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The Empire of Dreams  The Empire of Dreams: a place where excellence is normal for you, but exceptional in the eyes of the world  You are not what you.

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2 The Empire of Dreams  The Empire of Dreams: a place where excellence is normal for you, but exceptional in the eyes of the world  You are not what you were born, you are what you have it in you to be.  Building an empire of dreams begins with how you present yourself every day.  Which of the following two gentlemen would you trust with the presidency of the United States?

3 Professionalism

4 First Impressions  The average person forms an impression about you based on your appearance and conduct in under 15 seconds  One of the best life skills you can learn now is how to present and conduct yourself professionally  This is how you build a culture of excellence

5 A Culture of Excellence  Everyday you will be expected to bring the following  Your interactive notebook  Your binder  Pencils/Pens  Highlighter (Colors of your choice)  Scotch Tape  Failure to bring these materials will hurt your participation grade

6 A Culture of Excellence  Stand outside my room in a silent, single-file, professional line  Do not riot, yell, or scream in the hallway outside my room  Do not tamper with, fall into, crash into, or otherwise destroy the bulletin board  Enter my room silently, professionally and go straight to seats  Wait until I invite you in  Do not simply bust into my room – YOU DO NOT OWN THIS SPACE, you are a guest  Set up your desk (I will train you)

7 How to Succeed in Civics Without Really Trying (Very Much)  Taking Notes: Note taking is a VERY important skill to practice  But knowing WHAT to write down is just as important  Mr. Staten (and this class) moves at ludicrous speed  If you see something that is underlined (after Friday’s class)…WRITE IT DOWN!  If it’s not underlined…you don’t have to write it down  COLOR WORDS are important vocabulary terms!

8 Arm Yourself (Helpful Hints)  If I were you I’d make sure I have:  Notebook  1 binder with dividers  Plenty of Pencils/Pens  High-lighters (Yellow, Green, Blue, Pink, Red)  Do Your Homework – It’s important for grades!  Homework = 20%  Tests = 25%  Classwork = 15%  Quizzes = 20%  Projects = 20%

9 Why Grades Add Up This Way  Homework (20%) and Tests (25%)  A high homework grade combined with another area WILL balance out a bad test grade (so bombing a test won’t kill you!)  Conversely, you can afford to miss a few assignments if you need too…but they will add up  Classwork (15%) /Quizzes (20%) / Projects (20%) combined = 55%  If you do what’s expected of you it’s virtually IMPOSSIBLE to fail this class  But it has been done…if YOU chose to…

10 Strategies for Excelling  There is basically ONE surefire ways to guarantee that you will fail this class:  The Gambler’s Ruin Strategy:  You do ZERO Homework and GAMBLE EVERYTHING on the tests  I had a joker try this  He finished with a 34%...that I curved UP

11 Office Hours  After school on Monday through Thursday, I hold my office hours from 3:25-3:45 (unless circumstances change)  The same rules that govern my class apply to my office hours  Monday: Socratic Shootout  Tuesday: Documentary Day  Wednesday: Skillbuilder Session  Thursday: Techno Thursday

12 What’s New This Year  Interactive Notebooks  A new YouTube Channel  War of the Immortals  The American States Project  The American Civics Podcast  The American Civics Instagram

13 Homework Procedure  I will make a deal with you right now  I will push you hard Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday  In exchange, I will do my best to AVOID giving you homework on weekends…and see to it that you ALWAYS have an opportunity to start your homework in class  How much homework you have is contingent upon how you conduct yourself and how much we get done in class

14 Homework Procedure  When I assign homework…  You have until close of school the next day to turn it in. (I give an assignment Monday, you have until 3:15 PM Tuesday to turn it in.)  You can turn it in anytime before this deadline  All you have to do is:  Go to the Homework Corner  Find the MAROON folder that has your class on it, place your homework in the folder and DONE!  Homework submitted WITHOUT A NAME is counted as a zero until you come and claim it

15 The Deal Continued  Because you have the ability to turn your homework in at your convenience…  THERE ARE NO EXCUSES FOR NOT DOING YOUR HOMEWORK  UNEXCUSED, LATE HOMEWORK IS AN AUTOMATIC ZERO! (See school policy)  If you have a problem or need help and you come talk to me BEFORE CLASSTIME, then we can work things out.

16 American Civics: The Interactive Bulletin Board  An opportunity and chance for you to learn outside of class.  Challenge and Extra Credit folders will have special lessons, missions, and objectives to complete for extra credit, honors, and prizes.

17 The Classroom Archive  Each class in American Civics has its own unique binder  This is a living record of everything our class does  Once a day, someone will take that day’s handouts, notes, and packet and place in the TOP, RIGHT CORNER:  The Day of the Week, the Month, Date, and Year  And then place the packet in the binder

18 The Classroom Archive  Suppose you were sick and missed two days…(or you need an extra copy of that study guide! Or your internet/printer went bust!)  When you come back, you can:  Go to your classroom archive  Pick out the notes/handouts for the days you missed  Make copies  Return the notes/handouts to the archive in case anyone else needs them

19 Classroom Technology  We are striving to create a virtual classroom that uses the resources of technology and the Internet to advance learning  Wikispace (Mr. Staten’s Page)   Facebook   YouTube    sign up and enter class code Rehnquist74816

20 Historical Terms  B.C. : Before Christ …used to describe events and years before the birth of Jesus Christ (obviously)  So 1769 BC is how many years before the birth of Christ?  A.D. : Anno Domini – In the Year of Our Lord…used to describe events after the birth of Jesus Christ  A.D. always comes before the year – AD 2013

21 Historical Terms  B.C.E. – Before the Common Era (Similar to BC)  C.E. – Common Era (Similar to A.D.)  CE always appears AFTER the year (1992 CE)  Historians use both BC/BCE and AD/CE interchangeably, so either convention is acceptable.  Ca – circa (Latin for around) is used when we don’t know the exact date of an event, but we’re sure it happened…around that year!


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