and Planning Debt Management Asset & Insurance Mgt Non-Ferrous Metals Credit & Prepayment Large Power Users

12 Debt Management Non-payments and bad debt Customer contacts Agreements Disconnections

13 Asset & Insurance management Responsible for all fixed & moveable assets and insurance. Control all theft/loss cases (case files) Responsible for Asset Register movements (Acquisitions/Retirements).

14 Non-ferrous Metals Focus on theft/loss of NFM e.g. copper, aluminium. Serves as the first reactionary unit in consultation with AM in electricity to attend to reports relating to NFM theft. Member of the NFTCC (Operational Forum) in the Western Cape.

15 Credit & Prepayment Provide a uniform controlled approach for dealing with tamper incidents Recover the cost of repair to damaged equipment Recover a proportional historic loss of revenue Educate

16 Large power users CRM Focus on Large Power Users e.g. contracts, administration, meter readings. Responsible for Billing accuracy and manage account adjustments Monitors defective metering and tampering.

17 Strategy & Planning Analyses incidents and statistics of thefts, losses and damages to electricity assets and electricity infrastructure. Formulates and draft strategies, policies, guidelines and procedures in order to combat, minimize and eliminate losses. Keep abreast of technology Management Report

18 How The RLF meets once a month. Each sub-team leader reports to the RLMF on its activities and provides statistics of results. RLMF analyse information and discuss strategies to be implemented Reports on a regular basis to Directorate Strategic Management Team..

19 Teamwork

20 Methods of detection Definition of a tamper Alter secretly/improperly resulting in a loss of income to the authority 1. Interfering with the metering equipment 2. Interfering with the main supply conductors.

21 Methods Audits Exception reports Feedback Technology

22 Audits Sweeps Maintenance Targeted Random Revisits

23 Exception Reports Zero purchases Low purchases Erratic purchase patterns Estimation Reconciliation of sales vs. purchaces information

24 Feedback Customers Technical staff Check meters Technology Incentives

25 Technology New generation meters Ancillary equipment Software Energy balancing Turn-key management projects

26 Choosing a product Document org’s requirements RPF Compile a shortlist Investigate fit, functionality, cost, ROI and CoO System flexibilty BPR Do not buy skill, create it yourself

27 Choosing a partner Check experience & references Do site visits Check methodologies used Access vs. ownership “actuality precedes potentiality”

28 Measure Why Measure: Aware of productivity Benchmarking Bases for action Starting point for negotiations If you measure you can manage.

29 Bartho Pele Principles Consult Acces to service Acces to information Courtesy Openness & transparency Redress

30 Value chain Operation Education & training Communication Processes Procedures People

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